“You’re all prisoners. What you call sanity, it’s just a prison in your minds that stops you from seeing that you’re just tiny little cogs in a giant absurd machine. Wake up! Why be a cog? Be free like us. Just remember, smile. Oh! Time to go, but don’t worry, we’ll be back very soon. Hang onto your hats, folks, cause’ you ain’t seen nothing yet!”    |   Gotham (2014)   


Yes, I bought a giant sticker book just because of the multiple Scarecrow stickers. (don’t judge me) I gotta admit though, it’s been kinda fun filling out each page. Thankfully it comes with tons of extras that I can stick other places.

Lego Batman Movie: Ultimate Sticker Collection, scanned at 300dpi

what makes the gotham fandom different from the rest is that its role seems to be less about backing up the protagonists and more about protecting the villains


Really awesome DC characters by Brian Lawyer
Go check his stuff!