soooo tomorrow, if i don’t wimp out and i play my cards right, i’m going to ask out mountain man

and i’m super duper nervous about it

it’s just been so long of me not making a move and all of my friends telling me to either move on or go for it. and they’re all giving me the same advice i’m giving all of y’all so it’s time i take it and go for it!

the reasons i’m terrified are 

1. he’s my tattoo artist and he’s very good at it and gives me a good price for them and i don’t want me asking him out to ruin our professional relationship

2. he’s older than me and he told me the other day about his little sister and she’s only a year younger than me so what if he just sees me as like another little sister, ya know?

3. i only ever see him at work and personally i’d hate being asked out at work like it makes me super uncomfy when customers hit on me. but my guy friends are all saying it’s different for them and it’s because of the way society treats women vs men that i wouldn’t like it and that he won’t mind and i hope they’re right

so, can y’all do me a favor and just flood my inbox with some super good vibes and some stories of y’alls success in asking out crushes that would be awesome thanks friends

and also wish me luck, i’ll update y’all tomorrow night ahhhhhh

so an update on me…

last time i updated y’all, mountain man had just upgraded me to pal. since then i’ve seen him like four times. the first was for a touch up appointment on some old tattoos. but like i went alone instead of with my friend because she’s jewish and it was a jewish holiday that day. it was good tho! he made fun of my pizza selection and we found out he is from the same small town that my dad grew up in and he told me about his go-to first date movie ((honestly don’t remember how we got to that topic but it is a good movie))

second time i saw him was when my friend went in for her first tattoo. she brought her boyfriend with us so during her tattoo she kinda talked to him mostly so i got to chat w mountain man one on one more. we talked about his first date movie again because i had now seen it

the third time leads us to why there is blood on my shirt…i got my nipples pierced! the shop he works in has like half priced piercings on sundays so my friend and i went in. i got my nipples done ((worst pain i’ve ever felt ever jesus)) but my friend forgot her i.d. so she couldn’t get the cartilage piercing she had wanted. mountain man doesn’t do piercings but while we were waiting for my friend’s boyfriend to pick us up since he drove us there, mountain man came out and talked to us for awhile. my friend told him about my new piercings, he said ‘mazel tov’ and asked how that was and i told him how much it hurt and idk i kinda like that he knows but i wish i knew what he thought about it, ya know? then my friend invited him to go swing dancing w us since we go every thursday but he said he already had plans for that night to see baby driver. but, i’m hopeful in the fact that he genuinely considered it and probably would have come had he not had plans so maybe another week we will get him to come.

and then i saw him again today. we went back, this time with my friend’s i.d., for her to get her cartilage pierced. while we were waiting for the piercer to sterilize everything, mountain man saw us and came to talk to us. he joked about how we are always here and how he can’t get rid of us. and then i talked to him about fonts for my next tattoo that i’m getting on my birthday and he told me about how he really liked the shirt i was wearing which is swell because it’s my favorite shirt. then he said he had to run to the supermarket and asked if we wanted anything. my friend’s boyfriend, jokingly, asked for a red bull and mountain man said he will genuinely get him one we just have to still be here when he gets back ((which i was down for)) but we were done before he made it back so we didn’t get to see him after that but as he was leaving he said like if i don’t see you later today then see ya later so it was a good evening

that is my very rambley update…if you made it this far tell me in my inbox about the most recent interaction you had with your crush :)