bit of a resign of poppy. she’s the same in personality but i found a moth species to use as a color palette and general design (i’m getting lazy i know)
Also poppy is a fairy that lives in a concealed forest grove comprised of other fairies that have taken the form of animals in order to appear normal and not-out-of-the-ordinary to any humans that may stumble in.
you could call them ’formless fairies
princess poppy is not an actual princess, but she likes to act like she is, and her friends, peers, and elders encourage and support her behavior (usually).


Oh well, still not finished with WGT posts. This was my costume of the third day at WGT. I thought about dressing up as a moth for a long time (as you can guess… I love moths) and even if I didn’t had the time or money to craft great wings I was really satisfied with how the costume turned out. Sadly you cannot see it that well in front of the white wall but I’m still waiting for the professional photos. It also turned out quite different than the sktech I made… time and money was my main enemy (-‿◦).