“What do I do for a living? I live for a living. When I moved out in the forest 35 years ago, people said "You can’t escape reality.” I went TO reality. You’re living in a virtual reality. You don’t even know where your stuff comes from, don’t even know where your poop goes.

I live in nature where everything is connected, circular. The seasons are circular. The planet is circular…Do people live in circles today? No. They live in boxes. They wake up every morning in a box of their bedrooms because a box next to them started making beeping noises to tell them it was time to get up. They eat their breakfast out of a box and then they throw that box away into another box.  Then they leave the box where they live and get into another box with wheels and drive to work, which is just another big box broken into little cubicle boxes where a bunch of people spend their days sitting and staring at the computer boxes in front of them. When the day is over, everyone gets into the box with wheels again and goes home to the house boxes and spends the evening staring at the television boxes for entertainment. They get their music from a box, they get their food from a box, they keep their clothing in a box, they live their lives in a box.“

-Eustace Conway


A few Rustic leather sheaths for My knives .

first up is a mask for a Custom Cegga viking axe , 4.5mm wet formed veg tan leather with old copper armour  and hammered copper rivets .

A frontier style belt  sheath for a mini Nessmuk pattern and belt carried tinder pouch .All made from distressed veg tan leather antiqued with hammered copper saddlery rivets . The original pouch was made by meets the geeks over on British blades but was pimped by me . Stag antler pendants and amulets with hammered copper ascents , firesteel and arrow head striker .

4 simple pocket slips for fixed blades , these are thin leather with a thicker welt dyed and antiqued with hammered copper saddlery rivets .

and lastly a bamboo sheath for the forged bones61 knife shown bellow , this was made from a Japanese bamboo mat, and had been dyed and wrapped in natural 3 strand braided sinew which has been dyed for effect .


So here’s that hawk mask that I recently finished off , its a basic friction fit sheath .

Made from 4.5 mm wet formed veg tan leather which was then distressed on the workshop floor .

 Old copper was then shaped and hammered into place , then drilled and  riveted with copper saddlery rivets before being aged with brass black .

 The leather was then double dyed dark brown and then light for an aged effect before being rubbed back with wire wool for a scuffed effect.

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