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See, the thing about kittens, I mean really brand new kittens, is that they are exceedingly tiny. Like, maybe the size of two of Wrench's fingers. It's a wonder he spotted the little thing at all, hidden in one of his flower beds. He scoops the little guy up and takes him inside, making a little nest of soft towels in the first thing he finds, which is a clean mixing bowl. He shows the little guy to Numbers when he gets back and the eye roll he receives would win an award.

Wrench eye dropper feeds the cat warm milk every two hours for a month. If he has to, he takes the kitten with him so he can continue to feed it and care for it until it’s healthy and old enough to be on its own. Wrench cooes at the damn thing. Numbers finds this appalling. But only because he wants that kind of attention from Wrench. One night, one of Wrench’s vibrate alarms goes off but it doesn’t wake him up. When he does wake up, eventually, he panics and worries the cat could get sick or die. But he finds a grumpy, bed headed Numbers sitting in the kitchen, carefully feeding the kitten like he’s seem Wrench do it. He tells Wrench: “I’ve named him Stupid Dumb Asshole, after you. ….. Or Mr. Wiggles, for short.”


I wish you could see my face right now, this is so cute.

Put your music on shuffle and use the songs to answer questions, then tag up to 10 people to do the same.

1. Title of first song is how you die: James Horner - Saying goodbye to those you so love (A beautiful mind OST) Okaaay this is creepy o.o…

2. This describes your love: Peter Hollens - Song of the Lonely Mountain (no comment xD)
3. Your wedding dance: Audiomachine - Blood and stone (wtf…)
4. Add “in my pants” to this song: Imagine Dragons - Warriors in my pants (hahahah)
5. Your funeral song: Sia - Elastic Heart
6. Your personal theme song: Hurts - Somebody to die for
7. This song plays when you think about something you love: Raign - Wicked Game
8. Add “5000″ to this song title: One Republic - If I lose myself 5000
9. This song describes your week:
Freddy Mercury - Living on my own
10. This song plays when you miss someone: Karliene - The King beneath the Mountain (oh GOD DDD:)

I tag:

capitancarter thorin-wiggles pilgrim272 plantyourtreeswithme mr-and-mr-baggins hildyj  themountainsking @bagginship @meg-thilbo and everyone who wants to do this! :3

wispiiish replied to your post:@ snowveined THIS IS WHY I LOVE HICCUP HORRENDOUS…


“SWIGGITY SWOOTY I’M too shy and dorky to really approach an attractive person but i’m still COMING FOR THA BOOTY”

Waking up cuddling with Mr Wiggle the unicorn on a gloomy Saturday morning just to find that everything that I ordered from @craftmatespage on Shopee apps has arrived. I don’t order much this time because I still have piles of unused stickers from my last haul. Eek! 🙊 #planneraddictmalaysia #planneraddict #plannergirl #floral #unicorn #officialpam #stationeryaddict #washitape #maskingtape

Kids Corner: Miss L reviews "Mrs Piggle-Wiggle" (book 1)

Kids Corner: Miss L reviews “Mrs Piggle-Wiggle” (book 1)

Miss L, my 6 year old, is very interested in reading, and equally interested in what she sees me doing on the computer after I finish reading a book. I decided to give her a little Saturday segment. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle What book did you read? “Mrs Piggle-Wiggle – The first one. I want Happy Birthday, Mrs Piggle-Wiggle!” What was your favorite chapter? “The Fighter-Quarrelers Cure.” What was your…

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I’ve attempted suicide five times and I’ve failed all for the same reason which goes to show how stupid I am.
I cut myself for the first time recently with a pair of scissors, and I’m going to try to seek some blades out bc I have no other way of pain relief, unless I start binge eating like I used to. I still do it but the thing is I have to stop bc my mom keeps pointing out how fat I am, so I’m going to cut back on my diet. A lot.
I remember in the children’s story “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” a boy ate less and less and was still full. Eventually, it got to the point where he would eat practically nothing, or food in just really small portions (like a quarter of a corn kernel for a meal). I want that to be me, to barely eat at all bc I’m fatter than most everyone my age and height.
Frankly, I feel so lonely and I have nothing to rely on except for (newly discovered) self harm, binge eating, and this blog. Except that I only have 33 followers so even then the one thing that I’m actually active in doesn’t sucks, much like every fiber of my being.
I wish I was like the people around me, not perfect, but perfect enough to get by. I don’t really have any friends except for like 1.5 people, and even then I’m not their first choice.. I get unmanageable waves of loneliness all the time regardless of whether or not I’m surrounded by people, and it leaves me paralyzed. My parents normally don’t help with this as they further criticize me, but it’s something I’ll put up with what they say, that I’m good at nothing but want everything and a waste of space, is accurate.
I’m sorry if I bored you to death with this long textpost, although I’m sure no one would read this far. Although no one really takes me seriously as an upper middle class suburban kid (my position may make many claim that my issues are pretty invalid), I want to expand my tumblr influence bc… It’s one of the very few things I have control over.

Paigelocke: Volume two

I learned another harsh lesson as I continued my first ever Nuzlocke. Never get complacent. Never let your guard down. Three new Pokemon joined me in my quest, and for a brief and shining moment I had a full team. As I was on my way back to the pokecenter, filled with joy, I was met with something that remains a bane of Nuzlockers to this day.


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Paigelocke: Volume One

I recently started my first ever nuzlocke, using my copy of Pokemon Black 2. I never actually beat Black 2, so I figured it would give me a reason to pick it up again. I made it through the first gym with a few close calls, but no losses. Overall, it was definitely more of a challenge than a standard run, but it didn’t seem so bad. My jolly band of Pokemon had slowly been growing, and was up to four members. We were on top of the world.

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