The cat is all good no need to stress I no longer feel like crying. Vets are places of Bad Energy, like pools and oceans. but there are many cute dogs. kitty needs surgery tomorrow,so she has a cone, but she’s moving fine even if she’s high af off painkillers

Imagine Wade & Peter getting turned on by you.

“Really Wade!” You yelped bending down onto the ground, “I just cleaned this damn place up!”

Wade snickered next to you, throwing a thumbs up to Peter. It was movie night and the three of you were watching Amityville Horror, much to Wade’s dismay. He wanted to watch the Saw movie, but Peter protested, saying it was “too much” for him. So mid way through the movie when you were snuggled between the two men,Wade decided to scare you. Suddenly during an intense moment in the movie, Wade grabbed you by the shoulders, making you scream and on pure natural instinct, you threw the bowl of popcorn forward. Sending popcorn everywhere and causing Peter to roar in laughter. Groaning you reach down for the bowl and move down to the floor. You quickly gather all the popcorn, crawling around to make sure you got every last one. But then you see there are a few under the tv stand, so on all fours you try reaching for the popcorn. What you don’t realize is that you had just put yourself in a compromising position. Your ass was sticking up in the air, while you tried grabbing the remaining kettle.

“Jesus, look at that ass Peter,” Wade leaned over and whispered into the man’s ear. Peter tried to advert his eyes, but it was far too late.

“Imagine that ass on your lap,” Wade continued, his mask brushing against Peter’s ear.

“Shut up Wade,” he warned, shifting in his seat. The hero couldn’t tell, but under his mask Wade’s eyes had wandered to Peter’s crotch.

“Doesn’t take much huh, baby boy?”

Peter blushed profusely, grabbing a throw pillow and placing it over his lap.

Finally you stood up in victory, holding up the bowl to show the two men.

“I got it all,” smirking you noticed both men had pillows pressed against their laps.

“What did I miss?” You questioned, placing the bowl on the coffee table.

“Your delicious ass that’s what,” Wade exclaimed before pointing over to Peter, “And Spidey over here popping a boner.”

Peter turned red, fumbling to get words out, but you just laughed quickly taking your place back in between the men.

“Well, Ryan Reynolds kinda sucks in this movie, so how about I help you out with that Peter?” You removed the pillow from his lap, tossing it toward Wade. Peter’s face turned about ten shades redder, before taking your hand in his.

“HEY, HEY! I HAVE A BONER TOO!” Wade whined, chucking both pillows away from him and jumping in between Peter and you.

“I declare movie night over, last person to the bedroom is a rotten egg !” You yelled, laughing with Peter as Wade skipped to the bedroom.

Solangelo get caught making out

Will pushed Nico aggresively against the locked door of cabin 13 and pressed his lips on to Nico’s. Will bit Nico’s lower lip asking for entrance to his mouth. Nico moaned and gave in, letting Will dominate the kiss. Nico grinded his hips into Will’s making Will want him even more. Will’s hands moved down to grab Nico’s ass just as Nico put his hands on the back of Will’s neck to push his lips harder onto him. They were both moaning pretty loudly and Nico guides them over to the bed, straddling Will’s hips. Will moaned and Nico growled turning Will on so much.

Somebody knocked loudly on the door, startling the boys and making them break away from their kiss breathlessly.

“Who is that?” Nico asked Will and Will replied with a shrug.

“Hey!” Shouted the person on the other side of the door while the knocking continued. “Nico! You ok, man? I heard some loud noises coming from here.” Nico recognised the voice as Percy’s.

“What do I do?!” Nico whispered to Will.

“Who says you have to do anything?” Will answered missing down Nico’s neck and making him whimper.

“Get off Will,” I need to answer the door.

“No.” Will replied with a growl.

The knocks wouldn’t subside. “Nico! If you don’t open this door right now I will knock it down.”

Nico didn’t have time to think of what to do before the door came crashing open and Percy came in the room with Jason following swiftly behind him.

Percy noticed the two boys on the bed. Nico was straddling Will and both of them were topless.

A smirk spread across Percy’s face and he began to laugh. “Oh sorry about that guys,” he said while doubling over with laughter. Jason was grinning at them and gave a thumbs up to Nico. Both Nico and Will were blushing terribly and Nico hid his face in the crook of Will’s neck.

Percy was still laughing and Jason began to drag him out of the cabin. “Make sure to use protection!” Percy called behind him and started cracking up even harder.

“Oh my god.” Nico groaned as the door shut. He’ll never be able to face them again.

Ichabod continues to want to hang out on Gwen’s cage all the time–he goes over there pretty much as soon as I let him out, and gets upset when he thinks I’m going to take him away. He isn’t misbehaving up there (no sexual displays, not pestering her (mostly))–I think he just likes being near her. And she doesn’t seem to mind at all, so I’m inclined to leave them be (as long as her door is closed so he can’t get in). She has this whole play top area that she obviously never uses, so hey, maybe Ich can.

My main concern was that he wasn’t eating while over there, so I kept bringing him snacks, but then I discovered that his food dish fits right in the little holder! He hasn’t ventured up there yet, and the ladder I added was Pretty Scary at first. I moved his dish down and he went for it, (almost threw it over a few times -____- ). Maybe he’ll use the play top area eventually lol!

3.7 Liability [7/11]

She leaned against a tree her chest heaving as she tried to gulp oxygen into deflated lungs. She had never ran so far or so long in her life. Looking around her surroundings she tried to decipher where she was or ascertain Fredrick’s location. She couldn’t hear anything above the sounds of her own breathing and pounding heart. All she wanted to do was sit down but she had to keep moving. If she sat down she’d never get up. She had to keep going sooner or later she was bound to come across a road or a house, people, something.

A branch snapped in the distance. A muffled curse. He was coming. What direction was he coming from? She tried to figure it out but everything was foreign, alien to her, having lost all concept of direction. For all she knew she could be running in circles around that miserable shack she had run from.

One thing was clear though, she couldn’t stay here. She took off in what she hoped was the opposite direction of her pursuer, hoping that it would lead her somewhere she could find help. She pressed a hand to her aching side as she put one foot after the other. The looming trees and thick underbrush blocked out the light as the sky grew darker and she knew it would soon be too dark to see.

Already she was running into branches, leaving behind strands of hair that had become snarled in the leaves. She stumbled over a moss-covered log, dirt and pebbles burrowed into her palms as she braced herself from falling. Looking up she realized she was in a clearing, a little house lay just down the road. Maybe someone was home. She could use their phone. Call for help.

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He's within my grasp. I see him standing from afar, taunting me. Caterpillar Choro. Just as I'm about the reach for him, he blows smoke in my face and leaves me blinded. Tears form in the corners of my eyes and I try to gain back the moisture. He's a littler farther now, but still attainable; that is until I see something in the corner of my eye. The retired gatcha, it's back, back to taunt me once more. I fought the temptation last time, but I waver, not knowing what to make my next move. Help.

You lie down and look at your life, look at your choices… and then go to sleep
Privatizing airports a flight risk: McQuaig | Toronto Star
If the federal Liberals go ahead with the plan it will only hurt consumers and make businesses richer

If you’re a hen, you probably don’t want to hear that the farmer has hired a fox to advise it on better ways to run the henhouse.

Similarly, if you’re a Canadian air traveler, you probably won’t be pleased to learn the Trudeau government has hired a major investment bank — which specializes in privatization — for advice as it ponders the pros and cons of privatizing Canada’s major airports.

Turning our airports into profit-making business ventures will almost certainly drive up the costs for air travellers, and the government insists that it has not yet made the controversial decision to proceed.

But the fact it’s seeking advice from Credit Suisse, a giant investment bank with fingers deep into the privatization business, suggests Ottawa has already moved well down that road.

Certainly, Zurich-based Credit Suisse has for the past decade been a major global player in the lucrative business of privatizing government infrastructure, including airports. Indeed, in 2009, Credit Suisse bought Gatwick Airport in the U.K., through a joint venture with General Electric. Credit Suisse also recently indicated an interest in advising the Russian government on its plans to privatize some major Russian state-owned enterprises.

So the Trudeau government, which has asked Credit Suisse to report back before the end of the year, can count on an earful of advice about the wonderful benefits of airport privatization.

But while selling our airports would mean hundreds of millions of dollars in profits for the banks and law firms involved in the deals, aviation authorities say Canadian air travellers would face higher costs to cover corporate profits.

In a joint article published this week, Mark Laroche, CEO of Ottawa International Airport Authority, and Craig Richmond, CEO of Vancouver Airport Authority, dismissed the notion that privately owned airports would manage to make profits simply by, for instance, “selling more lattes.”

Instead, Laroche and Richmond insisted passengers could expect higher parking costs, airport improvement fees, cuts in cleaning staff and the end of services such as free Wi-Fi. […]

“You’re right you wouldn’t have been my first choice,” She admitted, “but somehow Han you knew this…but instead of giving into the fact you weren’t the man I dreamed of, you did anything and everything to fight for me without knowing who I was and unsure if I would ever love you back.” Her hand moved down to grip his chin and lifted his head to look at her. Han’s smile widened at each word he spoke. , “And for that you made me fall in love with you, and every day, I fall even further. You don’t have to worry…because I know if this was some other version of reality and you spotted me across the room at the Tosche station or some any Cantina….you would have done the same….but if you feel we another wedding to validate that feeling I will happily accept.”

Ugh Leia, My feels….the whole Cloud city part is really gonna kill me now

Letting go of somebody you truly love is not like burning a picture or closing a door-

It’s drifting away on a sailboat as they’re forced to stand ashore and watch you leave them.

It’s allowing the lazy current to carry you away as you witness the agony and pain etched on their face.

It’s screaming apologies across the vastness of the ocean even though you know they can no longer hear you.

And it leaves you gazing at the horizon, longing for that shore, wondering if you’ll ever see it again.

—  Z.M. 

kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)