what the rogues are doing in group therapy instead of actual group therapy

ivy: staring longingly out the window at the arkham gardens and checking the clock every five minutes.

waylon: reading a book if he can, if not he sits at the back and tries to keep to himself.

jon: tries to get a rise out of the doctor. if he has to suffer through group therapy then so will the doctor. 

harley: also tries to get a rise of out the doctor, but not always deliberately. she’s just very chatty and tends to take up the bulk of speaking time.

eddie: also takes up a bulk of speaking time, but instead of using it for beneficial reasons like harley, he just complains about how stupid this all is and how there are sooooo many better things he could be doing with his time.

harvey: messes with his coin if he’s allowed to or argues with everybody.

joker: who fucking knows honestly, he’s probably banned from group therapy because he just riles everyone up too much. 

victor (fries): a casual observer. he rarely gets involved with group sessions but always leaves with a headache.

jervis: lots of improbable stories but probably tries to get something good out of it like harley. 


JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION Comic-Con® 2016 Highlight Reel #WBSDCC

“You believe in a life after death, do you not? And who are you to say that the same wishes, the same desires, may not operate in that other life?” - Harley Quin

“But I see things. I may have been only a looker on at Life–but I see things that other people do not.” - Mr. Satterthwaite

I just finished “The Mysterious Mr. Quin” by Dame Agatha Christie. Awesome. As. Always.