‘Exactly how many times did he fall out the window?’

‘Oh it’s all a bit of a blur, detective inspector. I lost count.’

Okay, I can accept Sherlock dragging the American up the stairs again and throwing him out of the window onto Mrs Hudson’s bins. Again.

But… John and Mrs Hudson were still downstairs. Can you imagine their faces when they look out Mrs Hudson’s apartment after a series of weird noises to see Sherlock dragging a half unconscious American up the stairs. 

I wonder if John helped… 

‘Grab his legs, John. I’ll lift his front… Great… now go get him again.’


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I love this song so much. I must say I adore Dani being in Mr. Downstairs more than The Millionaires. 

Vans Girls: Mr. Downstairs

We recently met up with the band Mr. Downstairs in Los Angeles, CA and they played us some brand new songs and told us a little bit about how the band came to be and what they are looking forward to about playing together. Watch the video above for an exclusive acoustic performance and to learn a little more about Mr. Downstairs. And, since I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to board a flight to Warped Tour, I think it’s an appropriate time to tell you guys some more exciting news about the band. You can catch Mr. Downstairs at the Vans Girls tent at the Carson, CA date of this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. They will be doing a signing and acoustic set, so make sure to come hang out with us if that’s your stop! If it’s not, don’t worry we’ll post some photos and videos then too. Also, make sure to check back later this week for more behind the scenes from this shoot and maybe even a big fat bonus [hint hint!]

Check out tons more photos from the shoot on the Vans Girls Facebook page, and you can even head over to to steal their look! All photos by Celina Kenyon.


We’ve received a few requests for the lyrics to our new song ‘Radiant’ that we performed acoustic for Vans Girls a few weeks ago. So here’s the video if you missed it along with the lyrics, hope you enjoy!!


I hope you know, oh whoa oh

I hope you know, oh whoa oh

I hope you know how radiant you are (x2)


And I’m smiling so hard it hurts, but I can’t stop


Finally feeling, take me high to the ceiling,

there’s something so real about right where we are.

And we’re leaping over & under,

we’re sleeping awake to the thunder

so right where we are, right where we are.


I hope you see, ee ee ee

I hope you see, ee ee ee

I hope you see how radiant you are the me. (x2)




Talkin bout,

right place right time right feelin

so close got me believing in you

god damn this must be something

god damn there must be somethin bout

You, you oh oh oh(x2)


Time is moving slowly but my heart beats fast.

Mesmerize me guide me thru your looking glass.

Catch myself, wondering how you feel the same way now…..

Talkin bout, right place right time right feeling so close got me believing in..

right place right time right feeling, so close got me…

Feeling. Ceiling. Right, where, we are.



Behind The Scenes with Mr. Downstairs

Yesterday we had so much fun shooting a few new videos and tons of fun photos with the band Mr. Downstairs, Be on the lookout next week for the release! Can’t wait for everyone to see it all though, so here is a look behind the scenes to tide you over!