Mouth wide open

Female Archeops are attracted to males with large canines. He typically shows them off by running/gliding at her face with a wide-open mouth. If she is impressed, she will ruffle her feathers and show off the bright colors on her face. If she is unimpressed, she will flash her own teeth. If he doesn’t get the hint, she will bite him. A chomp to the face gets him to leave her alone.


Guuuys, you should watch this mexican cartoon, it’s about our legends and folklore.
It has even been dubbed in many languages including English ofc, this is crazyyy.

I’m already watching the episodes and my mouth is wide open in shock, this is so much better than expected. There have been like 3 movies or so about these characters in the past years but the series seem so much better (I was in love with the first movie when I was a child tho, I knew Every. Single. Line. I’m not kidding.) also Leo was my boyfriend, peace out.

Come to think of it, GB was never really a proper skeleton.  He had a skull face, and that was about it.  And in this redesign, he’s got skeletal features indeed, but…

With that bit of “skin” that stretches between his jaws when his mouth is open wide, and with an otherwise connected body throughout his midsection, he’s really more of a ghoul.  A… golden, ghoulish, cape-wearing, kind-of-robot-kinda-not thing… who has an inexplicable association with bats.

Aye aye aye.

Imagine this: Dean teaching Cas how to cook…Dean goes and buys some of those really fancy cookbooks…And he gives them to Cas, Now Dean goes through a Cake recipe with him. Showing him where all the things were in the kitchen of the bunker. So they bake a cake with success…And Cas pecks Dean on the cheek, and flips to the next recipe, all he does this time is look at the picture. He doesn’t even look at the things needed to make it, and once he finishes the batch of cupcakes. He looks at the picture and smirks, they look exactly the same. Dean is just there with his mouth wide open, Cas takes this moment and kisses Dean full on his mouth. He hangs up his apron and starts walking away, and mutters to Dean “See you then” and continues his way to Dean’s room.. 



The Basking shark is the second largest shark in the world! This shark lives in cool, temperate waters where there’s a lot of plankton. It swims through the water with its big ol’ mouth wide open; water goes in through the mouth and back out through the gills, but the plankton are strained out by cone-like filters on the gills called “Gill Rakers.” Even though the Basking shark has a massive mouth, it only has a throat about as wide as a grapefruit. So these sharks cause no harm to humans, in fact, they only have teeny tiny teeth! They don’t really care for anything larger than plankton.

Bitty stood in the doorway, his eyes wide open and his hands clasped over his mouth.  He had come downstairs to investigate the noise of shuffling furniture only to find himself with his mouth hanging wide open.

“Oh my lanta! You boys actually did it!” Whiskey and Tango looked up to see Bitty.  Between them was a gorgeous sofa in brilliant robins egg blue.  The cushions were fluffed to their fullest, and a soft scent of lavender filled the room instead of… whatever that smell used to be. Bitty could barely contain himself.

“What… Where… How did you convince… Oh lord, it’s just so beautiful.  What did you do with the old one?  I’ve been trying to burn that thing ever since I moved in.  I can’t believe Holster let you get rid it!”

“What?” Tango blinked at Bitty with his usual confused look as they dropped the sofa into place.  “We didn’t get rid of the couch.”

Bitty’s eyebrows lowered. “Then… then what happened to the old couch?”

“Bitty, it’s right here.” Whiskey gestured in front of him.  Bitty tilted his head at him, looking for an explanation. 

“We just cleaned it.”

John Egbert  Style Rating

time for my son

Sprite- John has the most expressive sprite, for sure, so while the base isn’t amazing, the occasional change in mood can lead to some really cute expressions. 5/10

Zoom- the early attempts at varying from sprite were not amazing, with too thick lines and an even goofier appearance. 2/10

Replacement- The more common sprite replacement looks great. 8/10 

Human- Not my favorite, but the change in style worked for the drama of the situation, and the lack of expression can be chalked down to the fact that this is consistently what John’s face looks like when people close to him die. 4/10 

Teeth- This John retains his cute teeth, even without his mouth wide open. They look really good. 8/10

Details- It’s a genuinely well drawn John, but I think the more cartoony/simplistic Johns work a little better for scenes that aren’t close-ups. 5/10

:D - Admittedly, he’s quite cute. 7/10

Protag- this John looks like he is there for you. He has your back. The shapes in this drawing are really good, and the soft shading looks nice. 9/10

Snaps- This john is really cute. His glasses look nice as grey rectangles, his teeth are kept, and he looks friendly, as he should. 10/10


You remind me a lot of leaving. I still look at the door and think about how long it has been exactly since you walked out of it. Even as I was shaking I was writing this poem in my head. You tasted of thunder and clear skies. You always contradicted yourself. You said you loved me but you left me. You said I was beautiful to look at but you couldn’t stand to look at me anymore. I still stand in the rain with my mouth wide open and my eyes closed in hopes of tasting you. I stopped carrying an umbrella with me. I want to feel you on my skin, even though it burns. You were the most beautiful type of storm. The kind where it would be sunny and there would still be rain falling. I fall asleep in your drizzle. My mother asks me why I’ve started dancing in the rain, why I always come home soaked. I tell her that you’ve evaporated and this was all that was left of you.
—  11/07/16

The priest frowned slightly at this. “Fergus?” he said. “Fergus. Fergus. Yes, Fergus, got that. That’s all? No more name? Need more names, surely.”

“Fergus,” Fergus repeated, with a note of strain in his voice. Fergus was the only name he had ever had—bar his original French name of Claudel. Jamie had given him the name Fergus in Paris, when they had met, twenty years before. But naturally a brothel-born bastard would have no last name to give a wife.

“Fraser,” said a deep, sure voice beside me. Fergus and Marsali both glanced back in surprise, and Jamie nodded. His eyes met Fergus’s, and he smiled faintly.

“Fergus Claudel Fraser,” he said, slowly and clearly. One eyebrow lifted as he looked at Fergus.

Fergus himself looked transfixed. His mouth hung open, eyes wide black pools in the dim light. Then he nodded slightly, and a glow rose in his face, as though he contained a candle that had just been lit.

“Fraser,” he said to the priest. His voice was husky, and he cleared his throat. “Fergus Claudel Fraser.”

     ~ Voyager, Diana Gabaldon


I’m kinda annoyed at how exiling the Wardens in Inquisition was phrased. The choice said ‘exile Wardens from Orlais’ ORLAIS. Reminder: Exile from ORLAIS. I figured that at least they’d be able to go to Amaranthine or something. But then my quizzy opens her mouth and banishes them from SOUTHERN THEDAS. Meanwhile on the other side of the screen I’m just staring with my mouth wide open because ORLAIS does not count as ALL OF FREAKING SOUTHERN THEDAS. Am I stupid or did other people pick up on that?

my favorite thing is when z’s laughing and at first his eyes go all wide for a second like he’s actually amazed!!! by a joke and then his eyes get crinkly and he’s laughing with a mouth wide open while the sound of it stays so soft and cute and funny so anyway my life goal is to make zayn laugh at least once then i can die in peace

BTS reaction to their s/o winning best female artist


He would be sooo shook. His mouth would be wide open the whole time until one of the members would point it out. When he overcame the shookness he would be so cocky about it he would be like well of course she won she had no competition nobody compares to one and only y/n and everyone would just roll their eyes

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I don’t think in the moment he would have as big of a reaction as the other members, he would probably just smile or clap but when you two were backstage he would give you a surprise backhug and would hold you so tight and kiss you cheek and congratulate you for the award and tell you how proud he is.

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I think he would be similar to yoongi in a sense he wouldn’t have as much of a reaction in the moment. He would smile and clap but other then that all the affection would come out of him later on when both of you would be alone backstage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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At first he would be sooo shook, like the thought he heard it wrong until he saw you walking up on the stage and in that moment he would turn into an actual fluff. He would giggle and nudge other members and clap and giggle some more. You get the point he is hella cute.

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This cutie. He would smile really wide and clap obnoxiously from the moment you got up to accept the award to the moment you sat down. He wouldn’t even hear your acceptance speech because of how happy he would be. Literally he would be over the moon about the whole thing.

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He would feel like he won tbh. He seems like the type of boyfriend to be extremely clingy and affectionate so he would probably get so attached to you he would feel like you two are one person which would be why he is so hyped about you winning such an important award. He would definitely cheer you on from the crowd.

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I feel like he would get really emotional. He would clap and smile and be soo proud of you. His eyes would get teary eyes and just duck his head down so nobody could see. When he sees you afterwards he would kiss you and tell you he is proud and that he loves you.

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i find that i have always been attracted to dark things. not blood and gore, per se, but morbid fantasies and all of the deepest places that the mind will lead you, if you follow it. i like forests with abandoned cottages; windows shattered, moss and wildflowers growing in all of the nooks and crannies, an abandoned locket with a grainy, black and white photograph cut unevenly into a heart. or decadent horror, where everyone is done up in lace and jewels, but there is a woman floating face down in the lake, while everyone else is at the ball. or a banquet where, beneath the covering of the main course, there is a disembodied head, eyes and mouth wide open. of course, suburbia can be eerie, as well. i have always thought of it that way, anyway. kids on their bikes after dark searching for ghouls. girls sitting cross-legged in a dimly lit bedroom that smells like frankincense, bony hands hovering over a ouija board. then there are fairies, monsters, vampires. the glimmer of wings in the dark. the girl that you thought that you saw in the forest, all flesh and disheveled hair. crawling through a broom closet and finding your way into the lair of the beast, be it animal or man. i find that dark things can be dark, but they can also be clever, thrilling, beautiful and insightful. that is what i like most about them