I was eating my dinner while doing this makeup and let me tell you that was interesting.

Going out tonight with friends so of course ya girl had to glow up. ✌🏻


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Don't. Ever. Stop

I know it might feel like you’ve been grinding forever. I know it might feel like shit is never gonna pop off for you. I know it feels like every time you finally get the strength to get back up something or someone tries to force you back down. be. fucking. stronger. be the strongest person you know. depend on your fucking self and let every fuck up in your life drive you to be a better and wiser person. stay fucking focused on your destiny. manifest that shit. stop starting over. stop making excuses. stop letting other people who have no idea about that burning desire you have to make it where you want to be in this world tell you about yourself. talk to yourself and uplift yourself. life can be overwhelming. it can also be underwhelming. but no matter what. don’t you ever. fucking. stop chasing your dreams.