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Sirius' First Time Staying at the Potters

Ok but let’s imagine little 12 year old Sirius and before they got off the train to go home, James told him he could come to his place if things got bad at home (because we all know the other Marauders would have figured out by then that Sirius’s house was basically a living hell)

And little 12 year old Sirius showing up at the Potters at 2 o'clock in the morning all bruised and bloodied and crying and stumbling out of the fireplace covered in soot from head to toe

And little 12 year old Sirius hysterical and repeatedly apologizing to Mr. and Mrs. Potter (who came downstairs to find that the large bang they had heard was Sirius tripping over their coffee table and knocking over a vase or something) and saying that James had promised he could come stay with them and please don’t kick him out don’t make him go back to his awful parents

And little 12 year old James coming down to see what all the racket is and finding his very best friend traumatized and panicky and so he goes over and hugs him and tells him everything will be ok and that’s he’s safe now

And Mr. and Mrs. Potter are horrified at how terrified little Sirius is and they don’t understand how anyone could possibly be so mean to their own child and Mrs. Potter goes to get him a cup of tea and Mr. Potter goes to look at Sirius’s injuries (to make sure they don’t need to take him to Saint Mungo’s) but Sirius doesn’t realize Mr. Potter just wants to raise his chin a little to get a better look at his face and thinks Mr. Potter is trying to hit him so he flinches and starts freaking out because oh god I shouldn’t have come and now he’s mad at me what have I done they must hate me

And the three Potters spending several hours trying to calm Sirius down and eventually Sirius is just so exhausted he cries himself to sleep and Mr. Potter has to carry him upstairs to James’s room (because James insisted that Sirius have his bed) and Mrs. Potter fixes him up a bit but then he wakes up a little and starts crying and whimpering so James crawls into bed with him to try and make him feel safer

And James inviting Remus and Peter over to make Sirius feel better and Mr. and Mrs. Potter deciding that they’re going to take care of Sirius because he’s such a sweet boy but he’s petrified of getting sent back to his family so he’s always trying to help out around the house even though he doesn’t really need to

And little 12 year old Sirius never being happier in his life and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside whenever Mrs. Potter calls him her darling or Mr. Potter calls him ‘son’

And I just can’t right now guys sorry I’m afraid I’ve made myself cry


“ In my eyes, she is beautiful.  I love her. I am happy and tickled and bursting with pride that she would agree to be my wife. And I want us to live as closely as two people can, for the time that remains to us on earth.”  

- Charles Carson S06EP01



I love this song so much. I must say I adore Dani being in Mr. Downstairs more than The Millionaires. 


We’ve received a few requests for the lyrics to our new song ‘Radiant’ that we performed acoustic for Vans Girls a few weeks ago. So here’s the video if you missed it along with the lyrics, hope you enjoy!!


I hope you know, oh whoa oh

I hope you know, oh whoa oh

I hope you know how radiant you are (x2)


And I’m smiling so hard it hurts, but I can’t stop


Finally feeling, take me high to the ceiling,

there’s something so real about right where we are.

And we’re leaping over & under,

we’re sleeping awake to the thunder

so right where we are, right where we are.


I hope you see, ee ee ee

I hope you see, ee ee ee

I hope you see how radiant you are the me. (x2)




Talkin bout,

right place right time right feelin

so close got me believing in you

god damn this must be something

god damn there must be somethin bout

You, you oh oh oh(x2)


Time is moving slowly but my heart beats fast.

Mesmerize me guide me thru your looking glass.

Catch myself, wondering how you feel the same way now…..

Talkin bout, right place right time right feeling so close got me believing in..

right place right time right feeling, so close got me…

Feeling. Ceiling. Right, where, we are.




“If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblings then you know you are meant to be together.”


for the amazing ladies of the Downton whatsapp group ;) 

Vans Girls: Mr. Downstairs

We recently met up with the band Mr. Downstairs in Los Angeles, CA and they played us some brand new songs and told us a little bit about how the band came to be and what they are looking forward to about playing together. Watch the video above for an exclusive acoustic performance and to learn a little more about Mr. Downstairs. And, since I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to board a flight to Warped Tour, I think it’s an appropriate time to tell you guys some more exciting news about the band. You can catch Mr. Downstairs at the Vans Girls tent at the Carson, CA date of this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. They will be doing a signing and acoustic set, so make sure to come hang out with us if that’s your stop! If it’s not, don’t worry we’ll post some photos and videos then too. Also, make sure to check back later this week for more behind the scenes from this shoot and maybe even a big fat bonus [hint hint!]

Check out tons more photos from the shoot on the Vans Girls Facebook page, and you can even head over to to steal their look! All photos by Celina Kenyon.


Downton Abbey - Carson & Mrs Hughes  “I am on your side” (Part 1)

“Suppose you want to move away and change your life entirely. You don’t want to be stuck with me.”

“But that’s the point ”

“What is?”

“I do want to be stuck with you.”  


Tobias had cared for Mrs. Lovett. After all, she treated him like a son. He felt secure around her, always snuggling with her as a toddler would. After tidying up Sweeney Todd’s place, the boy ran downstairs to Mrs. Lovett’s shop. Though, biologically, she wasn’t his Mother, she still seemed like one to him.

“Mum, may I please have a pie for dinner?” he asked, setting down on the stool, and placing a napkin in his lap.