Hollywood Today Live talks to the DWTS season 24 cast – week 1

Season 24 Revised Predictions

So last night didn’t really change my rankings too much. But two people in particular made a lasting first impression. And it will definitely help them out.

12. Chris and Witney
11. Erika and Gleb
10. Mr. T and Kym
9. Charo and Keo

So Chris stays the same. As I said yesterday, I think he’s pretty much a lock for being the first eliminated. Erika really blended in last night and she needed to stand out. So unless Gleb really changes up his choreo and makes her shine next week, they won’t make it too much further. I think Mr. T will be able to make it through the first couple of eliminations. But based on what we saw last night, I don’t think he can go much further. He’s not that great of a dancer. Kym might be able to get him to last a week longer, but unless I see him a huge change in his dances, he won’t be around too long either. Charo is my wildcard in this group. I think last night was great for her and Keo. Keo can really use her personality to get them to go far. And Charo actually can remember and execute choreography. And I think with more attention to detail, she could be a decent dancer and make it far. So she moved up to 9th but I honestly believe that she could go further and be the potential spoiler of the season.

8. Nick and Peta
7. Heather and Maks
6. Bonner and Sharna
5. Normani and Val

I think Nick came off really well last night. He’s got natural talent and he’s committed to this competition. I think he has the best attitude of any Bachelor that we’ve had. The issue here is that he is not super entertaining when he’s on the dancefloor. Heather is staying in the same place because the ringer thing is going to cause people to not vote for her. And as Maks showed last night, he’s not up to the task of creating an amazing piece of work for someone of her ability to do. She could have danced something that we’ve never seen before. But they didn’t and that will be an issue. Bonner has potential. And I think Sharna will be able to bring it everything together in the next couple of weeks. He could potentially snatch a spot in the top 4 from someone else. But for now, it seems likely that he is set for a sixth place finish. Looking back on the night, Normani was a bit of a disappointment. Most of that falls on Val for not doing her any justice with his lackluster choreography. I also find this partnership to be just a tad off. As CAI said, they’re not really dancing as a couple. They’re dancing as two individuals. I’m not sure if they can fix that, but with the way my top 4 seem to be doing, there is no room for any flaws within the partnership itself. They need to be on the same page.

4. Nancy and Artem
3. David and Lindsay
2-1. Simone and Sasha and Rashad and Emma

Nancy takes a step down to no fault of her own. I think she and Artem had a great showing last night. She seems super nice and down to earth. She has great quality of movement and Artem seems to be really invested. This is the first time that I’ve seen a partnership like this for Artem. I think they could get top 4 as long as Artem keeps her from getting in her head and he gives her challenging dances that she executes beautifully. David shot up to 3rd place because he did a great job last night. He definitely was better than I expected. He is super charming also and someone that the general audience will gravitate to and vote for. And Lindsay has yet to disappoint me, so I think these two will be there until the end. I have Simone and Rashad at 1st and 2nd. I’m not sure who will get what place, but it doesn’t matter. They both showed up and showed out last night. Both are really good. And I don’t think either one will let up. Sasha and Emma seem up for the challenge as well. So I think those two are going to be our top 2, barring any funny business from TPTB.

Those are my revised predictions. Let me know your thoughts, and I will talk to you all soon!

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 PREMIERE!!!! recap

Yay! It’s mid march and that always means DWTS IS BACK and once again, I come home after work or classes to look at a lot of glitter, regardless of the Mark Ballas-shaped hole in my heart.

This was supposed to be their 400th episode? You wouldn’t guess it, since it just seemed like any other premiere episode. The opening concept wasn’t their best, but it was something new, and that I Wanna Dance With Somebody/Someone Who Can Dance mashup was hot. Because I read spoilers before I watched the show, I’ll say that if you rewatch, you’ll notice each celeb’s little opening portion clued us in to how good they would be.

Normani Kordei and Val - Quickstep Normani is from the girl group Fifth Harmony that recently became more accurately described as Fourth Harmony. She has a cute speaking voice! And used to watch DWTS with her grandma. I liked the jazzy moves she was doing at the start but yes it took a while to start. Also her footwork was weird at times (but good at other times) and she was leaning forward when they were in hold. She has potential though. 7-6-7-7 T27 Val said something about “lowering his average” and I think he meant it in jest, referring to Grandma’s Log Book of Everybody’s Scores, but dude that sounds wrong, it should be Normani’s average that counts.

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem - Viennese Waltz Nancy is a former Olympic figure skater who got injured at one point, but still pulled through to get a medal. Her abilities include minimal freaking out when confronted by a shirtless zamboni rider. Like Normani her footwork was kinda hit and miss, but she has BEAUTIFUL lines, which Artem made sure to highlight. Also she and Artem look great in royal blue. 7-7-7-7 T28

Chris Kattan and Witney - Cha cha Chris is an actor and comedian most well known for his roles on Saturday Night Live - which Witney does not watch (and neither do I, unless it’s Kylo Ren on undercover boss). Also he broke his NECK (!!!!!!) before, which gives him some coordination issues. He gave us a GREAT show. I love how WItney added the quirky head thing to the dance. Actual dancing though…… Poor guy, he looked kinda sad with his scores. Nice to see the cast being supportive though. 5-4-4-4 T17 but he gets a twenty for making everyone ache with laughter

Bonner Bolton and Sharna - Cha cha Bonner is a professional bullrider who about a year ago had a horrible accident leaving him paralyzed for some time. Is Sharna the go-to pro for Good Looking Survivors Of Fatal Injuries™️? That said, Bonner is no James Hinchcliffe (RETURN ME MY CUTE CHARISMATIC CANADIAN PLEASE) and he seemed to be unsure of his moves. I can see him becoming a late frontrunner. Also, showmance warning. 6-5-5-6 T22

Charo and Keo - Salsa I’m not sure I understand half of what Charo says, but she is hilarious! Also I had no idea who this “pop culture icon” is - way to make me feel young and immature. The dance style fit her perfectly. She seems to know the steps, but needs to really get the technique and styling. Also she screams a lot. No wonder Keo had a season off - he had to prepare for this. 6-5-5-5 T21

Nick Viall and Peta - Cha cha So, I’m not the biggest fan of Bachelors or Bachelorettes being on the show. I think The Bachelor itself is a stupid show. Also this season didn’t seem to end well for fans. But Nick seems like a nice guy. Also welcome back Peta!!! Hope you get your abs back and also don’t burn yourself out as a NEW MUM. Nick was actually not bad! His limbs were a bit messy but he knew his choreography and kept on time. 6-6-6-6 T24

Heather Morris and Maks - Viennese Waltz Heather was Brittany Pierce (and a dance coach) on Glee, and former Beyonce backup dancer, so we all knew this would be good. Yes it was good, very smooth, very nice. Heather also looks really nice in yellow. I don’t really get CAI’s comment about personality. Hello Maks “I’m a father now” Chmerkovskiy, hope you don’t stress yourself out too. 7-7-7-7 T28

Also we had this amazing conversation that I have abridged for you:

Maks: I know my kid is cute but he is my kid too can I share half the votes for the kids

Erin: yeah because you carried it and gave birth right?


Erin: Hello I love my job of making fun of my ex-partner

David Ross and Lindsay - Quickstep David is a newly retired MLB player who recently won the world series with the Chicago Cubs so naturally, he is paired with our go-to field sports athlete pro Lindsay. Another one with an enjoyable personality, David put on a decent performance. He stayed level throughout - totally worth skipping spring training. The song wasn’t the best for the style though. 7-7-7-7 T28

Erika Jayne and Gleb- Salsa Erika is a singer and Real Housewife of Beverley Hills, and she comes across as very conceited but she’s also quite quotable - “Who doesn’t wake up wanting to win in life?” She has a point. And she brought a UNICORN on stage. I don’t think it was too raunchy - maybe it would have been if she had better hip movement and she was a better dancer. There wasn’t too much salsa content but Erika was another good performer. And ABC, Gleb isn’t your resident sexpot. He is MARRIED for god’s sake. 6-6-6-6 T24 I don’t think that was as good as Nick, honestly. In response, Erika simply fires a fake bill gun. Uno Attack must be dying to get its hands on that.

Rashad Jennings and Emma - Cha cha Rashad is a football player who is poised to join our list of Surprisingly Good Football Players. Holyy crap, he can move! Although I didn’t see his hip action from rehearsal translate entirely into the dance, but it was definitely the best dance at this point. And Emma! Good to see you again. 8-7-8-8 T31

Mr T and Kym - Cha cha Mr T is a film star from Rocky III and The A Team, amongst others. Also the first person who danced with live vocal effects. He seems very dedicated and determined to do well. You can tell he is trying is very hard. Nice hearing him talk about working with kids. Tough Guy With Heart always goes well with the audience. As an aside, Kym Herjavec, formerly Kym Johnson, one of many reasons why DWTS is a better is a better match making show than The Bachelor. 5-5-5-5 T20

Simone Biles and Sasha - Tango can I just say - DREAM TEAM!!!!! Thank you of fulfilling my dream of seeing Sasha tumbling alongside a gymnast. We all know Simone - artistic gymnasts, Olympian, lots of medals, even more cute giggles. This was another Electro Tango With Lasers. At least their costumes weren’t black to make it Dark Edgy Electro Tango With Lasers, which we usually see. There wasn’t as much attack as I expected, but it was a good dance nonetheless. Great technique was expected and Simone delivered. 8-8-8-8 T32