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Relationship status: single

Favorite color: changes faster than the seasons, but currently I’m kind of hooked on red

Lipstick or chapstick?: both

Last song I listened to: “The Wings” from the Brokeback Mountain score

Last movie I watched: Gravity and ohoo boy was I disappointed

Top three fictional characters: Kaidan Alenko, Chandler Bing, Josephine Montilyet

Top three ships: Genevieve Trevelyan/Krem Aclassi, any of my otps with @jarebear20, Shepard/Kaidan Alenko

Books I’m currently reading: this is gonna be a list of school books, but you asked for it, and they’re all pretty great, so read them!

Who owns culture? by Susan Scafidi
Cultural appropriation and the arts by James O. Young
Bad feminist by Roxanne Gay
Vithetens hegemoni by Sara Ahmed (directly translated asThe hegemony of whiteness(or the white body), which is a collection of Ahmed’s works in swedish)

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Recording session from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Daniel Pemberton, 2015) showing flutist Dave Heath providing some really fantastic sounds on bass flute.

I have a love/hate relationship with both of the films GRUMPY OLD MEN & GRUMPIER OLD MEN (especially the latter, but that’s a whole other post). However, I recently tried to track down Al Silvestri’s beautiful score from the films, when I came across this piano cover on Youtube by pianist Steven Bear. SO many different emotions were stirred after about 20 seconds into it, that I had to stop the video and then keep it muted while uploading this clip. Unfortunately, after a lengthy online search, it seems the score is nowhere to be found! If anyone has any info on this, please message me - I’d be eternally grateful! 

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

Takatsugu Muramatsu

I bought the soundtrack for Studio Ghibli’s latest film, When Marnie Was There, in anticipation of its western release next month, and I have to say that it’s absolutely stunning. Muramatsu’s score is heartwarming, nostalgic, emotionally affecting, and lushly orchestrated; it’s the most beautiful listening experience I’ve had in some time. Studio Ghibli films always have lovely scores, but this one is so particularly soulful and enchanting that I feel compelled to share a bit of it with Tumblr. If you like what you hear, please buy this score! It’s available on the iTunes store and it’s an ethereal listening experience.


Despite the Falling Snow - Rachel Portman (2016)

“Despite the Falling Snow” (track 1)