Transformers AOE Lockdown cosplay

scratch built, hand painted work.
almost a full 3 years later since I began building him and I’m happy to have finally been able to wear and re-debut this since moving across the country and taking first place at Central PA Comic Con! I owe a lot to the time I spent working on this. with the accident that almost claimed both my arms, this was the best physical therapy I could ever get in reclaiming my dexterity and learning so much from this project that paved the way to many other commissions and build projects.. but most importantly, me being able to hold and care for my daughter and providing for my family.

Optimus Prime needs a hug

Fair warning; Long post ahead!

Optimus Prime cares deeply for his Autobots and human friends, and he’s always done  his best to ensure those who follow him-both Autobot and human-are kept safe, alongside the rest of the inhabitants of Earth.  Like the rest of the Autobots, Optimus views the both the other Autobots and their human companions as extended family. He puts the needs of others before himself; he tends to try and keep the pain and sorrow he feels from everything in the war-the deaths of friends and family, the destruction of Cybertron and the Earth cities, the innocent being hurt or killed-bottled up deep inside along with any feelings of self doubt he has.

Or at least, that’s how it USED to be.

Things began to change, starting with Sentinel’s betrayal.  Just look at Optimus’s reaction  when he arrives at the base after Sentinel’s attack and sees what the older Prime has done:

(I apologize for the menu bar/exit icon in the screens but I was working with what I had)

You can clearly see the pain and sadness in his expression-Optimus is hit hard by Sentinel’s betrayal.  His mentor (and father figure if you headcanon it that way, which I do) turned his back on everything he believed in-everything he taught Optimus to believe in-killed one of Optimus’s oldest friends, and, let’s face it, a number of the Autobots’ human allies because there’s no way they all came out of Sentinel’s attack on the NEST Base unscathed.  Not to mention the fact that Sentinel planned to not only enslave the entire human race because he felt that they were inferior, but also to destroy Earth in the long run because Cybertron being so close to Earth would have torn our planet apart.

That, in my opinion, is the beginning of Optimus’s loss of faith.  But it’s made worse soon after the base attack. Before he even really had a a chance to recover from Sentinel Prime’s betrayal, humanity turns on him and his Autobots next, telling them to get off Earth.

Remember the scene in DOTM, when the Autobots are getting ready to leave the planet and Optimus tells Bumblebee to “Make it short” when telling Sam goodbye?

When I first saw the movie, Optimus telling Bumblebee to make his goodbye to Sam short seemed really cold to me. Then, I thought about it. Optimus was really stressed and upset at the time-again, his mentor has betrayed them, Ironhide is dead, and the Autobots are being kicked off of the only home they have left. He doesn’t mean to sound so cold when he tells Bumblebee that; he just can’t help it.  He’s hurting, and hurting badly.  The damage has been done and it’s only going to get worse.

It’s even more obvious in Age of Extinction; by AOE you can see his emotional control and ability to trust others aren’t just slipping, they’ve pretty much been shattered.  You could argue that he still trusts his Autobots (which yes, he does, you can see that, fair enough) but his ability to trust new people?  By this point, it’s practically gone.

Again, you can SEE just how much he’s hurting.  Not just physically, but emotionally.  He’s worked so hard to protect the human race, and he was thanked by being stabbed in the back, his Autobots hunted down and killed one by one.  What does he have to believe in at this point?  In his mind, absolutely nothing.

But then Cade reiterated to him what Optimus had once believed about humans himself.  That they made mistakes, but had potential. That they could be more than what they were.

Cade’s words to him on that ship helped, and Optimus started to realize that maybe, just maybe, he could trust and have faith in others again.

In conclusion, Optimus Prime needs a hug and I have a feeling that after the next movie that will be even more true.

To quote Avatar:

“You’ve been through so much recently. Hurt and betrayed. So twisted up inside. You’re still full of love. Ah. But fear has moved in where trust should be.”

bootsandbosons  asked:

Trying to explain Clint Barton to my friends who don't know marvel (apart from the MCU) proving difficult. Especially because the MCU gave him a wife, kids, and an honest to god farm. Any recommendations on how to describe my favorite character? (So far all of my attempts either lead to rambling about ceiling vents and the circus or hysterical laughing because "successful long term relationship" and "Clint Barton" are in the same sentence. Unsurprisingly this just leads to more confusion.)

Well, the problem begins (as problems often do) with comics.

See, comics are a sort of ‘soap opera with capes and tights.’  Comics are ‘fanfic but written by mostly straight white guys who are chosen by other straight white guys.’  Comics are a never ending arms race of suffering, and that’s the problem.

So it’s hard to pin down a character.  Because it’s not one character.

Every writer wants to make their mark.  They want THEIR version of the character to be the one that people point to and say, “THIS.  THIS is the quintessential Hawkeye.  THIS is the reason I love Hawkeye.”

Because they’re not going to write the character forever.  That’s comics.  There’s always someone right behind them, nipping at their heels, someone who wants nothing more, in most cases, then to sweep their careful work aside and make THEIR mark on the character.

There’s not much you can do to stop that from happening.  You can write a really good book, you can be clever and creative and still not hit the readership the right way.  You can write A GOOD BOOK and you’ll still end up in the trash heap of the 25 cent bin, because the promotion team or the movie schedule or the competitor’s event cycle screwed you over.

It’s much easier to make a lot of noise.  To be remembered, rather than beloved.  To get people tweeting and talking and protesting and fighting, because that means when you tossed off this book, there’ll be another one waiting for you.

Don’t believe me?  I mean, someone keeps giving Nick Spencer new books.  (shrug)

So there is no one Hawkeye.  The Hawkeye of the early West Coast Avengers has little in common with the Hawkeye of Fraction and Aja’s solo book run.  The Hawkeye of the most recent Secret Avengers by Ales Kot would be unrecognizable to the Hawkeye of the Ultimates verse.  Movieverse Hawkeye is almost a mirror image of Hawkeye of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When you love a character, the question is, which one?  Because even if you take fandom interpretation and fanon out of the equation, there’s a lot of them to choose from.  And while canon feeds fanon, fanon bleeds back into canon.

Describing the character you love takes some effort, some cherrypicking.

For me, it’s this:

On the surface, he’s ordinary.  And his awareness of his ordinariness is part of what makes him so extraordinary.  He’s raised himself to his current position by sheer force of will and a refusal to stop.  He’s bullheaded and snarky and has a chip on his shoulder the size of the island of Manhattan.  He’s not as stupid as he thinks he is, and he’s not as good as he believes he is, and both of those facts are a little heartbreaking.

He’s a man who destroyed his own hearing, because he knew if he didn’t, he was going to hurt someone he loved.  He’s also a man who entered canon trying to rob Tony Stark, which was universally regarded as a very bad idea, since that’s how a lot of people end up dead.

He’s not a god or a genius or a super soldier.   He is a man who looked at the end of the world, and said, fuck you, I’ve got a COUPLE OF STICKS AND A PIECE OF STRING and I’m still going to KICK YOUR ASS.  There is something comforting about that, for most people.  

We want to believe, after all, that if push came to shove, if things got bad, then we would stand up.  With all the risk, and all the fear, and a very good chance that we would not win, we want to believe, that we would still stand.

So all the other stuff, the ragged ends and the bad choices, the stupid plots and the OOC moments, the embarrassing contradictions in canon and the writers who can’t figure him out or don’t want to bother trying, it melts down to one truth at the core of his character, every time.

He is a man that doesn’t feel too different from you or me.  And he stands.  He makes bad choices, he screws people over, he ruins relationships and cheats on partners and girlfriends, he does stupid, stupid things, because this is a soap opera, and half the writers don’t remember what the last one did and the other half don’t care.

For all the parts of him I don’t like, he’s still my favorite.  Because he shouldn’t be there.  He has no place there.  He’s outgunned and outflanked.  Everyone around him is smarter than him, better trained than him, better equipped than him.

And still he stands.  With a bow.  He stands.

And says, come at me, bro.

Inspired by this post, here’s a Decepticon with a tree spade altmode. I’ve dubbed this dude Brushguard, and even come up with a little bio for him;

“Most Decepticons view organic life with moderate disgust at best; Brushguard, however, finds beauty in all of Earth’s plants, and often takes it upon himself to relocate trees during battle to protect them. While such an attitude may at first seem at odds with Megatron’s plans, Brushguard is as loyal as any Decepticon, and believes that without mankind to mess things up, his beloved plantlife will flourish. He is no pushover when it comes to battle either- in addition to his arm-mounted cannons, Brushguard can also convert his legs into a devastaving drill attack, although his dedication to protecting plants can sometimes affect his effectiveness in battle.”

This guy was my first movieverse design, and my first OC since 2010!


Weijang MB01 Commander
Got the opportunity to check this figure out thanks to my buddy Bryan L. While I’m not one for KOs I wanted to at least check out this figure as I’d heard a lot of good things about it.

The materials and paint work are absolutely fantastic and I can see why many people believe this figure should be viewed as more than just a simple KO.

I won’t be reviewing this figure but I can say that if you don’t mind a KO in your collection, and you’re into the movie aesthetic, this is a really cool piece that is well built.

One thing that I love about Bayformers Sideswipe is that he is not only majestic on his sexy goddamn wheelfeet, but he is damn good looking.

Although he doesn’t show much character in ROTF/DOTM, I instantly fell in love with him for just one simple line that screamed borderline cockiness.

That line really sold my soul to him.

He was given a bit more lines and a little more character, as well as a fantastic close up on his face that just made me squeal VERY loudly.

“And we’ll let you escape with your dignity.”

Damn that voice of his is so fucking awesome! What surprises me more though was the way how he commanded the Autobots after Ironhide died (he was the SIC of the Autobots for a time) and the other Autobots were more than happy to follow his orders, like how he ordered Que to get moving as well as ordering the Autobots to attack Sentinel Prime. Now it makes me really miss him very much, but thank god for headcanon.

If anyone can do me a favour, would they please be able to do some gifs of Sideswipe being fucking gorgeous in Dark of the Moon, this fangirl will be SOOO pleased. Who doesn’t just love Sideswipe being so majestic and awesome!

“It’s…this way! No…this way!” Shouted the young woman, who was erratically changing directions now and again as she stared down at the device in her hands. Various dials and gauges twitched and spiked at random intervals; parts of it were held together with duct tape. 

Another girl, roughly the same age, was following behind, trying to keep up. “H-hey! At least watch where you’re going!” She shouted, running after her. “Ikuraaa! Seriously!” 

Ikura bumped into someone, shrugging and turning away. The shorter girl ran up. “S-sorry! We’re trying to find something. She…gets really absorbed in her work. I’m Yuna!” She looks over her shoulder. “Chief, at least apologize!” 

Ikura finally takes off the headphones. “What? I bumped into someone again?”