The heavy fog, combined with the wet and misty ferns and monolithic old-growth redwoods… this was basically the rainforest from King Kong. I was half expecting to see giant claw marks on the trees hundreds of feet up.

Trillium Falls, Redwood National Park
November 23, 2015


The realm of the giants. Jotunheim is a place frequently mentioned in Norse Mythology. Many battles between Thor and the Giants have happened in that exact realm.

Jotunheim is also a mountain chain in Norway. This is possibly due to the Vikings actually believing Jotunheim was that place, due to its dangerous landscape and low survival chances.

6th grade girl bullies get destroyed.

When I was in the 3rd grade, there were a bunch of notorious bullies. A bunch of 6th grade girls who thought they were hot shit. They were always pushing the little kids in elementary around, shoving them out of their way and generally making their lives miserable.

Remember that girls tend to be quite a bit bigger than boys at that age, so when you’re a shrimpy 8 yr old boy who’s about 4 ft 2’ tall, a 5 ft 2" girl’s one handed shove might as well been a mountain giant swatting a flea.

One day after being unceremoniously shoved sprawling out of the way in the halls of the school, I had enough. I stood up and told the girls that we were all sick of them and if they wanted to fight they would get one. This resulted in spontaneous fits of laughter.

I told them we’d meet at the end of lunch behind the hill by the playground where the teachers couldn’t see and we’d fight. But not just me and the shover. I told her to bring all her bully friends because they were all going to get it! Me and my friends versus her and her friends. They scoffed, said I was a dead man and walked away talking about the ridiculous beating they were going to dish out on us “wimps”.

First recess, I talk to my male classmate friends. They agreed they were sick of being bullied and would all fight. But we knew we didn’t stand a chance unless we got more help. So we hatched a plan. Not just my friends, not just all the boys in my class, or even in my grade. Every boy in the school in grade 3 or lower. We split into 2 groups and started recruiting. Word started getting around there was going to be a big fight.

Lunch rolls around and we are scouring the playground. Japanese kid practicing high kicks? Come practice on the grade 6 girls! Bunch of kids playing Red Rover? More fun if you throw yourselves into a bunch of bullies! These girls had earned a lot of animosity throughout the year and we had no problem getting everyone into our cloud of kids. By the time all my friends had met up, it felt like we had a monstrous unstoppable army. In reality it was prolly close to 60-70 kids. Some, who didn’t even want to fight but was just coming to see what the fuss was all about.

When I got to the top of that hill, It was like Aegon the Conqueror, blazing his standard. Our swarm crested that hill causing those 8 girls to just blanch. turn white, and freeze in place. We didn’t even give them a chance to surrender and just charged down that hill at full speed. Some of them screamed as they were being bounced around like ping pong balls by the stream of little bodies throwing themselves at them. All of them were knocked down. Standing over a screeching girl who I had just bowled over. hearing her screech while she was getting pummelled by tiny fists and feet, I felt a great glory wash over me. I surveyed the chaos with pride as the girls started getting up and fleeing in tears.

AFTERMATH All the boys in our class were called into the principal’s office. Afterwards 8 of us were given weeklong after school detentions and our parent’s were called. Teacher was sympathetic, as she knew of the bullying and the detention was just free play with my close pals who pulled this off.

TL:DR Bunch of grade 6 girl bullies expect to beat up a few little kids and swept away by a sea of em instead.

reasons alola is great

- has special legendary guardians assigned certain areas to protect
- one of said guardians appears in front of you and gives you its blessing
- there’s a big city near your home
- there’s a giant ice mountain
- the leader of the evil team gets sucked into another dimension
- gastrodon is in the regional pokedex
- you keep meeting a mysterious blonde lady and end up befriending her
- many of the local Pokemon evolve based on gender or by knowing certain moves
- alola is sinnoh
- sinnoh confirmed