Fan Favorites

After going through the entire series of The Powerpuff Girls, I have finally figured out my top ten favorite episodes. Here they are and my reasons for loving them:

1. Meet the Beat-Alls

  • This episode is undoubtedly one of the most creative the crew ever made for this show. With the numerous references, inside jokes, and puns to the Beatles and their music, this is why “Meet the Beat-Alls” has always been one of my all-time favorite episodes of The Powerpuff Girls. It also connects to the fact that I am a huge fan of the Beatles myself. One of my favorite lines is when the Mayor tells the girls that the Beat-Alls are on the rooftops destroying the city, and that “they just won’t let it be!” XD

2. Mr. Mojo’s Rising

  • Mojo Jojo has always been my favorite villain on The Powerpuff Girls. One of my reasons is because of his backstory and how he is connected to the girls, which is partly revealed in this episode. It is just so ironic that the girls’ archenemy is also indirectly responsible for their creation in the first place!

3. The Rowdyruff Boys

  • I really love this episode because I love the concept of the girls battling male equivalents of themselves. You have the girls who are good, and then the boys who are bad. Also, due to the fact that both teams consist of three super-powered children, the boys seem to be the true match to the girls, rather than all of the villains they have faced before.

4. The Boys Are Back in Town

  • I love this episode so much because it features the Rowdyruff Boys’ official return to the series. After they were originally destroyed, I never thought the boys would have a chance of coming back, or even avoid a second destruction if they did. But I think the boys had become so popular since their debut episode that fans requested they be brought back. So they were, but the crew managed to do more with them this time, such as them being incapable of being destroyed like before.

5. Oops, I Did It Again

  • One reason why I like this episode is because it doesn’t have any crime-fighting and focuses on the Professor. After being told that all of his greatest creations were made accidentally (include the Powerpuff Girls themselves), he dreams about having made normal little girls as originally planned. In the end, he realizes that he likes himself the way he is, even if he only invents things accidentally.

6. Not So Awesome Blossom

  • Blossom is my favorite Powerpuff Girl, even though she has her moments of being bossy, vain, and a show-off. Still, her tactical, logical, practical nature is what makes her a great leader. But this episode shows that being the brains and leader can be somewhat stressful for her since she always wants to succeed and takes it hard when she fails.

7. Knock It Off

  • In this episode, Dick Hardly, a former roommate of the Professor, creates numerous Powerpuff Girls knock-offs called The Powerpuff Girls Xtreme and sends them all around the globe. My real favorite part of the episode comes near the end, when Professor confesses his love to the girls after Dick captures them. Professor’s words turn the knock-offs against Dick, since he never gave them love. Professor’s love for them revives the girls, and he tells them that, while Dick used the correct formula to make his own girls, they weren’t the same because he did not include love when he made them.

8. Makes Zen to Me

  • This is my favorite episode about Buttercup because it shows her softer side, which is rarely seen during the series. She is known for being the toughest fighter and likes to keep up her image as that. Buttercup often denies when she has a problem and doesn’t always like to admit it when she is wrong. I particularly like it when she finally admits about how she needs to change, because she’s finally admitting the truth to herself. And by doing so, she is showing maturity within herself; she is not being weak.

9. Bubblevicious

  • Almost as an opposite of the previously mentioned episode, this is my favorite episode about Bubbles. Before this, Bubbles has been shown to be the kindest, sweetest, and most sensitive Powerpuff Girl, which has made people believe that she is the group’s weak link. But in this episode, she proves that she isn’t a pushover just because she is the kindest of the girls. She can be and is tough and strong as her sisters are, which is proven when she manages to defeat Mojo all by herself.

10. Aspirations

  • This is the third and final episode to feature Sedusa as the main villain (in her most villainous role) after a near-four season absence. Since her debut episode, she lived up to her name by being a seductress and being like Medusa, due to the rhyming names and the fact that she could maneuver her hair like whips. When she last appeared, it was implied that Sedusa had her hair cut off. Revealed to be bald here, she temporarily gains snakes for hair when she dons three magical Egyptian artifacts. This is all part of her scheme to take revenge on the Powerpuff Girls.

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