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favorite headcanon

At least I think that’s today’s theme.  I am very behind oh wow.

My favorite headcanon: Mr. Lancer figured it out.  He knows about Danny.

If you pay attention to his characterization throughout the series, he goes from a pretty mean teacher, adding more antagonism to Danny’s already stressful world, to a really, truly understanding adult figure in Danny’s life.  

He begins the series with a huge bias towards Dash, athletes, and the popular crew for some reason.  But once you hit “Teacher of the Year,” BAM.  Something changes, and Mr. Lancer doesn’t really retreat back into that stereotypical version of himself again.  

In “TotY,” he is hard on Danny, as usual, but he explains that it’s because he sees great potential in Danny and thinks he has a lot more to offer.  Considering his parents are scientists and his sister is the smartest kid in school, this is a totally valid assumption, and it becomes founded when Danny actually sits down with Lancer to study and applies himself.  He gets an A, and Lancer is proud.

I think he keeps a particularly close eye on Danny after this.  The kid clearly has the potential to do great things and get good grades, but he doesn’t apply himself.  Why?  

It’s not like Mr. Lancer has a riveting personal life to speak of (“Fright Before Christmas”), so it’s pretty reasonable to say he spends a lot of time thinking about his students and his lesson plans.  I mean, the dude is like the English teacher who sometimes teaches some Science and History and possibly Math (even though he hates math??) and is a camp counselor and seems to have a lot of authority so maybe Vice Principal too?  He puts a lot into his work.  And I think he puts a lot of thought into his students.

We see a similar side to him again in TUE, in which he is hard on Danny but cuts him some slack in the end.  As though he knows there’s something else, something bigger, going on in the boy’s life to drive him to desperate measures.  

He goes from being extremely and irrationally hard on Danny (giving him detention in early episodes basically just for existing) to being much softer and more forgiving, treating Danny with a special kind of respect.

I gif’d this scene because I feel like it’s a subtle reference to the possibility that he knows.  Danny (as Phantom) is up on stage with Tucker, Sam and Jazz during this presentation.  When it’s over, the first people to clap in support are the Fentons, and the next?  Is Mr. Lancer.

He claps before Tucker’s own parents.  Or Sam’s.  And then he mentions all of them collectively when he sardonically comments that “They never put that much effort into their school work.”


I doubt he’s including Jazz in this statement, and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume he’s just talking about Sam and Tucker.  But the only two doing the actual talking/presenting are Danny and Tucker.

Danny as Phantom.  And Tucker.

And this supports my favorite headcanon that Lancer figured it out and kept it quiet, gradually coming to understand Danny and his predicament.  He really is responsible and driven, but grades, Lancer finds out, are not his first priority.  And that’s why he treats him differently, with more empathy, as the series goes on.

Because he knows.

If Bleach characters and Danny Phantom characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

Oh man. I’ve been waiting for this one, because I do love Danny Phantom. And crossing over two shows about high school boys with super powers? Seems right, somehow. So, in any event, what would happen if the characters from Bleach met those from Danny Phantom? 

1. Danny and Ichigo

Ichigo: I don’t mean to alarm you, dude, but I think we may be identical.

Danny: What are you talking about? I’m in high school, and you’re clearly older.

Ichigo: Nah, I’m in high school. I’m just drawn this way.

Danny: Well I have super powers.

Ichigo: Same.

Danny: I can turn into a ghost!

Ichigo: Soul reaper. Ghost. Same thing.

Danny: I have an evil alter ego!

Ichigo: Yeah, evil alter egos are so much trouble.

Danny: I make a lot of trips to the Ghost Zone!

Ichigo: Oh gosh. A realm full of dead souls. What must that be like?


Danny: I guess I’m not ‘much more unique than the other guys’ after all.

2. Sam and Ulquiorra

Sam: Fellow goth! Greetings.

Ulquiorra: …I am not a goth.

Sam: Please! With that makeup? You are totally a goth.

Ulquiorra: It is not makeup. It is my -

Sam: And that voice! It’s like despair had a child with emptiness. 

Ulquiorra: I get that a lot.

Sam: Anyway, enjoy writing poetry or whatever, fellow goth! I gotta go.


Ulquiorra: I wrote poetry one time.

3. Tucker and Tatsuki

Tucker: I love Danny 'n’ all, but occasionally I get a bit jealous that he’s all special and I’m….not.

Tatsuki: Oh. Are you the obligatory single friend without super powers?

Tucker: What? No. Danny’s the only one with super powers. Well aside from all of the ghosts.


Tatsuki: How difficult for you.

4. Jazz and Karin

Jazz: I never believed in ghosts, but then I found out my brother WAS one!

Karin: Yeah, same here. Although in my case it was less “disbelief” and more “denial.”

Jazz: But once I knew - well, I did what I had to do. I offered him a supportive and well-educated environment in which to be his special self!

Karin: We never spoke of it again.


Karin: It’s how we show love.

5. Jack Fenton and Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya: Hi.

Jack Fenton:

Jack Fenton: GHOST?

Jack Fenton: GHOST!

Jack Fenton: GHOOOOOOOOST!!!



Hitsugaya: I hate world of the living assignments.

6. Maddie Fenton and Hitsugaya


Maddie: Jack, hang on, he says he’s not a ghost.

Maddie: Are you alive, then?

Hitsugaya: Well…not technically.

Maddie: Can you walk through walls?

Hitsugaya: Well sure.

Maddie: Can you float?

Hitsugaya: Of course I can float.



7. Valerie and Ishida

Valerie: And my dad’s all, “No, Valerie! You can’t dedicate your whole life to destroying ghosts just because you hate them! That’s not a good life choice.” And I’m just like, “Dad, a life of revenge is a perfectly valid life choice, thank you very much.”

Valerie: Dads, you know? Not as supportive as you might want.

Ishida: W-

Valerie: And another thing I learned? Sometimes you have to work with the enemy. I’ll destroy that Ghost Boy someday, but other days, I just gotta fight alongside him. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hate ghosts and want to obliterate them!


Ishida: I think I love you.

8. Dash and Ikkaku

Dash: Me? I’m nobody special. Just the greatest jock in the entire school, thank you very much!

Ikkaku: A jock, huh?

Ikkaku (drawing sword): LET’S DO THIS

Dash: W-what the hell are you doing, man?!


Ikkaku: 'Jock’ must mean something different in your show.

9. Paulina and Orihime

Paulina: And all the boys want me, of course, but it doesn’t matter. Because the only boy I want is one who doesn’t want me - the Ghost Boy!

Paulina: But instead it’s all stupid jocks and Danny Fenton.


Orihime: Danny Fenton?

Paulina: Frustrating, right?

Orihime: Danny Fenton who always disappears before the Ghost Boy shows up? Danny Fenton who looks exactly like the Ghost Boy except for hair color? The Ghost Boy whose name is DANNY PHANTOM?

Paulina: See? That is why my life is hard!


Orihime: I think your problems are solvable.

10. Mr. Lancer and Shinji


Shinji: ?

Mr. Lancer: Are you drinking water upside down while floating in the sky??

Shinji: Um, yeah.

Mr. Lancer: Normal Tuesday, I guess.

11. Walker and Aizen

Walker: Mmmm…this is a good prison chair.

Walker: Very strong. Very right.

Walker: I’d hardly need any rules if I had everybody in my prison be in chairs like these!

Walker: Maybe then I could keep prisoners for more than like 5 episodes then.

Aizen: Perhaps.

Aizen: But on the other hand it sounds like you suck.

12. Dark Danny and Hichigo

Dark Danny:


Dark Danny: [bro nod]

Hichigo: [bro nod]

13. Desiree and Rukia 

Desiree: Hello there. I am a ghost who can grant wishes. Is there anything you…desire?

Rukia: Get the hell away from me!

Desiree: …was it something I said?

Rukia: I once had a wish-granting thing INSIDE OF ME. And it led to nothing but my own execution!

Desiree: Nothing like that would happen with MY wishes!

Rukia: [look]

Desiree: Right. I’ll look for a stupider target, then.

14. Ember and Ichigo and Ganju

Ember: You will remember my name!

Ichigo: Cool song, Amber!

Ganju: Yeah, not bad.

Ember: It’s Ember.

Ichigo: What?

Ganju: What?

Ember: Ember. Em-ber.

Ichigo: That’s too hard.

Ganju: We’ll just call you Amber.


Hanataro: Trust me, it’s hopeless.

15. Johnny 13 and Kyoraku

Johnny 13: Nobody can beat me, thanks to Shadow!

Johnny 13: He does my fighting for me!

Johnny 13: And how can someone fight against a shadow?


Kyoraku: [smiles]

16. Skulker and Grimmjow

Skulker: I am the Ghost Zone’s GREATEST HUNGER

Grimmjow: What a coincidence? I recently met a guy who claimed to be some sort of great hunter.

Grimmjow: And I cut him in half.


Skulker: But right now I’m on break.

17. Spectra and Ichigo

Spectra: I feed on the negative emotions of people. Mostly teenagers because NOBODY is more emo than a teenager.

Ichigo: When I’m sad my soul turns into an ocean of tears.


Spectra: Can I keep you forever?

18. Technus and Matsumoto

Technus: COWER MORTALS! I, Technus, am about to infiltrate all of your technology! Soon all of your electronics will be beholden to my will!!!!!

Matsumoto: Good luck with that.

Matsumoto: We communicate via butterfly.


Technus: The fuck?

19. Vlad and Yhwach

Vlad: A super villain needs only three things: lots of money, super powers, and a creepy attachment to the hero’s mother.

Yhwach: How about an army, super powers, and you kill the hero’s mother?

Vlad: Mmmm….do you at least call the hero 'son’?

Yhwach: Well of course.

Vlad: Now we’re talking!

20. The Box Ghost and Urahara

Urahara: Well, here I am. Locked in a kido box. For a whole month. It won’t be so bad though! I love having time to think! It will basically be a vacation.

Box Ghost: I-I-I-I-I-I-I am the BOX GHOST!

Box Ghost: I am now haunting this BOX!


Urahara: It’s gonna be a long month.