Girl Meets World: Six Ideas for a Better Show

I am an unabashed Boy Meets World fan. By “unabashed,” I mean that if you just so happen to dislike the show and if you just so happen to mock me about it, I’m going to spend the entirety (eternity?) of my afterlife haunting your family bloodline as revenge. Trust me, you don’t want a spectral version of me forcing your great-grandchildren to wet the futuristic space bed. I would say the depth of my knowledge regarding Boy Meets World rivals what P. Bateman knows about Genesis.

That said, the fact I haven’t been consulted about the Girl Meets World spin-off is not only a travesty but also a crime against humanity (or at least the portion of humanity that owns televisions and watches Disney shows). We all know that remakes and re-boots are destined to disappoint the hardcore fans of the original material. It’s inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean an effort shouldn’t be made to avoid mediocrity. While I can’t say my ideas guarantee an Emmy-winning program, I will say that the producers better ready themselves for some serious hate mail (or a ghostly haunting) if none of these suggestions make it into the show…

1) Stuart Minkus as a main character. He deserves it. That kid was absolutely shafted on the first go-around. Bringing him back when Cory graduated high school to let them know he was just “on the other side of the school” was a disservice and a disgrace to his nerdy excellence. Make him one of the teachers in GMW, or a creepy next-door neighbor who has a Very Special Episode about him (like that episode of Smart Guy when T.J and his friend buy pirated computer games from a pedophile).

Curious about the other five? Check out Wheel of Why.

Presentation College: Summerhill Road/Glasthule Road

  • Presentation College is a secondary school located on Glasthule Road (Summerhill Rd. turns into Glasthule Rd). View map for exact location (across from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church). 
  • The college was founded in 1902 and the curriculum was taught by Presentation Brothers (their website here).
  •  the school’s website: link 1, link 2
  • Americanism: ‘College’ is high school in the States. 'University’ is college in the UK and Ireland. 'National school’ is primary school or elementary school. Doyler and Jim went to the same national school.
  • In 2006, the school was shut down and now serves mainly as a residence for the Presentation Brothers.

Relevant to the book:

  • The novel implied that the Macks were at the cusp of middle class and Jim Mack was on scholarship at Presentation College (Ch. 3).
  • Doyler sat for the same scholarship exam and was awarded one, but he disappeared to Clare (pg. 76). 
  • Some close readings: Presentation Brothers’ had three vows which were poverty, chastity, and obedience.  Brother Polycarp saw himself in Jim and offered him an opportunity for vocation (Ch. 3; Ch 6., pg. 127).  When Aunt Sawyer informed Mr. Mack of Jim’s offer Mr. Mack exasperated,

And what about the shop? […] What about me slaving day in day out for to pay your way? Is that the price of a college education? (pg. 124)

  • Mr. Mack wanted Jim to inherit the shop; to go into vocation and become a brother, Jim would denounce monetary aspirations.
  • Jim’s motivation for vocation was to reconnect spiritually (hence the Mary Nights) with his mother, who died on their way back from Cape Town, South Africa (Ch. 3, pg. 64).     



These WWI propaganda posters were created by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, which was based in London. Sources: Posters, Recruitment 

  • In August 1914, Lord Kitchener (the Secretary of State for War) wanted to expand from the existing 14 Territorial Army divisions and the 30,000 men in the Army Reserve to the comparable number of 70 divisions, a scale similar to the French and German armies.
  • The Parliamentary Recruiting Committee consisted of 30 members that worked under the regulations of the War Office to increase enlistment in the volunteer army across Great Britain.
  •  By January 1916 with the declining number of recruitment and France’s need for additional military aid, the Military Service Bill was enacted in order to mandate enlistment for men aged 18-41.  Important to note that conscription was not introduced in Ireland because of the rising support for Sinn Fein and the country’s independence. 

Relevant to the book:

  • Father O'Toiler’s quote 
  • PRC posters plastered around Glasthule and the sea wall (Ch. 3, Ch. 4)
  • Gordie Mack joined the British Army on the basis of honour, paternal pride and Mr. Mack’s presumption that war transformed boys into men.

He’s in the army now, Jim. And the British Army is the finest-trained and best-rigged army the world over. Look at me sure. Nobody knows what happened my mother and father, may the earth lie gently on them. But the army took me in, fed me, clothed me, made the man I am today. It’s a great body of men he’s joining. (Ch. 2, pg. 55)

  • Mr. Mack also believed that sacrificing one son to the army was enough (pg. 54). For this reason, IMO, Mr. Mack is one of most heartbreaking characters in the book with all things considered at the end.
writing advice

I know this would be really negative, but someone should start a tumblr refuting 100% of the writing advice on this site.

Someone just posted ‘don’t ever begin a book with a weather description’ and I happen to be 10x more likely to buy a book with a healthy opening line on the weather. 


“Rain fell that night, a fine, whispering rain.” -Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

“The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer.” -George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

“At the corner of Adelaide Road, where the paving sparkled in the morning sun, Mr. Mack waited by the newspaper stand.” -Jamie O’Neill, At Swim, Two Boys

“I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975.” Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

“The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close, and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive.” J.K. Rowling, The Order of the Phoenix

“Edward Wozny stood squinting at the sun as crowds of people excused themselves past him in both directions. It was hot and bright.” –Lev Grossman, Codex

“From a little after two o’clock until almost sundown of the long still hot weary dead September afternoon they lay…” William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom!

“The last place I lived in in Berlin was at the Kuhnerts’, out in Schoneweide, on the second floor of a villa covered in wild vines. …[A]utumn had arrived.” Peter Nadas, A Book of Memories

“’I have been here before,’ I said; I had been there before; first with Sebastian more than twenty years ago on a cloudless day…” Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

All examples of fine books randomly taken from my shelves.

My advice to YOU is to stop giving people writing advice. Because people reblog it which means they read it which means they absorb it. I can hear the beautiful descriptions of serendipitous sunrises and ominous rainstorms that would have been – perish. Let the young peeps of Tumblr write and experiment in peace.
The Red Book: Mr. Sean A Mack: Books
The Red Book [Mr. Sean A Mack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From illustrator Smack!, the RED Book visually showcases the beautiful nature and sexiness of the female form while celebrating the one true color of passion.

July 24th is the second year anniversary of the release of the first chapter in the RED Book series. Get yourself a copy to prepare yourself for Chapter Two. 

The 24th also marks the official release date announcement for Chapter Two. So stay tuned for that as well. 

Mr. Mack (Cray-cray)

Mr. Mack was one of my favorite teachers in middle school. Before I get into this let me note, he’s like sixty and trust me I’m not interested. So he was my physical science teacher in 8th grade and let me just say, this guy had absolutely no censor. Like, I like to be educated about safety and stuff, but when Brittany asks how gay people have sex, you do NOT need to give a super graphic speech about how men have colons and shit. It’s wonderful that you’ve educated yourself, but you don’t have to scar your fourth period class with that information. I’m pretty sure half of them don’t know how straight sex works. I AM glad that he took to the task of educating students of gay sex and how there are real threats to it, but he really didn’t need to do it in such graphic terms after we had all eaten our lunch. His daughter’s best friend is gay as well, so he was completely down with gay people. So anyways, Mr. Mack was in charge or the 8th grade dance. Naturally, everybody was asking him questions about tickets and the times and stuff. One girl in my class asked him about food and if it was going to be free at the dance. He casually explained how there was going to be free food but we wouldn’t really be focused on the food. Wait… what? He continued to explain how we be focused on what was going to be happening after the dance with our dates. What?!? One girl at the front of the room had the same thought process as me and she asked what exactly he meant by that. “Oh, just that you all will… well… you won’t want a full stomach for after the dance. Just… go home and ask your parents about the birds and the bees.” His class basically developed into Sex Advice 101 by the end of the year. Fun class.

So, the next three days will be a saga of my ex’s stalker… I mean the guy who’s crushing on my ex… Same thing.


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