Wang Pou of the state of Wei, at the time of the Three Kingdoms, served his mother with filiality. When she was alive, she was afraid of thunder. When she died, she was buried in a hilly wood. Whenever there was wind and rain and Pou would hear the loud sound of thunder like the passing of the chariot of the thunder goddess Axiang, he would hurry to the grave and kneel and pray. He would weep, saying, ‘Pou is here. Mother must not be afraid.’

Circa 1300, China. Wang Pou was so admired for his filial piety, someone even wrote a poem in Pou’s honor:

His loving mother feared hearing thunder;
Now her chill spirit dwells among the dead, and
When Axian thunders over and over
He goes to the tomb to walk about it a thousand times.


Pairings: Bill Denbrough x reader, Bill Denbrough x Female reader.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 825

Warnings: None, really.

Requested: Yes.

A/N: Keep sending in requests, via private message, and asks! I love answering them!


Bill and Y/N had been friends for as long as either could recall. Bill always held Y/N so dearly to his heart, she was such a high and important point in his life. He truly adored her and it was no secret. Whether that be Stan, teasing him, or an innocent onlooker, who had no relationship with either, it was obvious to them all that he had a crush on her. Everyone except Y/N. Of course, she knew they had a special bond and thought of him as high and as important as he did her, but she thought that was where the feelings stopped. They were friends, friends and nothing more - according to her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want them to have a romantic connection, in fact, she wanted more than anything for that to be a reality. It was all down to the one factor that was: she was simply too terrified to even instigate it. Every time she looked at him, she got butterflies. That didn’t stop of her dreaming, however.

Little did Y/N know that the eldest Denbrough, the boy with the kind smile and comforting eyes, the loser who everyone knew as ‘Stuttering Bill’, her best friend, had been harbouring the exact same feelings for her. Whenever he even thought of her, he got butterflies. To some, it would be considered an innocent crush, but the people closest to Bill and Y/N knew it was more of an infatuation. Some people may even dare to say the two loved each mother.

However Bill, being a rather shy and anxious teen, struggled to even think of how he could confess his feelings to her. He, alike to Y/N, was too scared of ruining the perfect harmony the two had made with one another and would rather risk not telling her, to make sure he never lost her.


“Y/N! Hurry up! You’ll be late, you’re supposed to be taking Jakey to play with George in ten minutes!”

Y/N sat at her dressing table in a frenzied panic, she was supposed to be leaving in ten minutes? She had barely finished her hair! And she wanted to look perfect, she was going to see Bill!

Y/N continued running around her room, doing the last finishing touches and making sure everything was put back away. She had just finished buckling up her shoes when she heard her frantic mothers call once more.

“Please hurry, Y/N! You have to go!”

“I’m coming!”

And with that, Y/N ran down the stairs of the L/N household. She grabbed her brothers hand, much to his surprise, and yanked him out of the house to start their journey.


Bill heard the sharp ding from his room, alerting him that Y/N and her brother had arrived. He shot up quickly, too excited to keep his nerves under control. He raced to the door and paused before it. He took a deep breath and opened it. Upon opening it, Bill saw Y/N standing with her rain mac covering most of her head. What he could see of her face was her delicate and excited smile peeping out of the bottom. It was so beautiful, he was sure he was the colour of a tomato. He was interrupted from his trance when he heard Y/N’s little brother, Jake, call out.

“Hi, Bill!”

“Hi Jake, h-hi Y/N!” He exclaimed, rather too excitedly.

He welcomed the two into his home, watching as Jake and Georgie ran off together into Georgie’s room.

“Take your shoes off!” Y/N exclaimed, “And don’t make too much of a….” she trailed off, knowing the little boys were having far too much fun to be listening to her ramble on. “Mess.”

Bill laughed at Y/N’s attempt to mother them, they both knew they were two reckless young boys who would do everything in their small powers to, indeed, make a mess.

“Come on, then.”

He led her into his room, silently closing the door behind her.


“You’ve never seen Beetlejuice?” Y/N laughed, in a state of utter shock. “It’s brilliant!”

“No, I’ve never s-s-seen it!” He laughed along side her.

The two were sitting rather close on his bed, discussing their favourite films, as they had just finished watching one prior.

“You’ll have to come over sometime….” she nervously suggested, “you know, so we can watch it.”

“Oh, y-yeah, of c-c-course. I’d love to.”

For a second there, Bill was sure he could see a rose hue flash up onto the girls cheek’s and the sight of that gave him butterflies and caused his mouth to break into the biggest smile. Almost at the same time, Y/N would put her life on the line and say she saw him give the happiest grin he could muster. The sight of that gave her butterflies.

Lily Evans kept a diary. Several diaries, actually. Volumes of books dedicated to her years at Hogwarts and her life with Jame.

When she died, Petunia Dursley was given all of Lily’s possessions and she destroyed most of them. Except for those books. She couldn’t bring herself to, no matter how much she hated her sister. So she hid them away in the attic and forgot about them.

Like all people, Petunia eventually died. Dudley was in charge of going through her things and discovered the box of notebooks. His petty hatred of Harry gone, he gives the collection to the boy who never had anything from his mother except her eyes.

And after sleepless nights of pouring through the handwritten volumes, Harry finally gets to know his mother and he couldn’t love her more.

Please, study.
Fulfill yourself.
Realize your ambitions.

I wish somebody told me that, when I was young, when I had my future in my hands; but nobody did and I failed to follow my dreams. I gave up.
But now it’s up to you. This is your moment. Don’t let it go, it will be gone in a blink of an eye.

—  My mother, almost everyday.

In my time of dying, want nobody to mourn. All I want for you to do is take my body home.
Andy Wood - 1967/1990, & Kurt Cobain - 1967/1994.
Shannon Hoon - 1967/1995, & Jeff Buckley - 1966/1997.
Layne Staley - 1967/2002, & Mike Starr - 1966/2011.
Scott Weiland - 1967/2015, & Chris Cornell - 1964/2017.

  • Friend: Hey man, you alright?
  • Me: *thinking about how Layne Staley's first single with Alice in Chains was called 'We Die Young' and he ended up dying at 32 from a drug overdose, and how there is a line where Layne says 'take another hit, and bury your brother' and he had to bury his friend Andrew Wood who also died because of an overdose, and how Wood was also roommates with Chris Cornell, who just committed suicide, just like Kurt Cobain did back in '94, and how the musicians I grew up adoring are no longer with us and how gutted I feel to know that this world lost such talented souls too soon*
  • Me: Yeah, I'm alright.
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL

If a transman wants to keep his name, he should be allowed to do that and it’s none of your business

If a transman wants to pick a name very similar to his dead name (Samantha to Sam, Jane to Jack, etc), he should be totally allowed. It’s a little cliche, but to some people it’s a reminder about where they came from.

If a transman wants to pick a name from a fictional media that they enjoy, DO NOT chastise them for it. That is one of the rudest things you could possibly do.

If a transman wants to pick a very unique name or a plain name with a unique spelling (like Nic instead of Nick), he should be allowed to without getting weird looks.

If a transman wants to pick a very regular run of the mill name to make himself feel comfortable, support him.

It may not be what YOU would choose but guess what. It’s not YOUR choice.

My life: a novel
  • Me: do want to hear loads of useless information about bands I obsess over and famous people I have never met to distract myself from the shit hole that is my life?
  • Person: .....
  • Me: Okay, here goes.. It started in 1990....
Recuerdo cuando era pequeño y que en las fechas especiales le daba cualquier cosa hecha por mí a mi madre, a la persona que más quería en ese entonces, y ahora, ahora que estoy enamorado, no sé si sea la mejor opción, porque siento miedo de que lo destruyan en par de segundos, porque sé que el único amor que no daña es el de madre, el resto maltrata sin previo aviso.