BTS reacting to another guy touching your boobs. [SMUT]

Kim Seokjin:
When he notices the guy touching you from afar, he’d become jealous at first and want to stay away but when he realises how uncomfortable you are, he’d quickly come over and push the guy away from you before taking your hand into his.

“Don’t touch what you can never have”

Kim Namjoon:
He’d immediately become protective of you and feel the anger rise inside of him. Out of instinct, he’d push the guy away from you with force before pushing him against the wall behind him and leaning in closer.

“You should watch where you put your fucking hands or I’ll teach you.”

Min Yoongi:
When the guy starts grabbing your boobs against your loud protest, he’d quickly come over and pull the guy away by his shoulders, pushing him to the ground by his forceful move. He’d kneel down next to him and look at him in disbelief.

“If you got a death wish you should have just asked instead of being so disrespectful towards my girl.”

Jung Hoseok:
He’d pull you away from the guy instead of causing a scene and ask you if you’re alright first. When he realises how shocked you are by this guy’s moves, he’d turn towards him in frustration and start yelling at him.

“Did your mother never teach you how to be respectful towards women?”

Park Jimin:
He’d be speechless when he sees the guy touching what’s meant to be for him only and wouldn’t be able to hold back. He’d swap the guy’s hand away and just stare at him in silence, shielding your body with his.

“I mean, do you even realize why you never get laid?”

Kim Taehyung:
He’d really try to keep his calm as he pulls you away from the man and ask you if you’re hurt at first before insisting on the club manager to call the police and have them sort this out for him.

“I can’t believe he even dared.” He’d moan on the way home and it wouldn’t leave his mind for a really long time, causing him to become more protective of you.

Jeon Jungkook:
He wouldn’t be able to hold back and his manners would be thrown out the window once he sees the guy laying a hand on you. He would push the guy away from you and hit him hard, causing the guy to fall to the ground. Jungkook would then turn to you, making sure you’re okay.

“This shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve stayed with you. I’m sorry baby.”

Love, Youngmi~

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seungkwan + eating out !!


If Seungkwan’s lips were, without exception, always soft on your lips, one can only imagine just how soft and amazing they felt on your clit as he kissed it time after time, each gentle press of them causing you to let out a gasp.

“Does it feel good?” he asked a bit unsurely, blowing lightly on your wetness, and looked up to your face, only to be met with sheer pleasure. You gave him a smile and stroked his hair.

“Really good, baby,” you said reassuringly and cupped his cheek a little. “Keep going, you’re doing perfectly.”

He smiled proudly, almost smugly, even, and let his eyes flutter shut as he returned to the task at hand. His tongue was wet as it began moving up and down your slit, exploring your lower lips and teasing your entrance before moving up to your nub that he circled almost teasingly.

Your back began arching at the latest when you felt Seungkwan moving his tongue quickly over your already swollen, sensitive bundle of nerves, knowing full well what he was doing. Suddenly it was like he had none of the uncertainty left in him; he was going for it.

“Seungkwan,” you breathed, your hands grasping the sheets on your sides, and you got a hum from your boyfriend. He switched to long licks, savoring every taste of you that he got and taking mental note of what spots they were, exactly, that had you whimpering quietly, so that he’d know to focus on them in the future. (He did it every time, but by the next time he ate you out, some of the knowledge had always left him.)

“Yes, baby,” he murmured into you and moved his hands from your hips, where they had been for a while, to hold your hands while his tongue continued moving on you and making you gasp for air. You intertwined your fingers and held onto him tightly as your chest rose and fell at a fast pace, the knot in the pit of your stomach tightening with every little flick of his tongue on your clit.

Seungkwan wrapped his lips around your nub gently, his tongue pressing into it and sliding against it, and there was something about that that had you bucking your hips into his mouth as your orgasm began washing over you. Your lips were parted into a silent cry and your hands were holding Seungkwan’s tightly, and once the most intense part of your orgasm was over, you panted heavily.

He lapped at your release almost desperately, his hips slowly grinding into the mattress underneath; he had never been good at remaining calm and collected while making you feel so good. 

Slowly, you opened your eyes and looked down at him, smiling brightly up at you with his mouth shiny with your release. A soft chuckle left your lips as you opened your arms and beckoned him to come up to kiss you, and as soon as he did, you wrapped your legs around him, pulling him down and kissing him passionately.

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Hurry Up

Notes- This one is pretty short. You’re studying for finals week and Tate wants your attention. It’s a little fluffy. 

Words- 455

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 It’s finals week and you had everything laid out on your bed around you. You were currently working on making flashcards for your history class. As you moved to scrawl down a definition, your book slammed shut. Your stack of index cards moved away from you and you felt a cold hand on your cheek. Tate appeared just as he leaned down to place a soft kiss on your forehead. “Someone wants attention,” you said as you raised your eyebrow.

 “We haven’t spent any time together all weekend,” Tate protested.

“I’m sorry, I just really need to study. I have finals soon and I promise after that I’ll spend time with you.” Tate sighed and sat next to you on your bed. You knew it hurt his feelings when you didn’t spend time with him. He only got to talk to you and the other ghosts in the house. Sometimes he would pretend to show up at your house and knock on your front door. Tate would then talk to your parents and act as though he was still alive so they wouldn’t bother you about dating him or anyone else. You turned your head to the side and pushed your lips against his. His hand made it’s way through your hair is the kiss deepened. You wrapped your arms around his neck and fell against his body. He made his way down kissing and biting at your neck and collarbone. “Tate, we need to stop. I have to study.”

“But baby,” Tate whined. You gathered your book and index cards back up and began to look for my things to write down. You played music on your phone softly in the background. Tate started going through the books on your shelf and carefully looked over each one. “I don’t understand why you care so much about school,” Tate said.

“Because if I don’t do well in school I can’t get a good  job that I’ll actually like seeing and my parents would constantly complain and wouldn’t let me have a boyfriend.”

“So,I’ll always be here. Just let them bitch about it all they want.”  

 “ You know I could done faster if you helped me write some of this down,” you picked another pen up and threw it in Tate’s direction. He caught it and said,” Okay, what do you want me to write down.” You picked up your English book and a stack of index cards. “Just write down definitions and stuff.” You gave him a quick kiss on the lips before going back to writing down stuff. “ I honestly don’t think I’ve ever studied this hard and I’m just mindlessly writing shit down for you.” You giggled to yourself at Tate’s comment.

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I was at a small shop after work, pretty late at night. Couple people are standing near the registers so I queue behind them before thinking to ask if they're in line. Nope, and there's someone behind me, so I move down to the now open register. As I walk, the other person starts speedwalking, trying to pass me? No bitch, that isn't how lines work. I set out my stuff and when the cashier takes them, lady slams her shit down and starts curse mumbling. Like holy shit it's 9:30 PM you can wait.

Damn bitch


Okay. So, I’ve never really done this but I thought hey why not? These are some old examples of my pastel portraits and ill be posting some updated ones soon! Times have been a bit sketchy and I’m trying to make some extra cash! So you know, I’m not restricting requests to just pastel, I’m open to any form of media! Point of all this, I’m opening myself up for commissions! Any subject is fine, personally I love portraits but I’m down to move out my comfort zone and ill give you the absolute best of me! Prices have yet to be determined but I’ll post em up soon! Thanks for the time! Hit me up!!

“you need to lie down, yura,” otabek says.

“i don’t want to,” comes the waspish retort.

yuri can be grumpy, as a general rule, but he’s exceedingly so when he’s ill. yuri is a hurricane-large personality, squeezed into human form, and he doesn’t have time to be sick; he has so much to offer the world and in a limited time. so when he comes down with sickness, he’s almost overbearingly petulant, and his mood is never any flavour but sour. 

otabek sighs lightly. “well, you certainly can’t get up and make it worse for yourself.”

“i know that,” yuri snaps, fever-bright eyes narrowed with irritation. he’s not making eye contact.

otabek sighs again. “want me to put on a movie for you?” he bends down, squatting at the side of the bed. “work with me, yura,” he says softly,  searching the stubborn face before him with patient eyes.

yuri looks at him for a second or two, his lip trembling. a brief moment of vulnerability, before his eyebrows furrow, and his expression shutters. his gaze flits off to the side again, but the edges of his scowl are softer, somehow. in a grudging tone, he mutters, “fine.” yuri tucks the blankets around himself a little more securely. “but i get to choose the movie, and you have to watch it with me, and - and you can’t complain.”

otabek smiles, then, a proper smile, and brushes his fingers lightly through yuri’s sweat-damp hair. “not a word,” he promises.

if yuri’s cheeks, flushed from illness, burn a little warmer at his touch, neither of them comment on it.

I miss you. That doesn’t change. It’ll never change. No matter how much I seem to ‘move on’, I will never stop missing you.
—  another-broken-hello

reading that kara and lena will “grow closer” worries me because what if they are tricking us and make lena evil?? and i think in a lot of ways that would make the show lose a lot of validity because it’s not interesting or surprising to make a luthor evil.  instead have lena stay good. keep her as this amazing ceo who continually proves people wrong about her family’s reputation.

regardless of ships and whether or not kara and lena become canon, lena luthor should not become evil or be revealed as a villain for shock value.  a luthor/supergirl dynamic (even just as friends) is so interesting and wasting it would be a shame

so @ supergirl writers: DON’T MAKE LENA LUTHOR A VILLAIN 

I realized, I was crying over someone who simply didn’t care. I’m finally moving on. Although you did teach me one thing, to never hold on to someone who isn’t holding on to you. As for me, I know better, as for you, you lost a person who actually cared.

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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf