We got the news on #mothersday and I have since taken at least 6 pregnancy tests just to make sure it’s real. As a survivor of childhood violence, I thought so long about wanting to make a family. I wanted to make sure that I would raise a child that didn’t have to recover from their childhood. As a #Black #Queer & #Trans family, our process was incredibly difficult and intentional with serious conversations about #policebrutality #colorism #gender and medical #racism. We had to confront our worst fears as we embraced our biggest dreams. After the passing of mi abuela pictured here, I lost the living thread to my family. I always wanted a big, boisterous family where #gender was a choice and not an obligation and conversations about justice would be just as likely to arise over dinner as anything else. And here we finally are, at an end and a beginning. I was so nervous about sharing, but I remembered how much I appreciated folks who shared their journey online and gave the unique advice that we couldn’t find anywhere else. I am so overjoyed and grateful for this gift. It’s still so new, but @themrmilan & I are having a baby😍😁✨☺️🎉👶🏽 #themilans #andbabymakesthree #blacklivesmatter #thisisluv #4weekspregnant

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I got a belated Mother’s Day tribute tattoo for my Mum. 💕💖 I also got my sailor moon piece finished. I’ll be showing it in a future YouTube video once it heals up! #tattoo #mothersday

By Valerie Bell

It’s hard for me to celebrate on Mother’s Day. I feel the absence of my 23-year-old son, Sean Elijah Bell, who was killed on Nov. 25, 2006. He was out celebrating at his own bachelor party with his friends in New York City. It was only a matter of hours before his wedding, and I was so thrilled.

It’s now a century after the founding of Mother’s Day, and our sons are still being taken from us. Society has not disarmed, but instead has militarized to the teeth. Mothers’ sons everywhere are still killing and being killed. We have had enough.

Police militarization has ripped apart the fabric of our communities. Armed with military-grade vehicles and weapons, warrior cops cultivate an atmosphere of tension and fear, exacerbating conflicts instead of resolving them. We all know we’re going to die one day, but it certainly shouldn’t be at the hands of a public servant who’s supposed to serve and protect us.

I’m not a mother

Something was different, Haise woke up with a yarn and to a noisy complex, something he had never woken up to before. He could smell the food drifting through the house and looked at his clock curiously it was extremely early and he wasn’t the one to cook breakfast. So why was the squad up?

Haise, looked over at his nightstand to see a piece of paper. Cautiously grabbing it he looked down at the words in confusion ‘Relax it’s your day, it’s mother’s day’ was written neatly across it.

“Mother’s day? I’m not a mother.” He grumbled out in confusion. 

Haise exited his room and entered the kitchen; the entire squad including Hide were out there. Saiko, Shirazu, Mutsuki and even Urie sat around the table eating slightly burnt pancakes while Hide stood at the stove, making cups of coffee.

“Mornin’” the blond chirped, “what’s going on?” Haise questioned bluntly, perplexed at the whole ordeal. 

“It’s mother’s day” Saiko perked up as if it were obvious. 

“I’m not a mother…” Haise protested. 

Chuckling from the stove, Hide picked up a steaming mug of coffee and handed it to Haise. 

Haise looked down at it to see a badly drawn cat on the surface and sighed. “The whole squad kind of sees you as a mother so it counts…” Hide awkwardly uttered out.

Flushing slightly, Haise joined the other’s at the table. He could feel his heart clench in joy and happiness and thanked the squad who all insisted there was no need (except Urie who scoffed and looked away).

“This is really nice of you all” Haise finished, he could feel tears of happiness stinging his eyes but held them at bay. He didn’t want to worry everyone with unnecessary tears.

“We’re not done yet” Hide chirped, he nodded to Mutsuki who quickly scurried out of the room. 

Haise watched in curiosity as the other returned with a bag in his hands. He was handed the bag and sent a small smile from Mutsuki “they’re from all of us” he chirped, watching Haise nervously. Hoping their superior would like the gifts, they had all bought for him.

Haise peered into the bag, gently he pulled out the book series he had wanted for an entire year, he looked up at them in amazement. “Where did you get this?” he queried.

“Hide can pull anything out of his ass.” Shirazu stated, with a teasing grin on his face. Laughing from the counter, Hide motioned for Haise to continue.

 The investigator pulled a picture frame from the bottom of the bag and almost cried. It was one of his most prized photos he had managed to get off all of them together. Urie was even smiling in the shot, it was framed in a handcrafted frame that was covered in small messages from the squad. Haise read them with the biggest smile on the face and couldn’t hold his tears back, they cascaded down his face before he hastily rubbed at them.

“Don’t cry Sassan” Shirazu cooed. 

“Idiot” Urie muttered in disgust, Haise grinned at the two and swiped at his eyes. 

“Thank you all for this” he sniffled.

“Just don’t forget father’s day.” Hide joked, throwing his arms across Haise’s shoulders who shook his head in disbelief at Hide.

“I don’t think you’re on the father level yet.” Saiko mumbled.

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Mochi loves to celebrate Mother’s Day by dancing to Mr T #mochithepug #mothersday #mrt

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