‘An Inspector Calls’

Key Themes
- responsibility
- social class
- gender inequality
- generation differences

Dramatic Effect
- tension
- lighting
- stage directions
- dramatic irony
- the mystery of the inspector

Main Characters
- Eva Smith
- Sheila Birling
- Eric Birling
- Mr Birling
- Mrs Birling
- Gerald Croft


Bee debriefing me after her piano exam with Mr. Croft from Trinity College London #beerogers#beerocks#daughter#daughtersarethebest#goodlife#sg (at Kawai Music School - Paragon)

John Ratzenberger offers up a pithy ‘thought for the day’

John Ratzenberger offers up a pithy ‘thought for the day’

@Dratzenberger you’re my hero

— Mikey & Mr Croft (@MikeyandMrCroft) September 9, 2014

“Cheers” star and Pixar movie mainstay, John Ratzenberger offered this “thought for the day.”

Thought for today.

— John Ratzenberger (@Dratzenberger) September 9, 2014


@Dratzenberger Yep… I couldn’t agree more.

— aj nelson (@americanchances) September 9, 2014


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anonymous asked:

Your punishment is almost up. Make your way to my office this evening, we will assess your behaviour and make adjustments as necessary. -Croft

Eve thought about her punishment as she repeated the message that Mr. Croft had sent her. Make adjustments? What exactly did he mean? 

anonymous asked:

ℋ -Jayden

ℋ = asking for help

Dear Mr.Croft,

I know it is too much to ask sir, but when I was with the breeders, there was a woman by the name of Caroline. She hadn’t been there long, but many of the men thought that she might be infertile. I ask that maybe you can purchase her for the House or perhaps find her another place to go, otherwise they will kill her. I would be willing to do anything you wanted if I know that she is safe.

Highest regards,