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what i hate is that people aren't even focusing on the crisis going on in Mosul. the army is trying to liberate the city and the militants are going into peoples homes and taking out people to use as human shields. the antiquities were smashed and left like trash in pieces.

I hate that here in Europe the news don’t even focus on the Iraqi / Syrian / Afghani war AT ALL. It’s always just like “Yeah and in Mosul / Homs / Kabul some people died again today”, that’s the only thing they say.
Mosul - and also Homs at the moment - are in such a terrible situation and it’s kinda hard to find any information about it or to be up to date.

It’s terrible how they use the people in Mosul and how many innocent people die in this stupid war. And it’s terrible that the world is just looking away.

The only thing we can do at the moment is to pray that this horror will stop and that the people can escape from this war.


I’ve been following the Russian side of what is happening in Aleppo, as part of what I’m studying right now, and I have to say it is pretty different than what the western media is telling us.

I’m not saying it’s true or better, but I’ve never seen mentioned the fact that Russian forces set up months ago humanitarian corridors to let people out of Easy-Aleppo. The reason why few civilians have used them, up until now, is because the rebels would shoot people that would try to leave…

The Russian forces have also been continuously calling for people and rebels to simply leave, even with their weapons. Most (95% I would say) of the soldiers get an automatic amnesty when they get out using one of the corridors and can then leave freely to go fight for another city. The only exception is the Jabhat al-Nosra group (ex-Al-Qaida), the biggest group in East-Aleppo, who gets automatically transferred to the city of Idleb, where others of their group are fighting.

Russia also claims it has installed hospitals and sent medicals supplies, food and other basic survival stuff for the people who are now “freed” from the rebels. A week ago, 2 of their medics died, from rebels shelling the russian field hospital.

I frankly do not know what is the truth. I think absolutely nobody does, because you either have the official russian and syrian press or the rebel representatives, both of whom are massively biased. There are currently NO unbiased journalists in or near Aleppo. I do not think succumbing to the growing hysteria is a good thing, though.

What I do know is that most of East Aleppo was under the control of Jabhat al-Nosra, a group basically equivalent of ISIS. And the other groups weren’t much better…

Soon, the Iraki forces, backed by the US coalition, will start fighting for Mossul. No “humanitarian” side of the operation has been shown so far. And the situation will be fairly similar, with a massive population trapped by an extremist group inside a huge city.

Make no mistakes, we will be the ones bombing schools and hospitals. I hope all of those outraged currently about Aleppo remember to be outraged about Mossul in a few months…

Joann Sfar

The worst thing, in front of the repetition of the slaughters, would be to think “another one”. Because indeed, before “my heart is with Brussels”, the first words that come to mind are “another one”. I don’t know how to fight that feeling of repetition and powerlessness. Yes. Drawing a symbol the moment we have learnt about that slaughter seems like a repetition. What can we do not to get used to it? When the first GIA bombs were exploding in Algiers, Beirut, Mossul or Tel-Aviv, people were certainly asking themselves the same questions: what can we do so it never becomes mundane? The weakness of words and drawings has never struck me as much as it does today. But those are the only tools I have.

Depois de mais de 2 mil anos de presença em Mossul, a segunda maior cidade do Iraque, os cristãos receberam um ultimato e foram obrigados a abandonar a região nestes últimos dias, deixando todos os seus bens para trás.

O Estado Islâmico lhes deu as opções: se converter ao islamismo, pagar o imposto dos infiéis e viver sob a lei da sharia, deixar a cidade imediatamente ou morrer!

Quem se recusa, já tem uma sentença de morte.

Depois de quase 2 mil anos de história, o cristianismo no Iraque pode estar perto do fim, uma vez que cerca de 90% dos cristãos que ali residiam já saíram de suas casas.

Uma das maneiras que os terroristas utilizam para identificar os cristãos é pichar suas casas com a letra ن, o “N” em árabe. Este símbolo é utilizado para designar os Nasrani (Nazarenos em árabe). Essas casas estão sendo queimadas!

É nossa obrigação ORAR PELA IGREJA PERSEGUIDA, PARE DE VIVER UM CRISTIANISMO SUPERFICIAL E HIPÓCRITA, existem pessoas sendo condenadas a morte, enquanto muitos estão brincando de ser cristão!

Aos que não sabem… o termo “Igreja Perseguida” faz referência aos cristãos perseguidos por sua fé, àquela parte da Igreja, do corpo de Cristo, que sofre restrições, perseguições, prisões ou até mesmo a morte por crer em Jesus Cristo.