TA day 37

Kiwi Hope Lodge– somewhere

Waking up in my own room the sun is shining over grassy, foggy fields and mossy fences. Mountains in the distance. I had nice dreams all night and awoke feeling very much at peace with where my life has taken me. If it weren’t for all the hardships and trials of the past few years I don’t think I would be here today.
Ellie started off before me and I relaxed in the hut and began my day with music. Along the hike I saw many magpies and sang to the forests. At one point I passed a hunter waiting silently by the path. I went for a nice swim in the river and found a ram skull to admire.
At the hut there was a nice couple from ChristChurch who gave us chocolate in exchange for songs.

rosebushprince asked:

Isaac or Gloria? o: (please and thank)

isaac is mossy deep green, mountain springs hidden in caves, birds chirping, ferns, stony creeks
gloria is radiant and glowing white! pure crystals, soft classical music, spellbooks, white bricked towers