The best movie poster I ever drew, one of my favorite drawings ever, and one of my favorite movies ever. At 17 x 14 inches, it took me days and days and days to draw all the machinery and metal, and I felt like I was slowly driving myself insane. Somehow, at the end, it was all worth it though.

TITLE: Tetsuo, the Iron Man

DIMENSIONS: 17 x 14 inches

MEDIA: acrylic paint and ink on Bristol board

DATE: February 21, 2014


So pleased to announce this officially licensed poster I illustrated for Amélie!

This poster is produced in collaboration with UGC France, and has been approved by none other than Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou.

As a little bonus for you guys, I’ve included some making-of stuff: my initial thumbnails, a process gif, and some crops of the details at print size.

These are 18″x 24″ limited edition screen prints, and they go on sale tomorrow at 3pm (GMT) from Black Dragon press.