So I usually don’t post “personal” stuff. But y’all this show was AMAZING!  I cried before it even started because Musical Theater and acting is literally life and seeing this show has got me so eager to do it!
I had my doubts at first because they weren’t the Broadway cast but Touring Companies are just as great as Broadway!

I encourage any and everyone to see this! Seriously, so much history and amazing classics squeezed into one show!
ISSA CLASSIC❤❤❤ Sn: The recording is sucky bc I was jamming 😂

anonymous asked:

what are you fav Broadway songs???

Current Bops:

  1. Land of Lola- Kinky Boots
  2. Candy Store- Heathers
  3. Phantom of the Opera- Phantom of the Opera
  4. Overture- Phantom of the Opera
  5. Think of Me- Phantom of the Opera
  7. Simple Joys- Pippin
  8. Magic To Do- Pippin
  9. Anything Goes- Anything Goes
  10. The whole Hamilton Soundtrack
  11. Carrying the Banner- Newsies
  12. Most of Les Mis
  13. Motown the Musical
  14. Into The Woods
  15. 96,000- In The Heights
  16. In The Heights- In the Heights
  17. Picture Show- Bonnie & Clyde
  18. Basically anything I hear and love!