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13 Horror Movie AU’s

All of these AU’s/plots are based (sometimes roughly) on plots of horror films both new and old. Choose one from the list or send !!! for a randomly generated one.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – both of our muses are stuck in a dream together, surrounded by horrific images and near death experiences.

The Amityville Horror – while strange things are happening in our muses’ home, one of them starts to behave aggressively towards the other.

Lights Out – whenever our muses turn out the lights, something evil appears. Can they evade it long enough to escape, or find a way to defeat it?

Sinister – our muses find strange videos hidden in the house, but once they watch the disturbing images on them, strange things start to happen.

Ju On – after trespassing a supposedly haunted house, our muses are stalked by an eerie figure.

Cabin in the Woods – while camping/staying in a cabin, our muses unleash a curse and have to escape from a terrifying monster/spirit.

The Omen – our muses have a child, but when that child starts to behave wickedly, they worry that there’s something evil at work.

Chucky – our muses find a creepy doll that – surprise! - comes to life and is trying to kill them.

The Exorcist – one of our muses has become possessed by a demon. Bonus if the other muse is a priest trying to cast them out.

Let the Right One In – one of our muses is a vampire and finally decides to tell their friend: the other muse.

The Thing – a shapeshifter is loose and on the hunt, and now our muses aren’t sure if the other is really who they say they are.

The Purge – on a night when all crime is legal, our muses become partners to do something illegal.

The Blair Witch Project – our muses get lost in the woods and can’t find their way out. To make things worse, they’re hunted by something sinister.

Just a heads up, the movie “Holidays” (it’s a recently added horror movie on netflix streaming in america) has a super anti choice story in it. Basically, the horror movie is a bunch of short horror movies, all about different holidays put together in to one collection. 5 minutes in, one of the stories starts shaming this woman for having had abortions, and the other woman start doing the whole “all of the babies you murdered who lived inside you just want to be loved” blah, blah, blah bullshit, so I wanted to go ahead and warn yall about it. The stories before that were shit too, so I would just avoid it altogether. 

Submitted by: Dita Dimone

Todd Haberman’s New Score for ‘Satanic’ Is To Die For!

Rising composer aims to take over Hollywood one scream at a time

Todd Haberman, the rising composer that began his career studying under music magnate, Hans Zimmer, is quickly becoming the go to guy for horror music. With multiple projects in the works including Satanic, and The Charnel House, the song-smith establishes himself as one of the hottest new talents in the genre.  

Satanic is the story of a group of college friends embarking on the road trip of a lifetime! Excited to make the most of their voyage, the group plans a couple of stops before reaching their final destination, the Coachella Music & Arts Festival. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when they stop in Los Angeles to check out true-crime occult sites and encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to the ultimate horror.  

Jeffrey Hunt directs the film from the producers of The Walking Dead, starring Sarah Hyland, Justin Chon, Clara Mamet and Steven Krueger. Satanic, now available in theaters, On Demand, on Amazon and iTunes.

Haberman is also working on the upcoming feature,The Charnel Housedue out this fall. The movie follows a gifted architect who transforms an abandoned slaughter house into ultramodern high-tech lofts. The upscale residencies are a dream come true for the new tenants and their designer, but the dream soon turns into a nightmare when they discover a deadly surprise hidden within the aged brick building. Something unearthly has been laying dormant for decades and is now free to terrorize and destroy all in its path. 

Aside from blood-curling soundtracks, Haberman has scored music for blockbusters like PompeiiTransformers and Fast 5.  The versatile composer’s credits also include animation feature The Reef 2: High Tide, comedy picture The Hungover Games, action film Bad Asses, slasher flick Killer Movie, and hit video games Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Todd has also provided scores for ABC's 666 Park Ave and Body of Proof, WB’s hit series Arrow, ABC’s No Ordinary Family, and Sy-Fy’s Warehouse 13. He’s also contributed on such films as Universal’s Ride Along and Tim Burton’s animation feature 9, and Eagle Eye among others.

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Credits to: Dita Dimone