I got people curious as to how I draw orc/tusked mouths and so I decided to sketch a few - a special wink to varekk!

Also, the bottom is a quick “how to” my orc mouths? So yeah here it goes:

  1. outline of the mouth; I often use mirrors or a good reference
  2. TEETH, no details yet just outline where the teeth are going to “rest on”
  3. Tusks, since they’re what takes up the most space; gotta know where they’re gonna show
  4. Lower lip is divided into two sets of lateral commisures (sides of the mouth) shown as small spheres that “wrap” around the two lower canines. The line in the middle helps me know where the lower lip will meet
  5. Upper lip and join commisures to the mouth
  6. Details and stress lines and stuff

Hope it helps!