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A performance in Athens

On a lovely spring day I climbed the Mouseion hill in Athens, all among the olive trees, to see the celestial view of the Parthenon from its summit.  The morning smelt delectably of pines, flowers and dust, and my mind was full of Hellenic glories.  Halfway up a Greek sprang from the bushes, opened his macintosh wide and revealed to me his manly equipment.  Well, I supposed, why not?  Greek art had been displaying masculine glories for a few thousand years, and for that matter the sentries outside the royal palace, down in the city, were something of a disappointment to one of romantic fancy.

The #Musaeum or #Mouseion at Alexandria was an institution founded by the #Ptolemys. This original Musaeum (“Institution of the Muses”) was the home of music or poetry, a philosophical school and library such as Plato’s Academy, also a storehouse of texts. It did not have a collection of works of art, rather it was an institution that brought together some of the best scholars of the Hellenistic world, similar to a modern university. This original Musaeum was the source for the modern usage of the word museum. #projectblacksheeple

The Once and Future Library

Beyond being a book repository, the ancient Library of Alexandria was a working resource for scholars. Joined physically to the Mouseion—a Greek word meaning a place where the Muses are active—the library contained a lecture hall (exedra), a refectory for … Continued

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