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Spock and Kirk are given dragons as a diplomatic relations thing, but it's really cause Hiccup hears the shit they get up to and thinks they need bodyguards.

The Enterprise was in a low geosynchronous orbit, visible to the naked eye as she hovered over Berk. As guests of the Chieftain (and what a sad tale his ascension was), Jim and Spock were in the most comfortable aerie with a view that opened up to see the Enterprise directly above them. It was good to be around this village. The people were open about their relationships, and they had already heard a couple competitions between households on the way up to their lodge. Hiccup clearly had experience with other cultures than his own, and had explained that with it being the end of summer, the women were hoping to be with child through the winter. The goal was to give birth two months before the summer clutch hatched, giving the children some dragon playmates.

“And are you and your mate aspiring for the same?” Spock asked politely, hands held behind his back as they passed another house with another couple actually catcalling at their neighbor.

Hiccup chuckled. “Not this year. We have other goals, and honestly, adding to the population will help. There’s a lot of land available to us, and plagues wiped out many of those who lived in the deserts.”

“We did notice a lack of current habitation in those areas. Were you able to develop a vaccine or a cure?”

“Eventually. Fishlegs has been working with other healers in other villages on seeing if there’s any other permutations of the plague.”

“And do all the villages have dragons?”

“Nope. Berk is the only one to gain their partnership, and that’s only in my generation. Other villages have airships and faster boats, some have hooved runner-beasts.” Hiccup smiled and indicated their door. “I’ll leave you both for the night. Feel free to explore the aerie, but I would caution you to stay inside for the rest of the night.”

“Why?” Kirk asked, frowning. “Is there something we should fear after dark?”

Hiccup snorted. “Not unless you want to invite someone else to your bed, and we’ve already heard why that’s a bad idea. Once I go inside, and folks do know when I’m inside, that’s when there’s a general sneaking about to meet with lovers. They feel guilty because most of them are my mother’s generation, and don’t want to be caught by a kid. See you both in the morning.”

As he left, they entered their temporary quarters, the lighting raising by itself to a comfortable level. This was where the technology was evident. The response and conservation of energy was brilliantly engineered. They made use of the washroom, complete with a hot soaking tub, before adding to the general commotion of lovemaking. When settled for the night, Jim stroked his fingers along Spock’s hand, hearing the thrumming purr of his sated mate. Without any further words, they let themselves sink into slumber.


They rose late the next day, hearing movement in the kitchen below their sleeping nook. Familiar and unfamiliar voices mingled in a companionable way. Fishlegs was conversing with Bones, who was grouching about something or another. It took some time before they could get themselves presentable, but no matter how hard Spock or Jim tried, the Vulcan’s hair wasn’t going to stay down. So they gave up, went down to breakfast and faced a room of serious faces.


“Good morning.”

Hiccup raised an eyebrow. “So. I heard that you, as a leader, are shit at keeping yourself out of trouble and letting other people do their jobs.”

Spock, I’m gonna fucking murder Bones.

Ashayam, that is a poor plan of action.

“I’m responsible for—”

“Everyone. And I’ve just had a stunning list of injuries that you have both endured recited verbatim by your healer. You’re getting dragons while you’re here. Don’t bother arguing. Considering that I found you both as you were falling off of a cliff, everything that McCoy has been telling us ring with truth.”

“Bones, you’re such an asshole.”

Captain, with all due respect, it’s my fucking job. Deal with having a guard-dragon while you’re here.”

“Not just while they’re here. This is a gift from the village as sign of good faith. I’m sure the Federation will see it as such.”

“We do not have space for dragons on the Enterprise, Hiccup. And they will not get the amount of exercise that will keep them healthy and sane while on our travels,” Spock rebuffed, bristling at the insinuation that he had not been keeping his mate safe.

“Oh, I had a feeling that would be the case.” Hiccup whistled, and two small, gem-colored shapes dropped from the rafters and onto the table with chirrups. They were hardly bigger than housecats. “Meet Decker and Sandhorn. They’re fully grown, trainable, omnivorous, can fly in close quarters, and they’re as numerous as rats right now, so they can be a valuable pet export.”

“And how exactly are they going to keep Spock and myself from getting into trouble?” Jim wondered, his voice bordering on insolent. It was before his morning coffee, dammit.

Hiccup clicked his tongue, and a third little dragon landed with a hop on the table. “Meet Needlenose.” He grinned at McCoy. “He’s yours.”

“So … I still don’t see how this is going to keep us from getting in trouble.”

Flapping wings, at least a dozen of them, invaded the kitchen to hover over Hiccup, each shrieking and causing a ruckus. He sighed and stood. “Observe. The little tattle-tales in action. All right, you lot. Where’s trouble?”

As he left, Jim’s mouth hung open. He looked to Spock to protest, but his First Officer was leaning close to the little red and gold dragon that had been labeled Sandhorn. With a blink, the little guy trilled at the Vulcan, earning himself a nose-rub. Shoulders dropping, Jim turned to Bones, who was positively babytalking to Needlenose. Dammit. So he settled on a stool before Decker, leaning his chin on crossed arms. “So. You and me, eh?”

The little blue dragon chuffed, seemingly proud of this fact. Jim did his best not to melt, but when the little reptile rubbed along one stubbly cheek, then crawled into the cavern made by his upper chest and arms, he was about set to burst. And when Decker rested his chin beside Jim’s, cheeks touching, the Captain could have sworn that his heart exploded with simple joy.

Okay. So the little dragons could stay. Even if they were going to be tattletales.