Mr. Needlemouse



Mr. Needlemouse makes another return. Trying new techniques and improving upon the design of Mr. Needlemouse (Sonic in Disney style).

Scott Shaw actually saw the first version I did of Mr. Needlemouse and immediately knew what it was and told me to go “full Steamboat Willie style and it would be a great shirt. People would love it”. So I’m going to be tweaking the design and may end up making a shirt!

Mr. Needlemouse.

Once an ordinary hedgehog, the power of the White Chaos Emeralds turned Mr. Needlemouse and all the other animals of Green Hill Zone into strange anthropomorphic creatures.

Later, while working for the researcher Dr Ivo Eggman (the man who gave him his name), Mr. Needlemouse would once again be exposed to the power of a Chaos Emerald, this time a blue gem that gave him incredible yet uncontrollable powers of speed. 

Eventually he would take on the name ‘Sonic’ for himself as he fought to save his former friend and the entire universe from total destruction. 

Im hoping to do more Sonic drawings soon, mapping his path to Super Sonic.