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Yours  *




Welcome To Fucking Hell - Paranormal AU


The Plan - Spy AU *


Experiment 17 - Halsey/5SOS AU


S M U T :



CAKE • We Need To Talk About Luke     NEW

CASHTON • baby, the loveliest angels make the cruelest demons **

MALUM • My Master and Mistress - Sub!Cal+Master!Michael **

MUKE • Good Girls - PrisonConvict!Muke AU **




The Waiter: Stripper!5SOS Series **

Yayo Daddy PART ONE - PART TWO - PART THREE - Greaser!Ash AU **

Candy Canes - Daddy!Ash **

Get Out *

Jawbreaker - Hockey!Ash AU *

Werewolf!Ashton - Halloween!5SOS Series **

I Missed You

Mr Irwin - Teacher!5SOS Series **

Wanna Bet PART ONE - PART TWO **

Charity Shop

Table Tennis - Sub!Ash

Outside? *

Home Alone


Single - BadBoy!Cal AU *

Shameless **

Pacify Her - Jock!Cal AU **

The Policeman: Stripper!5SOS Series *

The Master’s Encounter - 1920s AU **

Fuck! - Dom!Cal **

Different? - Sub!Cal *

Ghost!Calum PART ONE - PART TWO - Halloween!5SOS Series **

Mr Hood - Teacher!5SOS Series **

Wet Dreams **



The Boss: Stripper!5SOS Series **

The Laundromat Debacle **

Bad Girl **

Fuck Good Guys **

DarkAngel!Luke - Sequel Teaser - Halloween!5SOS Series **

Mr Hemmings - Teacher!5SOS Series **


Pranks **

Handcuffed *


Caught In A Web PART ONE - PART TWO - Criminal!Mikey *

The Firefighter: Stripper!5SOS Series **

Good Boy/Good Girl - Switch!Mikey **

I Made Breakfast **

Demon!Michael PART ONE - PART TWO - Halloween!5SOS Series **

Truth *

Mr Clifford - Teacher!5SOS Series **

Nerf Wars *

Beginners Luck

House Party

Camping *

Shawn Mendes (NEW!) :

It’s Always The Quiet Ones *

Text AUs:

1. You Want To Leave A Social Situation But Luke Doesn’t Catch On As To Why *

2. You and Ashton struggle to contain your urges for each other when he’s away - light Daddy!Kink *


4/4 His Orgasm Face (Visuals) **

4/4 Song Request: Rejects//5SOS - BadBoy!5SOS *

4/4 How They React To Your Nipple Piercings *

4/4 How They Dirty Talk

How Ashton Reacts When You Squirt - Daddy!Kink *

Ashton Gets Over Protective - Daddy!Kink *

Ashton Fingers You With The Boys In The Next Room - Daddy!Kink *

What Ashton Is Like In Bed *

What Calum Is Like In Bed

Car Sex With Calum

What Luke Is Like In Bed *

Luke Tries To Teach You Guitar - Teacher!Kink *

What Michael Is Like In Bed **

The ‘Guess The Body Part Challenge’ with Youtuber!Michael

Mikey Fingers You In Public *

Hooking Up with BadBoy!Michael In School - Highschool!AU


Caught Wet Handed - Luke Hemmings smut by sweetpotatoeypie

Mistletoe - Luke Hemmings smut by stvllermuke

Galaxies - blind!Michael Clifford smut by icecxve

Camp Counselor AU - Michael Clifford smut by highmaintancelowquality

Lap Dance - Any Boy smut by a-love-like-clifford

Vibrations - deaf!Michael Clifford smut by icecxve

Kitten - Michael Clifford smut by ought-to-be-studying

F L U F F / O T H E R:


My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Song Imagine: Screen//twenty one pilots - Punk!Ash


Calum Loves You & Your Piercings

Airplanes - Army!Calum AU *

Soulmate AU *

Au Naturel *

Drop Dead Hood - Calum Smut Teaser

It’s Always Been You


Soulmate AU *

Amnesia *

Wherever You Are


Soulmate AU

WEAR CONDOMS (includes kissing) *

Drunk and Snuggly


Text AUs:

1. Calum Decides What He Wants For His Birthday *


Numbered Blurb Masterlist (4/4)

4/4 Elemental!5SOS AU *
4/4 Demi/GreekGod!5SOS AU *
4/4 Hogwarts!5SOS AU *
4/4 Divergent!5SOS AU *
Merman!5SOS AU / Pirate!ATL AU
4/4 HighSchoolAU
4/4 Daddy!5SOS First Day Of Kids’ High School *
4/4 You’re Shorter Than Him *
4/4 You’re Tall
4/4 You’re Feeling Sad And He Cheers You Up
4/4 Song Request: Do I Wanna Know // Arctic Monkeys
4/4 They Say I Love You For The First Time
4/4 You Are Good With Fans Even Though You’re Nervous
4/4 You’re Pregnant MASHTON - CAKE
4/4 How You First Meet
4/4 Your Favourite Song To Listen To With Each Other
4/4 Fighting And Making Up *
(Any) You’re Sick And He Came To Look After You
Honeymoon Mini Series: Ashton
Dating Ashton Would Include… **
Meeting Ashton At The Airport
Ashton Wants To Cuddle But You’re Busy
Ashton And You Meet At A Halloween Party
Daddy!Calum + Daddy!Luke
Honeymoon Mini Series: Calum
Dating Calum Would Include… **
Calum Left You And Your Baby, But Wants To Be Part Of Your Life Now
Calum Catches You Singing
Honeymoon Mini Series: Luke
Dating Luke Would Include… **
Luke Goes Shopping With You
Luke Watches Your YouTube Videos And You Meet At Vidcon *
The Boys See Love Bites On Your Neck And Tease Luke **
Luke Accidentally Chains His Bike To Yours *
Honeymoon Mini Series: Michael
Dating Michael Would Include… **
Pumpkin Carving With Michael
You’ve Been Raped Before And Tell Your Boyfriend Michael (TW)
BadBoy!Michael Being Whipped For You *
Stargazing/Rooftop Snuggles With Michael
Michael Asks You To A Dance


Rainy Days With Calum (blurb)

One Last Dance - Michael Imagine

Can’t Pin Me Down

- Calum Imagine by



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Features: High school AU, Bestfriend AU, Parent AU, Gang AU, Fratboy AU, Punk AU, Supernatural AU, Christmas AU, Country AU, Teacher AU, Camp AU, Pregnancy AU, Song AU, Football AU, Nerd AU, The Hunger Games AU, Soulmate AU, Hockey AU, Tattoo Artist AU, Ex AU

Warnings: Smut, Violence, Strong Language, Disorders, Cutting

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Pregnancy Series

Baby Series

Christmas Calendar 2016

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Saving Me Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: A Roman Godfrey imagine where the reader is attacked by something or someone in the woods then when she’s about to be killed Roman saves her. When he does he falls in love for the reader, at first sight and he promises that she’ll be okay and that he’ll protect her. Just make it fluffy please, thank you!


Note: Enjoy 

Originally posted by mlle02love

Originally posted by charmantaelita

All of your friends liked to call you “Red”.

Short for “Little Red Riding Hood” even though your true name was (Name). The reason behind the nicknames was for many reasons but the most obvious reason was because ever since you could remember you loved the color red and wore it everyday.

Not to mention your favorite fairy tale growing up was Little Red Riding Hood. For some odd reason you just seemed to relate with the character in the book and wanted her courage to be able to stand up to the wolf when he asked her what was in her basket.

To make matters even more coincidental your mother used to raise abandoned and sick wolf puppies. You loved to play with them like real puppies and had actually adopted one you named Beo.

You had found him when you were 12 well you were walking down the street to your grandmothers house. You had found him laying on the road whimpering and injured. He was the runt of the family so he was smaller compared to the others and appeared to have not even opened his eyes.

Your mother told you either keep the animal there since the adult was looking for them or bring it back home if it was injured and the poor wolf looked like it was about to bleed out.

So you wrapped Beo up in your red hoodie and hurried to take him back home. Your mother cleaned him up and had stitch his leg from what she said a feral cat attacking him.

The momma wolf probably thought he was dead and left him behind but you and your mom certainly weren’t going to give up on him. You made sure to feed him special milk from a tube and talk to him and cradle him until he was healthy and finally able to open his eyes.

You and him had developed such a tight bond that you couldn’t let him go and your mom accepted to keep him as a pet. Ever since then you’d been best friends since you didn’t have much friends at school.

You went to Hemlock High and really it was one of the crappiest schools ever. You were a senior and you could drive but you choose to walk from your home to school to avoid having to deal with others.

That was probably why you didn’t have any friends. You were bullied since 1st grade about you being “Little Red” so you were always quiet and independent in class and only spoke if a teacher asked a question.

Sure enough another day had started and you were walking down to school with a messenger bag slung over your shoulder. Today you were wearing a red plaid lace up dress with black details and brown combat boots.

You had on black leggings underneath your dress knowing how boys here liked to sneak peek under girls skirts and dresses. Most of the girls here were sluts anyways who purposefully bent over with heels on to get the idiots to meet them behind the gym after school.

You tugged on the hood of your red fleece coat as you passed by one of those said idiots.

Roman Godfrey.

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Forget My Love

Jason Todd x Reader (1/?)


Summary - He thought he lost you, he watched you die, but what does Jason do when he sees you again?

Word count - 1.4K

Warnings - swearing, sad stuff

Italics is a flashback

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being married to calum hood would include
  • Waking up to calum’s sexy ass self every mother fricking morning.
  • Him waking you up with kisses, songs, hugs or lazy morning sex.
  • You making breakfast while singing along to some RnB song with cal.
  • Watching tv shows while cuddling on the couch whenever he does NOT go to the studio.
  • Hanging out with the boys and stuff.
  • Being best friends with Mali and his momma.
  • Him giggling like a school girl when people call you Mrs. Hood
  • Pinching his cute chubby cheeks whenever he’s sad or when he’s smiling.
  • Him pinching your butt and earning a light punch in the arm.
  • Him getting a tattoo of your name on his ring finger and you doing the same.
  • helping him write music.
  • Him not being afriad to burp/fart in front of you.
  • “babe, I’ve seen you naked atleast a billion times, farting isn’t bad.”
  • “shut up calum before I fart on your face.”
  • “that’s hot.”
  • Putting up with his shit because you love him dearly.
  • Him always trying to make you smile or laugh.
  • Taking weird, cute and hot pictures on your/his phone.
  • you playing with his little curls whenever he sits between your legs.
  • PLanning to start a family.
  • Him already writing down kids names in his little journal.
  • “calum I’m not even pregnant yet.”
  • “Not yet. Not yet.”
  • “Ugh. your annoying.”
  • “shut up you love me, wifey.”
  • Having sex almost everyday and every where.
  • “Man, I need my sperm to fertilize your eggs now.”
  • “its takes time, cal.”
  • “Okay okay. we’re still having sex in the car right?”
  • “yes”
  • you telling him that you haven’t gotten your period and you might possibly be pregnant.
  • crying when you find out your pregnant and him hugging you, “we are going to be the best parents ever, mrs hood.”
  • “No doubt in that Mr. Hood”
#3 I am flirting with you

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Word count: 11,277

Warnings: Blow jobs, fingering, rough sex, dirty talk

Requested: Yes

A/N: Fun fact! This is my first time writing smut so my apologies if this totally sucks. I also want to say i’m sorry that I didn’t upload a story on Saturday. I had Halloween parties all weekend and honestly I was just avoiding the smut. But, now i’m back and all is well. So yea,

Hope you enjoy :-)

The monitor illuminated his face with a faint blue light. The blinking cursor was almost taunting him. Calum watching the line flash on his screen with his tired eyes. He sat back in his squeaky office chair and stared up at the dim fluorescent lights. Calum decided the ceiling tiles weren’t much more interesting that the computer screen. He spun around in his chair taking in his cramped cubicle. He dreaded these four small walls. He had tried his best to personalize his area with pictures, posters, even a silly object here and there but it underneath it still remained dull and gray. The sound of typing keys filled the office, which Calum usually blocked out, was now deafening. He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to keep his sanity. A glance at the clock in the bottom of his desktop showed him that there was only one hour left. He could make it. Calum decided a little conversation might prevent him from going crazy. He stood up leaned over the small wall that separated him and his friend, Michael.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Calum inquired.

“Uh, not much,” Michael replied, glancing at Calum then right back to his desktop with his nose nearing touching the screen.

“What are you even doing?” Calum pondered, leaning over to glance at Michael’s computer.

“Check this out,” Michael turned the monitor toward his friend “It’s the new secretary, Blair. Damn, I’d like to take her out sometime, and by take her out I mean-”

Calum held his hand up to stop Michael from continuing his sentence. “Yea, I know what you mean.” He chuckled lightly. “She not really my type though.”

Michael looked at him astonishingly. “Not your type? Cal, since when is any girl not your type?”

Calum shrugged “I don’t know man, I’m just not into her like that”. Just as he said this Y/N, his boss, left her office and headed to the break room.

Michael followed his gaze towards the woman “Oh, I get it. You’ve got a thing for the boss!” he exclaimed

Calum quickly shushed Michael so that no one would over hear. “Dude shut up, I don’t. I just think shes really hot.”

“I mean you’re not wrong. I saw her in that tight skirt today and I swear, she’s not wearing any underwear” Michael winked

“I bet I can find out” Calum said cockily.

“No way” Michael said, turning his head back to his screen.

“Yes way, fifty bucks says i’ll even find out what color it is” He challenged.

Michael looked at him skeptically “How are you planning on doing that, exactly?”

Calum laughed “that’s for me to know and you to find out” then Calum grabbed some papers of his desk and walked out of his small working space.He walked towards Y/N’s office, beaming with confidence.

He knocked on her door and waited a few moments before a stunning Y/N appeared before him. Michael was right, her skirt was tight and from Calum’s height he could see perfectly down her white button up shirt. Her voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Mr. Hood, do you need something?” Y/N asked, slightly impatient.

“Yes ma’am, I just wanted to give you this week’s report files” He said as he gestured towards the papers.

“Oh, yes, right. You can just put those on my desk please.” Y/N stood back and opened the door wider so that he could come into her office.

Calum walked in, placed the papers on Y/N’s desk, then turned around and leaned against it so that he was now facing her “Y/N, I think we both know why i’m here”

Y/N looked confused at him “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean”

He sighed and pushed off of the wooden surface and began to walk towards her. Once he was right in front of her he reached behind her, shutting and locking the door. “I know you want me.”

Y/N looked at Calum as if he had two heads “excuse me, this is highly inappropriate”

He smirked “The way I think about you is highly inappropriate” he said as he reached around her waist and pull her so close that their chests were touching.

She furrowed her eyebrows at the tall man “Are flirting with me right now, Mr. Hood?”

“Maybe I am flirting with you, what are you gonna do about it?”

When Y/N did nothing, Calum grabbed the back of her head, bringing their lips together in a passionate yet messy kiss.

The two pulled away, both breathing heavily. Y/N’s eyes were wide with shock but also lust.

She always found Calum attractive but she knew that she could never act upon her feelings. If Calum and Y/N were to ever initiate a relationship or else they both would be immediately terminated and she really couldn’t afford that. She was after all the head of her division.

Calum couldn’t help himself at this point. His member was already beginning to harden in his trousers due to their close proximity and the effect her lips had on him. “You make me so hot Y/N. God, I need you now”

She bit her lip, pondering whether the risk was worth the reward. “Mr. Hood, I don’t think this is a good idea” she said trying to keep things professional.

“Y/N” Calum spoke while rubbing circles in her back “I see the way you look at me when you think i’m not paying attention. I know you want me as much as I want you. Don’t lie to yourself. Come on, I can treat you right”

That was all she needed. She closed the space between their lips. Calum heard her moan into the kiss and it drove him crazy. She drove him crazy.

He lightly pulled her with him to her desk. When they reached the wooden surface. Calum turned around swiped his hand across the top of the desk pushing all the materials onto the carpeted floor. He spun back to face Y/N, grabbing her waist and placed her onto the desk before returning back to the kiss. “Mr. Hood!” she exclaimed in anger “that stuff is expensive”

“No offense but, I honestly don’t give a fuck” Calum moved his lips to the corner of her mouth and began to trail kisses down to her neck, trying to find her sweet spot. He bit her skin softly then using his tongue to soothe the slight sting. When he heard her moan he felt his manhood twitch. Calum grabbed Y/N’s backside to pull her closer so he could grind into her clothed core. She gripped the back of his previously unwrinkled shirt so tight her knuckles were white.

He slipped his cool hands under her blouse making her shiver under his touch. She removed her hands from his back, ripping off his tie and making quick work of his shirt buttons. Once she had finished the task she hastily pushed the material off of his his shoulders. She then hopped off of her desk and started leaving kisses on Calum’s neck, leading down to the waistband of his pants. Y/N undid his belt and pulled down his slacks just enough enough to see him fully.

She licked her lips at the sight of him. Y/N took Calum’s girth in her hand and began to pump him slowly to tease him.

“Come on, Y/N” Calum groaned in frustration.

“Good things come to those who wait” she replied as she kissed the tip of his cock before she began to suck his head, teasing him a bit.

Calum moaned at the feeling of her lips wrapped around him “but the best things come to those who go and get them” he grunted. He tangled his finger in her hair and pushed all of himself into her mouth, causing her to choke slightly.

Y/N tried her best to suppress her gag reflex and steady her breathing. She began to bob her head as his member repeatedly hit the back of her throat, making her eyes tear up.

Suddenly, Calum pulled her off of him and roughly stood her up. He held a tight grip on her jaw as he brought their mouths together momentarily in a clash of teeth and tongues, before spinning her around and bending her over her own desk. He pulled up Y/N’s short pencil skirt to expose her barely there, pale pink, lace panties.

“Goddamn” Calum mumbled under his breath. He kneaded her ass with his large palms, squeezing the flesh which was beginning to redden. Y/N moaned softly when Calum trailed his hands from her ass to her moist core. He pushed the lace aside and and swiped his finger across her slit, collecting her juices onto the tips of his fingers. Y/N moaned at the feeling.

“You like that, princess?” he asks as he slid the thin fabric down her legs and casually shoved them into his pants pocket. He slowly pushed his digits into her glistening hole which made more soft moans leave her lips.

“You’re so tight baby. Can’t wait to fill you up with my hard cock” Calum spoke. He pumped himself a few times before pushing inside of her before beginning to move at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Calum, faster please” Y/N groaned.

“That’s Mr. Hood to you, sweetheart” with that he started pounding into her brutally. He gripped her hips so tight there would surely be bruises. Y/N moaned loudly but Calum quickly slapped his hand over her open mouth.

Calum leaned in, close to her face “Gotta be quiet princess. We wouldn’t anyone to hear, now would we?” he whispered into her ear.

Y/N shook her head, hardly able to comprehend what he was saying due to the movements of his hips. He removed his hand from her mouth and returned it to her hips. She whimpered softly and biting her lip, trying to make as little noise as possible.

He then pulled her up so her back was against his chest. He could now feel her glistening skin slide alongside his own. Calum wrapped one arm around her waist and the other playing with her nipples as he rammed into her mercilessly.

Y/N could now feel a knot in her stomach starting to form as Calum repeatedly her g-spot. Her hands soon found Calum’s and she gripped on as if she would float away.

Calum could feel Y/N tightening around him and knew she was close. He reached down and rubbed fast and sloppy circles onto her clit.

“I-I’m close” Y/N whimpered and leaned her head onto calum’s chest.

“I know, let go baby” Calum whispered to her.

With that que she felt the tightness in her gut finally snap. Her vision went white. Calum watched as her eyes fluttered and her mouth fell into a perfect ‘O’ shape.

Calum thrusted into her a few more times before releasing himself. The two milked their highs for as long as possible.

He pulled out of Y/N, which awoke her from her blissful state. She cleared her throat and started to pick up her clothes.

The tall, tan man chuckled at the woman. “Someone’s in a hurry”

Y/N looked at him astonishingly “Calum, what we did was wrong. Because of this slip up, we could lose our jobs. More importantly, I could lose my job!” She exclaimed as she smoothed her wrinkled top.

Calum rolled his eyes but still had a smirk planted on his face. He also picked up his clothes and began dressing himself. Once done, he walked towards the door. Before he twisted the knob he turned around to face Y/N who was busying herself by organizing her desk, which he had rudely ruined in the heat of the moment.

“Oh by the way” Y/N popped her head up to look at the talking man “nice ass” Calum chuckled before exiting the office.

He strode back to his small dull cubicle and sat down in his squeaky office chair. When he sat though he felt something in his pocket. Then he remembered.

“Hey, Michael” Calum said as he leaned onto the wall that separated the two work spaces.

“What” Michael replied as he looked up from his paperwork.

“Pink” Calum simply said.

When Michael gave him a confused look Calum threw the balled up lace panties from his fist, right onto his friend face.

Realization hit Michael as he groaned and pulled out his wallet.

dangerous love | pt.5

warning: smut, swearing, feeeeelings 

type: bodyguard!calum 

word count: 5,181 

a/n: i’m sorry it takes me a decade to update anything :( i hope you like this part, let me know if you want more. 

*inspired by the bodyguard (1992)*

part one // part two // part three // part four 

Your back fell onto the bed and within seconds, Calum was pushing your legs apart as he stood between them. You ran your fingernails up and down his arms, while his mouth was on yours, attacking it with bruising kisses. Arching your back up from the bed, you pushed your chest into Calum’s to be that bit closer. His fingertips danced across your thighs before he ferociously gripped them and dragged your body further down the bed, towards him. 

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Writing some Injustice: CodotVerse lines for fun.

Favourite ones so far:

JOKER: Good news! I found the perfect grave for you!
BATMAN: What’s the bad news?
JOKER: You’ll have to share it with your parents!

SCARECROW: What’re you afraid of, Edward?
RIDDLER: Being seen publicly with you.

DARKSEID: Your suffering will be eternal.
MR. FREEZE: It already is.

RED HOOD: I’ve been waiting a long time for this.
JOKER: I’m sure you were dying for the opportunity.

Fanfiction :

    The Sweet Silver Song (Ashton Irwin)

       - on Wattpad   - on Tumblr

    Threats (Calum Hood)

       - on Wattpad   - on Tumblr

One shots :

  •     Ashton Irwin :

      Lazy, lazy morning sex (Smut)

      Getting sweaty in the gym locker room (Smut)

      Under the waterfall (Smut)

      Something more - Part 1 

                                  - Part 2 (Smut)

                                - Part 3

      Happiest man alive (Smut)

      Those damn yoga pants - Part 1 (Smut)

                                              - Part 2 (Smut)

                                              - Part 3 (Smut)

                                              - Part 4 (Smut)

                                              - Part 5 (Smut)

      Frustrating day (Smut)

      Nice t-shirt (Smut)

      Getting to know the neighbor better (Smut)

      Maddening interruptions (Smut)


      Congratulation (Smut)

      A little dance party (Smut)

      Quickie in the car (Smut)

      Room for two (Smut)

      So mad (Smut)

      Connected (Smut)

      New experience (Smut)

      No need to shave (Smut)

      Hairbrush song (Smut)

      That sound 

      First lesson (Smut)

      Second lesson (Smut)

      Third lesson (Smut)

      Something to talk about (Smut)

  •     Calum Hood :

      Overprotective - Part 1

                              - Part 2 (Smut)

      “Let me own you” (Smut)

      Skinny dipping (Smut)

      Mr. Hood (Smut)

      Perfect way to end a perfect day (Smut)

      Of course it matters (Smut)

      Apologize (Smut)

      Skype - Part 1 (Smut)

                 - Part 2 (Smut)

      “Let me show you” (Smut)

      Imagination running wild - Part 1 (Smut)

                                             - Part 2 (Smut)

      Misplaced seduction (Smut)

      Hotter (Smut)

      Butterflies (Smut)

      Failure - Part 1 (Smut)

                  - Part 2 (Smut)

      Cat ears (Smut)

      Not easy to please

      Lucky charm (Smut)

      Mornings (Smut)

      Don’t ignore me (Smut)

  •     Luke Hemmings :

      Meeting the big brother

      Eyes on me (Smut)

      The lucky one

      My little secret (Smut)

      Beg for it, birthday boy (Smut)

      “Let me” (Smut)

      Good enough? (Smut)

      Made for me (Smut)

      Nipple Piercings (Smut)


      Not losers (Smut)

      Misunderstanding (Smut)

      Wet dreams & shower (smut)

      Backstage (Smut)

      Dance Show (Smut)

      Again and again (Smut)

      Roommates (Smut)

      “Special to me” - Part 1(Smut)

                                  - Part 2 (Smut)

      Spies - Part 1 (Smut)

                  - Part 2 (Smut)

                  - Part 3 (Smut)

      Oblivious (Smut)

      Excuse (Smut)

      Alone (Smut)

      Power cut (Smut)

      Best student (Smut)

      “Trust me” (Smut)

      Silver chain (Smut)

      Nightie (Smut)

      Double standard (Smut)

      Needy (Smut)

      Silent treatment

      Very long day (Smut)

      “A hell of a trip” (Smut)

      Police officer (Smut)

      Hot stones (Smut)

      San Francisco (Smut)

  •     Michael Clifford :

      “It’s not your decision to make” (Smut)

      Amusement park 

      Never too tired (Smut)

      Only one (Smut)

      Flawless (Smut)

      Little Irwin - Part 1 (Smut)

                      - Part 2 (Smut)

                      - Part 3 ( Smut)

                       - Part 4 (Smut)

      “Or what?” - Part 1 (Smut)

                         - Part 2 (Smut)

      No feelings - Part 1 (Smut)

                            - Part 2

      Pick it up (Smut)

      Tongue piercing (Smut)

      Pass the joint - Part 1

                            - Part 2 (Smut)

                            - Part 3 (Smut)

      Too innocent (Smut)

      Not romantic (Smut)

      Scared - Part 1

                  - Part 2

                 - Part 3

      Teams (Smut)

      Destination (Smut)

  •     5SOS – All together :

      “Do you believe us now?” (Smut)

      Pizzas can wait (Smut)

  • Ashton & Luke -Threesome

      Can’t be bad (Smut)

  • Ashton & Michael - Threesome

     Good girl - Part 1(Smut)

                        - Part 2 (Smut)

  • Luke & Michael - Threesome

      Outrageous proposition (Smut)

  • Calum & Luke - Gay version

      Tour Bus (Smut)

Blurbs :

    Blurb #1 : Kind of boyfriend … 4/4

    Blurb #2 : You’re a lingerie model (Smut) - Ashton/4 

                                                                     - Calum/4

                                                                     - Luke&Michael/4

    Blurb #3 : This time of the month - 4/4

    Blurb #4 : They’re dating a bigger girl - Michael/4

    Blurb #5 : First time things really get heated - Ashton/4

                                                                          - Calum&Luke&Michael/4

    Blurb #6 : He can’t seem to get your attention - Calum/4

    Blurb #7 : Body modification - 4/4

    Blurb #8 : They’re dating a short girl - 4/4

    Blurb #9 : They’re afraid of the dark - Ashton&Luke/4

    Blurb #10 : You have to use the safe word - Calum/4

    Blurb #11 : What they’re like in bed - 4/4

    Blurb #12 : Getting off - 4/4

    Blurb #13 : Badboy takes care of you - Calum/4

    Blurb #14 : Cuddles - Ashton&Calum/4

    Blurb #15 : Self-control - Michael/4

    Blurb #16 : Badboy has a gun - Michael/4

Preferences :

    Preference #1 : Activities you do together 4/4

    Preference #2 : A fan takes a picture of you 4/4

    Preference #3 : Things he does that makes you weak 4/4

    Preference #4 : He eats you out 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #5 : When he’s rough 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #6 : You ride him 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #7 : Spanking 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals* 

    Preference #8 : He hits you 4/4

    Preference #9 : Blowjob 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #10 : Foreplay 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #11 : He’s dominant 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #12 : Come & get it 4/4 (Song pref)

    Preference #13 : Countdown to meeting your soul mate 4/4

    Preference #14 : Teasing 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #15 : Morning sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #16 : You’re his sister and come out as a lesbian 4/4

    Preference #17 : Passionate sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #18 : Boobies 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #19 : He fingers you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #20 : They calm you down on your wedding day 4/4

    Preference #21 : You give him a boner in public - 4/4

    Preference #22 : Shower/Bath 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #23 : Games 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #24 : New position 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #25 : His pace 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #26 : He needs you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #27 : Your first time 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #28 : I would 4/4 (Song pref)

    Preference #29 : It gets really intense 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #30 : Toys 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #31 : They find out you self-harm 4/4

    Preference #32 : You’re dominant 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #33 : He wants to take it slow 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #34 : He meets your divorced parents 4/4

    Preference #35 : He’s helpless 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #36 : Outside of bed 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #37 : His orgasm 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #38 : Your orgasm 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #39 : Sex with him 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #40 : Handjob 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #41 : They find out you have an eating disorder 4/4

    Preference #42 : Touching yourself 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #43 : You want to be a big spoon 4/4

    Preference #44 : Caress 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #45 : Grinding 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #46 : Random sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #47 : Closer 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #48 : “Look at me” 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #49 : Work for it 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #50 : Bad boy 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #51 : Threesome with another girl 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #52 : Bad girl 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #53 : Overstimulation 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #54 : It gets really intense part 2 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #55 : Anal 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #56 : He knows your body better than anyone 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #57 : Holding hands 4/4 (Smut) *visuals*

    Preference #58 : He ties your up 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #59 : Lingerie he likes on you 4/4 *Visuals*

    Preference #60 : Leaked personal picture 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #61 : Blindfolded 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #62 : Fucking your mouth 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #63 : Playful 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #64 : Sexting 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #65 : American Horror Story - Michael/4

    Preference #66 : I’m not the only one 4/4 - part one

                                                                      - part two

    Preference #67 : First Date 4/4

    Preference #68 : The last time 4/4

    Preference #69 : Marvin Gaye 4/4

    Preference #70 : He makes you feel insecure - Luke&Michael/4

                                                                            - Ashton&Calum/4  - Part 2

    Preference #71 : Can’t get enough of you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #72 : Details 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #73 : He’s too good 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #74 : Riding his face 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #75 : What makes him weak 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #76 : You’re dominant part 2 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #77 : In his pants 4/4 (Smut)

    Preference #78 : You fall asleep on him 4/4

Imagines :

    Imagine #1 : “What makes you think I’m wearing any?” (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #2 : “I can do it too” (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #3 : “Let’s have breakfast in bed” (Michael Clifford) (Smut)

    Imagine #4 : “(Y/N)’s on her period” (Luke Hemmings) 

    Imagine #5 : “Come live with us” (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #6 : Drum lessons (Ashton Irwin) (Smut)

    Imagine #7 : Too sexy (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #8 : I miss you (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #9 : Make it better (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #10 : Balcony talk (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #11 : Gentlemen (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #12 : Fanboy (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #13 : Desperate (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #14 : Number one priority (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #15 : No big deal (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #16 : Surprise (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #17 : Absolutely (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #18 : Crush (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #19 : Too much (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #20 : Sex tape (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #21 : Best hugs (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #22 : Little boy (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #23 : Cabin in the mountain (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #24 : Scary hands (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #25 : massage (Luke Hemmings) (Smut)

    Imagine #26 : Power couple (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #27 : Reminders (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #28 : Hot chocolate (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #29 : Touchy subject (Michael Clifford) - Part 2

    Imagine #30 : First fight (Luke Hemmings) - Part 2

    Imagine #31 : Miss Swift (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #32 : Thigh Riding (Michael clifford)

    Imagine #33 : Freshly tattooed (Calum Hood)

Specials :

    Pregnancy series #1 : Trying for a baby -4/4

    Pregnancy series #2 : Telling him you’re pregnant - 4/4

    Blurb night one

    Blurb night two

    Blurb night three

    Blurb night four

Sloppy Skype Call

Author’s note: I think that I’m honestly been on a CEO role, honestly I have been so into writing these imagines and I’m having so much fun with them. This imagine was not requested however it’s something I quickly threw together. When I post this it should be after I have posted part 2 of Daddy’s in Trouble and I will be free to get back to my requested imagines, but still feel free to send some more in. This one should be short and sweet, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. This is my first serious Calum write in awhile, so spare me if it’s trash I just had to write this because Calum is Daddy as fuck and I could faintly see him doing something like this.

His lips were just so soft and kissable, you couldn’t help yourself even if you tried. A surprise lunch visit to visit your loving husband turned to an all out make out session between you and Calum in his office chair. His hands were tightly secured around your waist as yours freely roamed over his clothes chest, your lips never leaving his and vice versa. “You know as much as I want to stay like this” Calum mumbled as his kissed slowly down your neck, stopping to softly suck on your sweet spot, “ I have a very important Skype call in 5 minutes that I have to take”. You let out a small huff, this was the price you paid for being married to one of the world’s most successful CEO. While you were so proud of Calum and would do anything to see the company and him succeed, you were hoping that today would be the day that you could have him to yourself for a little while longer. You sighed as you pulled away from Calum grabbing your clutch off of his desk, “Have a good meeting, see you at home, you spoke lowly. You tried to stand up but Calum’s grip around your waist didn’t loosen, “Hey hey, why the long face beautiful”, he brought his hand up to your face moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.  “Stay. Stay for the meeting and afterward”, he places a soft kiss on your bare shoulder, “I will clear my whole schedule for the rest of the day and take you out”. No matter how much you tried to deny it, Calum knew how to please you and clearing his schedule was the perfect step to finally getting to spend quality time with him. You smiled pressing a kiss on Calum’s lips, “ I want to go to Tiffany’s, I had my eyes on something there” “So it’s your as soon as the meeting ends, I promise”. You placed one last kiss on his lip before rising to your feet and walking over to the nearby couch in his office. You plopped down on the sofa, pulling out your phone letting out a small sigh. This was gonna be a long skype call and a long day.

Saying you were impatient was an understatement, you were only 10 minutes into the skype call and you were already bored out of your mind. Not only were you being deprived of Calum’s touch but you were also being forced to hear the most monotoned businessman blab at your husband, throwing out irrelevant stats and dry jokes. You glanced over to see that you were not the only one bored, despite Calum’s professional demeanor you could tell that your husband wanted to blow his brains out every time Mr. Muller attempted to make a business joke. You rested your head softly on your hand, as you continued to watch the skype call transpire you couldn’t help but become entranced by how good Calum looked. He had discarded his business jacket during your make out session which left him in his tie and his Gucci button up shirt. The way his shirt tightly gripped his muscular chest, the way his veins were prominent as gripped tightly onto the pen he was taking notes with, and the way his lips were slightly pouted left you practically drooling. You knew that you promised to sit tight until the meeting was over but you couldn’t help yourself he looked way too good not to touch. You slowly got up from your place on the couch making you way back over to Calum’s desk, Calum was too caught up in concentrating on M.Mullers business inquiries to pay attention to your sudden shift in position. You got down to the floor crawling the remainder of the way to prevent being seen by Mr.Muller, you managed to slip underneath Calum’s desk with alerting either one of the men. You smirked when you noticed the small tent in Calum’s pants, most likely coming from your makeout session; This wasn’t gonna be as hard as you thought. You ran your hands up Calums legs, your palms rubbing harshly over his bulge; Calum finally realized where you were and what you were doing, and to say that he was surprised only the tip of the iceberg. You smirked before you place your finger over your lips, signaling him to stay quiet not that he had much of a choice anyways, he nodded as he shuffled to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. Calum stared down at you as you pulled down his pants and boxers, your eyes met him as you began to pump his member in your hands.

“Mr. Hood are you there”, Mr.Muller questioned causing Calum’s head to snap up and stare into the camera.

“Yes yes sorry, I was just caught up in some thoughts”, Calum apologized and cleared his throat.

You giggled softly at Calum attempting to compose himself before you took all of him into your mouth. You began to bob your head, moving at an agonizingly slow pace which responded to with low growls that only you could hear. Surprisingly enough Calum was able to keep his composure, which allows you to give him the pleasure he so desperately wanted. You began to pick up the pace bobbing your head faster and faster, the tip of his swollen cock hitting the back of your throat each time. You noticed the veins of Calum hand were bulging out at this point, a sign that he was approaching his climax. You released his cock from your mouth, making a small popping sound as you did, replacing your mouth your hands pumping your hand up and down quickly.

 You glanced up at Calum, his eyes once again meeting yours as you opened your mouth wide and stuck your tongue out. You let your saliva slowly drip down to his cock as you batted your eyelashes looking up at him innocently

“God dammit (Y/N)” Calum groaned and tilted his head back in his chair.

“Mr.Hood.. are you alright?”

“Y- Yes, My wife (Y/N) has just informed me that we are having some issues with one of our ongoing conferences. I apologize but I have to leave and check on this”, Calum stuttered as he placed his hands on the back of your head, lowering your mouth roughly back onto his cock.

“Oh well, of course, I think we are done here anyways I will fax over the business plan and call your receptionist to schedule our follow up meeting”

“Yes, well thank you Mr.Muller. It was great doing business with you”, Calum smiled warmly as he heard you softly gagging on his cock.

“As you Mr.Hood, take care” Mr. Muller waved before hanging up.

Within seconds Calum rose to his feet and pulled your hair into a messy ponytail before he began to fuck your mouth. You complied swirling your tongue as he thrust his cock into your throat, soft moan was the only noise Calum could hear other than the sound of you taking his cock so perfectly down your throat.

“You just couldn’t wait, could you? (Y/N)”, Calum grunted as his thrust grew stronger and stronger in force

“Such a little cum slut, you just couldn’t wait for me to coat that pretty little face of yours with cum” Calum eyes were squeezed shut as help you in position for a while, his cock still deep in his throat you moaned loudly in response. Calum grip on your head loosened as he allowed you to catch you breathe, you let out a shaky breath before wrapping your lips back around his cock to finish what you started.

You knew Calum was nearing his end, his eyes remained shut as he bit his lip and softly raked his hands through your hair, this only made you quicken the pace of your head. Calum let out a noise somewhere between a whimper and a ground before he lightly pulled you off of him and began to quickly pump his member.

“Where do you want it” He grunted with each pump, trying to control himself and prevent himself from cumming. You pointed to your face biting your lip and closing.

“Fucking shit, baby”, Calum cried out as he reached his climax, his hot cum landing just where you wanted it.

Calum fell back into his chair, his eyes finally opened and relaxed as he slowly caught his breath. You opened your eyes, licking the remaining cum off his tip and taking the cum sprawled all over your face into your mouth.

“You are something else, Mrs.Hood “, Calum smirked as you rose to your feet and sat in his lap.

“I know I am but what are you?” You giggled before kissing his swollen, wet lips.

“Head over heel for you”