Mr. Needlemouse


I couldn’t find a drawing prompt I liked so I’ll make my own based around mr Needlemouse himself: You can respond in art or whatever you like!

a) what is your favourite sonic character moment ever (good or bad or memorable to you from any media)

b) what is your favourite game level (and why you love it)

c) what is your worst level/character moment (whatever made you the most miserable about playing/watching something sonic)

d) who is your favourite otp/friendship/interaction and why? (no judgement)

e) what was the first game you played and what made you enjoy it?

f) Team Rose? Team Dark? Team Sonic or Team Chaotix? Who are you on?

g) Did you ever create a sonic OC? Who were they and are they still around?

h) Classic Style or Modern style? Do you prefer art style of one, or gameplay of another, or do you like both? -discuss

i) Which character do you not give enough time or attention to? And why not? Do you want to pay them more attention? 

j) What level would you love to see the most either remade in modern style or classic style and why?

k) What is you favourite OST or song from the series?

l) If you had to be a sonic character for the day who would you be? Cosplay, kin, nearest your personality, coolest backstory, favourite - why would you pick them? And what would you do differently in their shoes if anything?

m) Who or what is your favourite villain, robot or badnik? And why?

n) What is your favourite sonic themed meme of all time?

o) What is your favourite NON-GAME canon series? This can be from comics, books, cartoons or movie if you’ve seen them.

p) what is your best headcanon? In fact just go mad with headcanons!!! 

q) What is your favourite sonic merchandise you either own or want to own?

r) What was your favourite boss bottle?

I can’t think of any more right now but ummm enjoy. send stuff like SONIC MEME A) …. to people who reblog this so they know what it’s from

Inktober 19- Mr. NeedleMouse and Miss SweetCorn. 

I feel like I was high when I made my list for Inktober. When I saw this on the list I was deeply confused. So I pushed it off a day.

 And hehe in my class today, we talked about the first few Mickey Mouse Cartoons and the memories came rushing back to me. I was listening to old-timey music and it made it feel good (it was 2 am) and my mind wondered and that was the end result. 

Mr. NeedleMouse and Miss SweetCorn! 

I am literally insane. 

Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn ©  Sega/Archie Comics

Art by  T-Vict101

Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Years

So today is the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. On June 23rd, 1991 the blue blur debuted on the Sega Mega Drive. Now I may have been born in 1999 and I’m pretty sure the first Sonic game I played was Shadow the Hedgehog (Please don’t judge me) I consider Sonic to be my personal hero. Yeah, good old Mr. Needlemouse is my hero! How? Well, I think today is the perfect day to finally explain why I look up to Sonic the Hedgehog.

My favorite hobby is helping people. And I’m pretty sure Sonic was the influence for that. Now I’m mainly talking about the Archie comics when I say this, as I consider them better than the games. Sonic is always saving people. Whether he knows them or not, hates them or loves them, he’s always saving the day with a smile.

Ok these aren’t a lot of examples but hey its enough for me. Sonic is the hero, but like all good heroes, it doesn’t stop at the smile. Unlike most of the games, he has other emotions other than cocky.

But he never gets discouraged, Sonic bounces right back and is ready to kick some ass!

There’s not much else I can say. Sonic is a good guy and I look up to him. I have other people I look up to , Walt Disney, Theodore Roosevelt, Bruce Lee, but only Sonic stands up above the rest for this reason. Happy Birthday to Dr. Eggman, Scourge the Hedgehog, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Yeah, you can’t just arrive at a million-dollar idea like “a hedgehog who runs really fast” without going through a bunch of shitty ones first. When Sega first decided to introduce a new mascot who would defy Nintendo’s supremacy, their early proposals included a dog, a clown, and a bizarre Mario/Bart Simpson hybrid before they settled on the most hardcore of animals, the rabbit. The only problem: Their 16-bit console just couldn’t handle the sheer coolness (or hardware demands) of the rabbit’s ears, which were supposed to allow him to grab hold of things. Hell, this was 1991 – it’d probably take a room full of MIT computers to make that happen, and that was a little more than you could pack in a $299 box. So, no rabbits.

After being an armadillo for a while, Sonic (or “Mr. Needlemouse”) finally became a hedgehog. With an appetite for bestiality. In a concept that was later rejected by Sega of America for being too “Japanese,” the developers decided to give Sonic a sexy human girlfriend named Madonna who would chase him around, implying that she wanted to do unspeakable things with his spiky member.

6 Popular Games That Were Meant to Be Totally Different

as soon as you say you’re a classic SEGA fan people start making remarks about Sonic games and you immediately have to be like “look I don’t give a shit about Mr. Radical Needlemouse I’m just trying to put some quarters into After Burner 2 and Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter I don’t need this shit today”