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#14 of the Kiss Meme: Kiss Along the Hips.

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Annabeth is on her fourth attempt of reading the same paragraph when she hears the front door of the apartment bang open and then closed again.

“Percy?” she calls out.

“Hi,” he calls back, sounding tired.

She’s in their bedroom, having collapsed there an hour ago and decided to tackle her reading for class tomorrow. Safe to say she has made little progress. This is, in part, due to her mind wandering back to the calc test she’d had this morning. The rest of her is just staring at the page wishing that the lines would stop moving around so she could read them. She’s grateful when Percy slumps into the room, giving her a real excuse to put the book down and stare at something else for a while.

Percy looks like a zombie, shuffling around, removing his shoes, rubbing at his face and his hair as if he can remove the tiredness that stains him that way.

“How was the presentation?” she asks him.

He mumbles, “Mmf. I don’t know. Horrible. I don’t wanna talk about it.”


After he has slowly and angrily dumped his bag in the corner and thrown his jacket over the back of the desk chair, he finally looks at her. His gaze falls and stops on her bare legs, crossed together on top of the covers. Annabeth waits patiently, her eyebrows rising towards her hairline

Percy blinks. Jerks his gaze up towards her face.

“Is that my sweater?” he asks eventually.

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smart words & dumb grunts

you gave me revival
eloquently sacrosanct
so here’s the courage
can you expose more buried feeling
there’s a fire destroying my abdomen
I’m alive again, at least for a moment
please cut me down at the knees
it’s your signature move, honey
replaced- amended - devoured-
until everything that you love
you’ll come to detest & ruminate
did you think you were special
you’re just another bone
this abdication can never sated
though keep feeding as you thief
dismember me back to factory settings
I’m broken again, like I’ve always shown
the frost bitten luck in my chest
can i inscribe more misery
so here’s a testament
magnificently vapid
you make me, temporarily

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Got any good angsty pevensie fam HC's up your sleeve? Wanting to feel all the feels

Hmmm…lets seeee:

-Lucy and Susan’s relationship went really downhill after Susan admitted she didn’t believe in Narnia anymore.

-Lucy tried to convince her of it constantly, and Susan burst out with things she regretted after. But Lucy, the most forgiving of all the Pevensies, didn’t want to forgive her.

-At the dinner table, Lucy was nearly completely silent unless Susan was absent.

-Edmund and Peter started noticing that Lucy wasn’t quite herself, and became a lot more
Solemn and calm.

-Susan noticed it too and felt severely guilty, but made no move to amend her mistakes.

-Lucy journaled a lot. So she wrote out how much Susan’s words impacted her. And wrote out why it made her so upset and angry. But then she also wrote how much she loved her sister and needed to let it go.

-After about a month, she was back to her old self, but the relationship with Susan had been almost completely severed.

-She died without fixing it. Susan went into a deep depression, not just because her family died, but because she had driven Lucy away.

-She found her journal when going through all her family’s things. She read the statement of forgiveness, and felt a relief swim over her.

-From then on out, she decided she’d take a lesson from Lucy. She became on of the most forgiving person anyone had known.

(Sorry if these aren’t angsty enough?)


Hell Yeah.

“While voting in the Irish marriage equality referendum yesterday it occured to me how much the United States could learn from Ireland about democracy.

First was the fact that this was a refrendum on changing our constitution, making that document a living, adaptable thing capable of change, growth and development. Contrast that with the rigidity of the US constitution, ever-fixed, unchanging and worshipped on it’s historical pedestal and incapable of progression within the current US politcal climate.

That political climate is also a major difference between Irish and US democracy. Ireland’s campaining and campaign-finance laws made this a fair competition, with both sides having fair access to the media and with special interests minimised. Perhaps as a result (and with a few, minor, exceptions), Ireland’s marriage referendum was conducted in an air of civility, respect and even humour, not just in the media, but in Facebook conversations and Twitter feeds. America can learn from this.

Finally, I was impressed by how easy and fair it is to vote in Ireland. Registration is easy and heavily promoted without regard to party, and even if you’re not registered you can just swear an oath that you’re elegible. There are almost no lineups at polling stations (media reported that SOME stations had lineups to the door at peak times). Everybody has access to the counts where votes are counted.

The ‘greatest country in the world’ could learn from this example.” GC


Several Occupy movements [Sacramento, Redwood City, Oakland, Nevada City and San Jose] came to show support of’s statewide rally to to End Corporate personhood.  (Sacramento,CA)


“It’s Viral!” The Movement to Overturn Citizens United Swamps the Internet (by jeharrisda3rd)


A 4 min. excerpt from the documentary _Legalize Democracy_
Move to Amend