person: are you okay?

me: yeah i’m fine

me: -it’s just that every performance of 18 from otra still has me fucked up..,, harry and louis couldn’t stop singing 18 to each other the first time they performed it at brussels…why did they both look directly at each other during “i wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18” …,,they did that?? how about louis at every other show? moving his mic closer every time harry moved down stage???? or louis’ body doing a complete 180 during his solo so he can sing it looking at harry?? FUCKED. UP.

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Possessive Soldier 76, Reaper, and McCree headcannons/reactions for after someone flirts or kisses their s/o infront of them knowing damn well their taken.


- Jesse McCree is a jealous man. There is no two ways about it

- But he wouldn’t act on it right away

- Watching intently as you stood at the bar ordering a couple drinks and watching as a complete random approached

- It would make him stub out his cigar and saunter across the room, resting his elbows against the bar and just listening

- Chuckling at cheese pick-up lines

- The very second that that they would reach out and caress any part of your body (face, hair, arms, hips…) Jesse would react

- “Whoa, there partner…” Hand moving down to stroke his Peacekeeper threateningly “I’d watch where you put those hands, wouldn’t wanna lose one…”

- The random would make themselves scarce very quickly

- “Smart choice.”

- Wraps his arms around you and presses a very open kiss to your lips, letting everyone in the bar know that you were his


- A very jealous man

- It would take a complete fool to flirt with you whilst Gabriel was around

- But there were some that would push their luck

- After a Talon training session that Gabriel had lead he would watched as a random would approach you, making you laugh and keeping all of your attention to himself

- That would make Gabriel snap

- Wandering across the room and grabbing the random by the throat and lifting him against the wall with darkness glowing in his eyes

- “You must be completely stupid.” He would growl up at the random who was struggling to breathe now

- Then throwing the random to the ground making him splutter and cough

- Gabriel would turn back to you and say. “Extra training. My office. Now.”

- That would be you complete occupied for the rest of the day

Soldier: 76

- It would take an awful lot to work up Jack

- He is very comfortable with knowing that the two of you were in a relationship and very faithful to one another

- But that doesn’t mean Jack isn’t a jealous man

- It would be at a formal event, Jack would be speaking to a politicians

- Across the room you would be sipping at champagne, before a random would approach you

- Jack would be finding it hard to concentrate on the conversation, eyeing you from across the room, pulling on his tight collar before excusing himself

- You would be in the middle of explaining that you were with someone when you would feel Jack’s arm around your waist

- “Yeah, so you better keep moving, punk…”

- It would be too risky for the random to challenge Commander Morrison to anything in the middle of a formal event, so he would just huff and leave

- You would tease. “Were you jealous, Jack?” Only to have him slam a passionate kiss against your lips


Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, Whipped Cream

Word Count: 1539

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Celebration Challenge - Prompt NSFW23

You couldn’t help the grin that spread across your face as you woke up that morning, rolling to face Dean as he slept, the peaceful rise and fall of his chest almost hypnotising as you looked over his features for the millionth time. Reaching out, you lightly traced his brow, round his eye and down to his cheekbone, lingering over the freckles that laid there. He stirred slightly and you moved your hand not wanting to wake him up.

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Problem Solving

Okay just a quick thing for Mindful Education- It shows more in-depth how Ruby and Sapphire deal with problems, and Ruby actually has a better solution. With Ruby, she gets mad, stomps around and makes a fuss, realizes what’s actually happening, then calms down and moves on. Sapphire, on the other hand, hides her emotions and waits until things get so built up until she can’t take it anymore, and Ruby has to come to ‘save her’. Even though the fandom thinks Sapphire is the 'mentally strong’ (IDK what to call it), it’s actually Ruby who solves problems more effectively. Most of the time.

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What has got you feeling down????

I moved into my dorm yesterday and ever since I’ve been having back to back panic attacks, i can’t breathe, I can’t eat without getting sick. I can’t barely find the energy to talk or walk around campus. I don’t know if this is normal homesickness but everyone else in the hall seems perfectly fine and my friends who moved states seem to think something’s wrong with me. They didn’t have this hard of a time I’m the only one breaking. I’m really tempted to call my mom to come get me and accept the enrollment at a school 15 minutes from home instead of 7+ hours. I know I should just give this a chance but I really don’t know. If anyone has advice I’d love to hear it and I’m sorry I rambled off.

Bad news : My friend found out that she has cancer again (breast cancer). It’s the 3rd time for her and she’s only 30.

Good news: she skipped work and we ate pizza and these delicious fucking brownies and got an Australia travel book to keep planning our trip. Because we WILL go to Australia in May !! We also went for a walk after these bad boys and I felt like I could barely move down the street 😂

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I'm moving away to uni in a few weeks and my ex messaged me the other day after two years of no contact, I thought I was over him until we met each other yesterday it was like picking up where we left off. I've dreamed of moving down the country for uni for years and now I'm nervous, scared and don't know how to feel since he has came back into my life, I'm a big fan of your poetry it got me through our breakup but now I don't know how to act or feel when all I want is for him to hug and kiss me

You may love him and right now, he may seem like the right decisions, but believe me, he’s not.

Put it into perspective, you get back together and then leaves you again, how guilty will you feel about blowing off university, for a guy who didn’t even stay.

By leaving and going to university, you’re investing in a future that is far more significant than a guy. This is far more huge. If it’s meant, you’ll find a way to be, despite the distance. And if he’s not, you’re written for someone. There’s some out there, and he could be at university.

‘Vertigo’ - Paige & Emily One-Shot.

I got this idea when Lindsey talked about a supreme good vs a supreme evil and Paige’s role in that, in her interview with EW. It might have also been influenced by the fact that I have just finished watching Quantico. 

I don’t suspect anything like this will happen on the show, but it is one of the ways  I would like to see Paige’s story grow in Rosewood, especially since there isn’t much hope out there for an Emily and Paige endgame. I really just want to see justice for these characters.

“Hold back, Vertigo”, her fellow agent warned whilst pulling her back down out of sight, the pair were hiding behind a parked car in one of the more darkened corners of the street.

“I got this. If we don’t move in soon, we’re going to have more than just one minor causality on our hands, Polo”, she spat back, pushing him away as she moved down the car to get a better view.

“Agent Vertigo, we haven’t got coverage from the rooftop yet, hold back! Don’t go and do something stupid, we can’t risk it at this stage”.

“He’s reaching his breaking point, he’s going to shoot again, only this time, one of them could end up dead. We’re not going to get away with another minor injury, you know that as well as I do”, her voice calm and controlled, but still hinted towards annoyance at her partners doubting words.

“Wait for back-up. That’s the best call, we both know that! I knew you were way too involved in all of this. I knew it was a bad idea from the moment the FBI assigned you on the case”.

“Why are you talking to me as if I’m not the best person for the job, Polo? You know I passed top of my class, you know Detective Tanner personally requested me for this case, because of my relationship to the victims. We’ve worked together before, I saved your life. I am more than capable of handling this kind of situation. You know that!”

“You were, but something changed. You’re close with her again and it’s messing with your focus”.

“I could say that you’re too involved too, don’t belittle me, Polo, at least not by being a fuckin’ hypocrite”, she shot him a warning glare.

“Just don’t mess this up, okay?” his tone a little more sincere this time. “I do care ‘bout you, too, P. I don’t want this to end badly.”

“He’s going to shoot, I can’t hold on any longer. I’m moving in, I can’t risk these girl’s lives anymore”. Her eyes training in, noticing the tension growing in the shooters hand, a visual she was trained to specifically look out for in an active shooter event, it was obvious who he was going to shoot next, the thought enough to render her nauseous.


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PTR industries is a gun manufacturer that was originally based in Connecticut. However, do too ever tightening gun laws PTR Industries moved to down to my home town of Aynor, South Carolina. I live literally 5 minutes away from their current building where they make PTRs.

The PTR SCCR was made in commemoration of the PTRs industries transfer to South Carolina. The rifle Features, a flash hider, H&K navy type polymer trigger group housing, black polymer stock, slimline polymer handguard, welded scope mount, nickel color powdercoat finish, custom barrel engraving showing “We The People” and “Shall Not Be Infringed…”, custom receiver engraving showing Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon, and receiver stamped with PTR’s new South Carolina address.

Caliber: .308 or 7.62 NATO
Action: Delayed Blowback Roller-Lock System
Overall length: 40 ½"
Weight: 9.5 lb
Barrel: 18” match grade bull barrel
Stock: standard fixed stock

Proof That No Ship Is Perfect

Alright since some people seem to think they’re ship is so great and loves bashing on others ships and their issues I’m just gonna point out a few things about the Top 4 Ships in the Fandom to basically show that not every ship is perfect and so that people can stop acting like a ship is too problematic and feel that theirs is not.

I am sorry if this comes off as rude. I don’t really know how it’ll come across as so I wanted to make a small notice before I go into this.


Let’s talk about how in Pluto Farkle indirectly calls Riley stupid.

Let’s talk about how he gave her an ultimatum about her own relationship.

Let’s talk about how Riley who promised not to laugh at his name poked fun at it (Unintentionally but still…).

Let’s talk about how Farkle of all people Mr. Always walked away from Riley and had the nerve to blame Riley for their first day of High School being bad (Are we forgetting he walked away from her while she was crying as well…I know some of you did).

Let’s talk about how Farkle who was also picked on for being himself is/was a part of the Riley Committee.


Let’s talk about how Lucas poked fun of Maya’s homelife

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun of Lucas’s home life and Family

Let’s talk about how Maya didn’t support Lucas’s decision to ride the bull. And then gave him an ultimatium. 

Let’s talk about how Maya dumped a smoothie on Lucas for just simply talking about something important to him. On their First Date which is typical awkward for most already.

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked away from Maya in GMHS


Let’s talk about how Lucas didn’t believe Riley could make the Cheerleading Team. Despite the fact that Riley who had her doubts about the bull still supported him  and had faith he could do it despite past events saying otherwise.

Let’s talk about the fact that Riley wasn’t up front with Lucas during the whole Texas-New Years Debacle (I understand why and while I support it, it was wrong to ignore his feelings)

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked out on Riley in GMHS1 for doing something he has done to her. Why is it when she doesn’t believe he can do something it’s wrong but when he does it it’s a-okay when they were both worrying about the others well being.

Let’s talk about how Lucas calls Riley a loser (And I want so badly to excuse this because I get it was a joke but Reactions are everything)

Let’s talk about how Lucas who is officially Riley’s boyfriend is a part of the Riley Committee (I blame how the episodes air. Either way it’s wrong though so…)


Let’s talk about how Riley takes jabs at Maya/Her home life/Her intelligence

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun at Riley’s intelligence, her personality knowing how insecure the girl is.

Let’s talk about the fact that they always think they know how the other feels and often ignore what the other is actually saying (I.E: Rileytown and Texas) 

Let’s talk about the fact that Maya didn’t support Riley’s decision to try out for the Cheerleading Team and told her she wasn’t good enough (Now I get why she did it and while I find the honesty okay the way the situation was handeled in the beginning  was not okay)

Let’s talk about how Maya is a part of the Riley committee.

Now in no way am I saying any of these ships are Toxic or severely Problematic. What I’m saying is that these pairings, the most popular pairings have their issues as many couples do and the fact that so many people act like their ship is fucking perfect pisses me off because that not only erases canon but gives off unrealistic expectations of relationships. Every couple will have their issues and that is something that can’t really be argued. It’s something that should be looked at and worked on. Instead, people ignore the fu*k out of their ships issues and attack other ships on theirs WTF. I’ll tell you now no ship is perfect, no matter how perfect you think your ship is it isn’t. So can we all just collectively put a stop to this now. 

I really wanted to love you.
I really did but you wouldn’t let me.
I can’t do this anymore.
I’ve tried and tried but you always push me away.
I would like to apologize for giving up on us but I can’t.
I’m exhausted from feeling insignificant.
I would have shown you a different type of love but I have to go now.
I can’t love you if you don’t want my love.
I just wished you would have told me what you wanted.
You were too vague.
I need certainty.
I really don’t want to give up but I am telling myself to because I don’t want to get hurt either.
—  T.C - I can’t keep hurting myself

things that need to be appreciated:

  • harry’s shoulders moving up and down when he laughs
  • harry covering his face while he laughs
  • harry slapping his knee as he laughs
  • harry’s laugh
  • harry

TV Shows

Week Ending August 22nd, 2016

  1. Steven Universe
  2. Voltron: Legendary Defender +1
  3. Big Brother 18 −1
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
  6. Supernatural
  7. Pretty Little Liars +1
  8. Scream +11
  9. Gravity Falls −2
  10. Game of Thrones −1
  11. Mr. Robot
  12. Sherlock +2
  13. Girl Meets World −1
  14. Star vs. the Forces of Evil −4
  15. The Get Down
  16. Shadowhunters −3
  17. Doctor Who −1
  18. Teen Wolf −3
  19. Once Upon a Time −1
  20. Rick and Morty

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

It’s the first session of a brand new campaign, with two of the three players being totally new to DnD proper. A dragonborn fighter and two humans: one a monk, the other a wizard, are moving down through the catacombs of a town.

DM: Dragonborn, you hear scuffling down the Hall.

Dr: I roll to identify.

DM: They are rats.

Monk: Do they notice us?

DM: They see the torch, but don’t really seem to care right now. They’re swarmed in a 5'x5’ area, surrounding something.

Wiz: I want to investigate their motive.

DM: They’re just rats.

Dr: I want to sneak past them.

DM: Roll Dex.

Dr: 19, plus 2 for dex bonus

DM: Oh, alright. Uhh, I need you to roll again, you’re in heavy armor so you get disadvantage.

Dr: 18, plus 2.

DM: … You’ve successfully snuck past a pack of disinterested rats.

Monk: I’ll sneak too.


Dr (ooc) to Wizard: You going to follow?

Wiz: I roll to sneak!

DM: You have the lit torch, but okay.

Wiz: Nat 20.

DM, laughing and sighing: Alright, congratulations, you’ve snuck past a pile of rats in the clear light of the torch you’re holding.