Mr. Resetti

You wanna snap your fingers and erase your screw-ups? Sure, who don’t? It’s takin’ whatever comes your way, the good AND the bad, that gives life flavor. It’s all that stuff rolled together that makes life worth livin’. I mean, grow up, will ya? You’re better than this… You know anybody who’s got a perfect life? ‘Course not. 'Cause nothin’s perfect. Mistakes and disappointment makes the sweet things in life that much sweeter.
—  Mr. Resetti, Animal Crossing: Wild World.

I love Animal Crossing and I love drawing on Miiverse, so it was only a matter of time before I share even more of my Miiverse fun here on Tumblr. Here’s a small collection of drawings from yours truly that I really enjoyed and wanted to show you guys!

Another honorable mention:


Nintendo is insane and must be stopped urged to continue doing crossover after crossover because it is starting to get hilarious.