Mosley Lane

"Mosley Lane" 5x16

Sarah Hillridge: How long have you been doing this, Dr. Reid?
Reid: Five years, seven months, and nineteen days.

Sarah Hillridge: In your experience what normally happens?

Reid: Charlie was eight when he was taken, which means developmentally he was in middle childhood. He had a stronger sense of right and wrong and a growing understanding of his place in the world. Mentally, he had the ability to talk about his thoughts and feelings, while having less focus on himself and more concern for others.

Sarah Hillridge: So, you think he’s gonna be okay?

Reid: With a mother like you, who did all this, I do. I’m a doctor. I put my faith in facts and statistical probabilities, but today eight parents are gonna have closure. Three children are going home with their families - all, because you believed your son was alive. This is as close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen.

Mosley Lane
Criminal Minds Season Five
This episode remains very high amongst my favourites. For starters, nearly every episode that I adore from the series is one directed by Matthew Gray Gubler. Secondly, the soundtrack is absolute perfection. Thirdly, the story has this eerie creepiness about it that I find absolutely intriguing.

The cherry on top is actress Beth Grant playing Anita Roycewood. She’s brilliantly creepy.