one of my favorite parts of breaking dawn is when jacob loses it after bella tells him she and edward are gonna fuck while she’s still human because jacob is basically screaming “NO!! HE’S GOING TO DICK YOU TO DEATH!!! THAT’S FUCKED UP!!! BELLA HIS PENIS IS TOO STRONG IT’S GOING TO KILL YOU!!! ARE YOU REALLY WILLING TO DIE FOR SOME FUCKING DICK???? OH MY GOD”


twilight saga meme: [2/5] quotes → new moon, page 534

“This is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone to vote no for me.”


“The forest was much more alive than I’d ever known - small creatures whose existence I’d never guessed at teemed in the leaves around me. They all grew silent after we passed, their breath quickening in fear. The animals had a much wiser reaction to our scent than humans seemed to. Certainly,it’d had the opposite effect on me.” - Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn

Attracting A Tracker

Hey!  Can you do an imagine where the reader is a Colombian (or Latin American) female vampire and has telekinetic powers -very powerful- and during Breaking Dawn she is called by the Cullens in order to be a witness, but then when the Volturi arrive she finds out Demetri is her mate and then Aro wants to meet her and gets intrigued by her powers and finally asks her to join the Volturi? It would be cool if Demetri is also stunned by her beauty haha It’s up to you if she decides to join or not the coven. Thanks!

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Please bear with me I’m not a Latin American nor do I speak Spanish. I unfortunately only know German and English (not really unfortunate. Haha) Enjoy my interpretation of this request hopefully it’s close to what you wanted. Enjoy!

“So you’re like the guys with the lightsabers on Star Wars you can move things with your mind?” Emmett asked me.

“Sí- I mean yes,” I replied levitating Renesmee in the air.

The young child giggled as I moved her from spot to the next. This girl was peculiar but like the rest of the witnesses I came from Mexico to protect her from the Volturi.

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