Mr heavenly

BAND OF THE DAY #90 - Mister Heavenly

Indie Rock veterans Nick Thorburn of Islands/The Unicorns, Ryan Kattner from Man Man, and Joe Plummer, Modest Mouse drummer have joined forces to create Mister Heavenly. They only have three ground rules a) Keep it short; b) Keep it simple; and c) Keep it rooted in some semblance—harmonic, lyrical—of classic doo-wop. They toured with Passion Pit towards the end of 2011, after releasing their debut “Out of Love” on Sub Pop Records, bringing along adorable Canadian actor Micheal Cera as touring bassist. Their playful spirit is evident but their collaboration of contrasting vocals and captivating guitar hooks will make this project one to remember. Stream “Pineapple Girl” here or watch the delightfully boisterous video for “Bronx Sniper” below.

Mister Heavenly - Bronx Sniper from Ravenhouse LTD. on Vimeo.

Angela S.

Let’s get busy with episode #53 of Smoky Mountain Wrestling - “wrestling the way it used to be and the way you like it!” Tim Horner squares off with the Dark Secret! Smoky Mountain is opening up a wrestling training school for all of you who want to get in the ring and test your mettle! “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff has something to say about ol’ White Lightning after his match! Commissioner Bob Armstrong is currently visiting Japan, where he hopes to recruit some new talent for Smoky Mountain Wrestling! Prime Time Brian Lee recaps the various incidents that have taken place between himself and Kevin Sullivan before announcing that they will have a first blood match in February! Sullivan destroys Johnny Kidd! Evil Sullivan also has words about his time in Smoky Mountain so far! Dutch Mantel interviews Reno Riggins and Ron Wright, in which Riggins decides to turn down Wright’s gracious offering of managerial services! Ron Wright is beside himself and goes nuts, nearly attacking Reno while in a wheelchair! Apparently refuting Wright is against the law according to him! Tracy Smothers defends the Smoky Mountain television title against Brad Batten! The Stud Stable are supposed to challenge the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for the tag team championship, but they have yet to arrive at the arena! Jim Cornette manages to convince Smoky Mountain GM Sandy Scott to give the match to the Heavenly Bodies since they haven’t shown up! Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden get there in the middle of the match, claiming that someone flattened their tires! I smell Cornette and those damned Heavenly Bodies all over this! Bobby Eaton makes his Smoky Mountain debut by making his presence known during the match! 


Get ready for the 51st episode of Smoky Mountain Wrestling from January of 1993! This is Smoky Mountain’s first brand-new episode of the year! Dirty White Boy and manager Ron Wright arrive to talk about the White Boy’s participation in today’s TV title tournament! He doesn’t want the title because he is the Smoky Mountain heavyweight champion, but he DOES want the $1000 that comes with every win! Reno Riggins also shows up on the scene to inform Wright that he will need more time to consider his offer of managerial services! Dutch Mantel interviews “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, in which he insults a young Tim Horner fan! Horner bursts onto the scene to stand up for the kid and teaches Mr. Wonderful a lesson! Here are the rules for the four corners elimination match that will determine Smoky Mountain’s television champion - every man for himself! Tags can be made to any wrestler! Pinfalls mean you are eliminated! The last man standing is the winner! Dirty White Boy, Tracy Smothers, Jimmy Golden, and Killer Kyle will all go at it to see who will become the very first Smoky Mountain television champion! We go to recorded footage of a locker room altercation between the Heavenly Bodies and the Stud Stable! Jim Cornette and the Bodies have something to say about that as well! Commissioner Bob Armstrong shows up during the interview to announce that there will be a tag team title match on TV in two weeks! He will decide who the number one contenders are in the meantime! Armstrong also informs Tom Prichard that he will be launching an investigation to see if one of his wrestling boots is actually being used as an illegal foreign object! Kevin Sullivan takes on the Mongolian Stomper in the main event! The Stomper enters the ring to the tune of John Carpenter’s theme song from Halloween and that rules! Both the Nightstalker and Prime Time Brian Lee make their presence known!