Album: The Boys / Mr. Taxi

The third album by SNSD and its eponymous first single were released in October 19, 2011. The LP originally containing 13 tracks was reissued 2 months later (December 8, 2011) as Mr. Taxi, only moving the korean version of their first original japanese track, Mr. Taxi, from the bottom to the top of the tracklist. While The Boys’ concept is rich and is based on fairy tales, giving each member a different identity, the reissue concept only homogenizes the girls image and look, with sexy outfits that resemble a taxi driver uniform.

The Boys is also the first and only album to date to be distributed in the american market, getting a special tracklist of its own with 4 remixes of the lead single.

Fact: because of its dance oriented, powerful production and accessible sounds, it’s the favorite among most of american fans.

Original Tracklist:

  1. The Boys
  2. Telepathy (텔레파시)
  3. Say Yes
  4. Trick (Typical)
  5. How Great Is Your Love (봄날)
  6. My J
  7. Oscar
  8. Top Secret (Shake the Tree)
  9. Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)
  10. Sunflower (제자리걸음)
  11. Vitamin (비타민)
  12. Mr. Taxi (Korean Version)
  13. The Boys (English Version)

To this date the album has sell around 574,113 copies worldwide.