When I’m a parent I’m definitely going to ask my child often “are you okay?”
I never want my child to be crying their eyes out when I’m peacefully sleeping under the same roof and I certainly never want them to feel like there’s nobody there for them. Because I always will be.
At some point, Fred said ‘No, no, no this isn’t good enough, I have to go higher here, I have to put more into this, I have to get more power in.’ So he downs a couple of more vodkas, stands up, and goes for it. And you can hear the middle eight of 'Mother Love’ just soars to incredible heights…. and this is a man who can’t really stand any more without incredible pain and is very weak, has no flesh on his bones, and you can hear the power, the will he’s got.
—  Brian May in a BBC Radio 1 interview in 1995

“Special Bond of Creation”

Tell me those words aren’t evil.
And with the strongest kind of rejection.
Tell me those babies aren’t people.
Because your little hands and your little feet.
Sets off a special bond of a creation.
With your single breathtaking heartbeat.
I will give you all my protection.
For 9 months, I will hold you in my belly.
And for 9 million years and beyond, I will love you with all my heart.
And maybe I’ll name you Ellie.
And sweet Ellie, as long as you want, we’ll never be apart.
For I knew you lived inside of me.
And I knew you were my little human being from that first day.
Maybe someday you’ll have brothers and sisters, maybe three.
I’ll hold you close, Ellie, you’ll never feel gray.


Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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I was telling my mom a story that included someone asking me if I was a Slytherin. She interrupted me saying, “You should have replied, ‘No, but I want to be!’” Then she laughed.

….. Mother, I’ve taken seven tests, a thorough personality examination, and have dutifully studied house qualities. I know my house. Have you seen my blog?

But, alas!
You were too busy

drowning in the glitter
of this world

to recognise
her love

like the moon
the light
shining out of her soul

—  Cherish your mother. Cherish both your parents. Whilst you can, whilst they are still with you.