Solipsist by Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins’ Solipsist is a poetic testament on the candid and ferocious feelings of pain the human soul feels deep within their body. A memoir composed in a poetic and lyrical prose, Rollins narrates the depressing late nights of an insomniac, the diary of heartbroken soul, and the tales of a tortured artist or philosopher looking for self-affirmation and love simultaneously. 

“I saw the word Solipsist while reading the dictionary in 1993. I was living
in NYC at the time and the word defined how the city made me feel. I worked
on this book in several cities all over the world until 1996. The writing is
obsessive and claustrophobic. To be solipsistic is to totally realize the ego
and the nightmare of utter self-possession. I went for it and it swallowed me

Although Solipsist is considered a memoir, it functions like a meditation on the human machinery of hurt.

Rollins prose’ is cut-throat, edgy, cynical, yet optimistic. His ideas and feelings are raw. This is an authentic, edgy self-help text. Although it doesn’t follow the conventional standards of a self-help book like Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, it tells the truth. Rollins is a true philosopher who seeks inner enlightenment. Although he sulks in negativity, he knows what must be done and said to clean himself from pain. 

If you are having a difficult moment in life and need some faith in humanity and someone to relate to, open Solipsist. This will ease your soul, but make your heart scream. 

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