bit of a resign of poppy. she’s the same in personality but i found a moth species to use as a color palette and general design (i’m getting lazy i know)
Also poppy is a fairy that lives in a concealed forest grove comprised of other fairies that have taken the form of animals in order to appear normal and not-out-of-the-ordinary to any humans that may stumble in.
you could call them ‘formless fairies
princess poppy is not an actual princess, but she likes to act like she is, and her friends, peers, and elders encourage and support her behavior (usually).

Super-redesign to Mary Gould.

She is now lacking flower-characteristics and is all moth aesthetic. Now that Mary Gould’s flower pun name doesn’t make sense anymore, I’ve changed her name to Mary Possan (po-SAHN), pun off of mariposa and poison.

She’s a bit of an outcast character, being a fairy that was born half moth instead of half butterfly. Incredibly sarcastic, can be cold at times. Somewhat of a tsundere. The only part of her that is hair is what’s on her head, all of the other tufts are part of her clothing.

Mary spreads toxic spores by fluttering her retractable wings, and her weapon of choice is a bow with poison tipped arrows.

an idea for poppy

i’ve been digging deep into old magical girl stuff and was pondering an idea for a plot device where what if poppy got a human disguise — still retaining her fairy powers—  just in order to see the “prince” she fell in love with. also, she’d learn about human culture and society in order to better prepare proposing to him one day.