Super irritated now; we’re playing Kahoot in class, and to play you need to make a nickname for you self to play as. I put mine as Emotional Jew™ because yesterday I made the joke that I was that emotional Jewish kid that cries at every vaguely sad movie involving Jewish people.

Our teacher kicked that name out. But he didn’t kick out The Gestapo, KGB, KKK, or TheRealHitler

I’m sorry, but how the fuck can you guys sit back and diss Sutter’s writing? Sure season six was not what I expected, but all of you know that what he did and didn’t write into this season had a purpose. Kurt Sutter is a fucking genius. And all of you “die hard fans” should be able to get past your “disappointment” and realize how everything that Sutter does, big or small, affects Sons of Anarchy as a series. So you can shove your opinions up your ass. I’m not saying I loved this season, but I am saying I appreciate everything that Sutter writes into these seasons. One “bad” season shouldn’t change your opinions on the whole series.