Mother's Day Gift Pink Butterfly Ornament Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Gift Wedding Garland Car Charm Rear View Mirror Charm Window Charm
Gorgeous! Love it Suzie This dainty butterfly / angel suncatcher / car charm has been hand crafted from Swarovski crystal & glass beads. Each butterfly has its own character, they are one of a kind, as they are individually created by hand, making each butterfly unique. This suncatcher gives a great sparkle in sunlight. Place it hanging from a Christmas tree or a manzanita tree in a wedding, or a car’s rear view mirror, near a window or hanging in the middle of the room. This ornament makes for a great gift. Keep out of reach of babies and children. Measurements: Total Length: approx 9 ½ inches (24cm) long String length approx 7 ¾ inches (20cm) long. Butterfly Dimensions: From head: approx 1 ¼ inches (3cm) long. Wing Span: approx 1 ½ inches (4cm) wide. For more individual butterfly suncatchers of different colour schemes visit: For a mobile with the same colour scheme of pink visit: Designed & Created by the Artisan... Fernanda Created with care and attention in a smoke free environment. Postage & Handling: The butterfly is bubble wrapped and packed in a small box. All shipping is done through standard Australia Post. International shipping is by standard airmail, and it usually takes 1-2 weeks, please visit the policy page for more details. For expedite delivery and / or for a tracking number please contact me for pricing. Thank you for visiting by the Artisan...

happy mother’s day, frigga.

Sapphire: Aww! She’s learning so fast~usually our Mothers Day gifts are rocks she thinks are pretty and kisses on the forehead, but since we sent her to Kindergarten she’s been learning how to write and-..Ruby, are you okay hon?

Ruby: *Sniff* Darn it!! I told myself I wasn’t going to cry this year!

Sapphire: You say that every year babe..


10 Stylish Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, help showcase the inner supermodel in every mom with stylish gifts they’ll love to use. Whether you’re finding a gift for a mother who has a strong grasp of her personal style, or someone who might have forgotten about the elegant beauty queen inside her, check out these 10 stylish Mother’s Day gift ideas.

1. Brooks Brothers Medallion Print Silk Square

This elegant piece from Brooks Brothers is a versatile accessory that mom can wear as a light scarf for spring and summer for any type of outfit. 

2. Burberry Check Stamped Round Leather Strap Watch

For the mom that enjoys splashes of color with her ensembles, this chic watch has a bubbly plush-stitched leather strap with subtle golden glitter detail.

3. Flight 001 Neatnik Passport Case

Are you able to give mom a nice, well-deserved, relaxing vacation? She’ll need a beautiful passport case to bring along! 

4. Maje Manches Belted Cardigan

Spring and summer still have their chilly days, and this belted cardigan is an excellent way for mom to stay warm and cozy. The neutral color makes it easy to pair, and its simple details make it appropriate for different age groups.

5. Pandora Moments Mother’s Heart Charm

This highly polished heart charm is an adorable addition to any bracelet. Why not customize a charm bracelet for mom with a theme that is close to her heart?

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Carter Shimmery Plush Slipper

Something to let mom walk stylishly and comfortably around the house. This plush creation from Michael Kors will make her the envy among her visiting girlfriends. 

7. Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Panel Tote Bag

Whether she’s the type that brings along tech gadgets, books, different makeup, or all of the above, this tote is the perfect size for mom to use as an everyday carry. 

8. Vita Fede Eclipse Bracelet

Here’s a simple accessory that is oozing with chic and confidence. Mom can wear this on her casual days with the family, or for more dressy galas. 

9. Graphic Image Medium Jewelry Box

Of course mom will need a place to store new jewelry. If you know the siblings are getting mom other fashion trinkets, be the smart one and supply the case that will keep them secure.

10. Gap Border Stripe Floppy Straw Hat

Last but not least, a bonafide warm weather and vacation accessory that any mom can rock! This charming wide-brim hat puts the spotlight on mom in a very mod way.

There are 10 listed here, but you can find more stylish gift inspirations for mom in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. And remember, you don’t have to wait for the second Sunday of May each year to show mom your love and appreciation; this should be an everyday thing! No matter how awesome it is for you to gift mom with something stylish, genuine hugs and kisses from you might be the things she’ll treasure most.