nerdyearthling7  asked:

Hey so I know that you probably get a lot of questions about how do your art, but I was wondering how you do your lips and lower face? I have a lot of problems with that on people and was wondering if you had any tips. Your art is wonderful, and has gotten me to get back into drawing myself! Thanks so much for everything!

I’m always tempted to make a tutorial for the best mouth I know how to do, but you’re probably more interested in the mouths I usually make, right? I’ll try to cover the two usual ones I do here: the heart-shaped mouth I use for Jim and the sharky smile for Seb. (I hope that’s what you meant, because I don’t draw actual lips very often!)

You’ve probably seen them before, but I’ll also link one of the previous face tutorials I’ve done because it’s helpful to see the structures beneath to give you an idea of where things go. And also there was a really good polararts tutorial that probably explains better than me, but at least I’ve got gifs… 

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