I’ve been watching OUAT and be a very quiet Rumbeller for so long, but I never write anything on tumblr (even I check and read it everyday cause I think that I’m not good at English). Today I just wanna say, to all Rumbeller out there, that I love Rumple and Belle so much. There are many people who love them and want them to be happy and I’m one of them. 

I have to thank Belle for giving me some courage as she said “Do the brave thing, and bravery will follow”. And as a Dearie, I love Rumple unconditionally because of his layers between good and evil. 

I hope this little confession will make other Rumbeller smile. 

Love you Rumbelle and all of Rumbeller 


“Do you really think she’ll help us?”

  • Gold:I'm back. You got the boy?
  • Maleficent:Yeah. Where were you?
  • Gold:Stealing back my dagger from my wife in a magical disguise and swearing trust oaths with her. Oh, and I got some inside info about her new boyfriend while I was there too.
  • Maleficent:
  • Gold:What?
  • Maleficent:I'm just picturing the conversation that's gonna' have to happen if you expect any kind of happy ending with this woman and I'm wondering how I can score tickets to watch.

Once Upon a Time (Rumpelstiltskin): Best Laid Plans (S4E17)