Mosley Lane


every episode of criminal minds ☰ 5.16 mosley lane

A mother like you who… who did all this, I… I do. I’m a doctor. I put my faith in facts and statistical probabilities. But today, eight parents are gonna have closure. Three children are going home with their families because you believed your son was alive. It’s as close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen.

Mosley Lane
Criminal Minds Season Five
This episode remains very high amongst my favourites. For starters, nearly every episode that I adore from the series is one directed by Matthew Gray Gubler. Secondly, the soundtrack is absolute perfection. Thirdly, the story has this eerie creepiness about it that I find absolutely intriguing.

The cherry on top is actress Beth Grant playing Anita Roycewood. She’s brilliantly creepy.
Mosley Lane

So I’ve been waiting for the Criminal Minds episode called Mosley Lane to be on TV because Evan Peters is in it. AND IT WAS ON TV TODAY. And I just want to say….I was fighting back tears at the end of that episode. That is one of the most sad episodes of Criminal Minds I have ever watched. My heart broke and I wanted to cry so badly. I especially wanted to cry when Charlie(Evan Peters character) told that family that their son was alive the other day. When they started crying I almost lost it and cried to. You just know they are going to blame themselves forever. If they had been a day sooner, they could have been with their son. It’s not their fault but they won’t see it that way. 

This is now one of my favorite episodes of Criminal Minds. AND THEN I FOUND OUT MGG DIRECTED IT!! That made this episode so much better! MGG is a beast! 

I’ve never gotten that emotional over a Criminal Minds episode before.

I am so happy Charlie shot that bitch though. I was all, “FUCK YEAH!!!!” when it happened. It was a fantastic episode. 

And Evan Peters continues to show his amazing acting. This man is fantastic! 

anonymous asked:

heyy I'm doing a criminal minds rewatch and I wanted to watch a heavy prentiss or jj episode but I'm having trouble thinking of other ones beside lauren and 200 lol can ya help a sista out?

Oh you know it! I gotchu. Ok so Prentiss, JJ, Prentiss and JJ, basically all things revolving around those DUMB LIFE RUINERS!!

Emily ‘princess trash bag I will shoot your dick off’ Prentiss

  • 2x10 “Lessons Learned” Two words. BABY PRENTISS.
  • 2x20 “Honor Among Thieves” Mama Prentiss comes by and tiny Prentiss is like uh nuh. They work shit out. Apparently not for long.
  • 3x02 “In Name and Blood” The shade is strong with this one.
  • 4x03 “Minimal Loss” Feels on the bus, but like bittersweet feels! My fave ep.
  • 4x09 “52 Pickup” Emily being the sarcasticest (most sarcastic?) little shit on the planet.
  • 4x17 “Demonology” Kick in the feels thanku, but Paget is hella amazing.
  • 5x08 “Outfoxed” Very Silence of the Lambs. Emily is great!
  • 5x11 “Retaliation” Aka where Prentiss almost dies for the 1000th time. She’s really badass here tho.
  • 6x17-18 “Valhalla/Lauren” Running into a wall would probably hurt less, but these are the most quality episodes ever. Plus Paget is a god pass it on.
  • 7x01 “It Takes a Village” Body slam in the feels, but like happy sad? I dunno? Watch with Lauren or you might die.
  • 7x12 “Unknown Subject” I wanna wrap Emily in a blanket then hurl myself off a cliff.
  • 7x15 “A Thin Line” Not Emily-centric, but mind as well be because she runs the damn thing.

Jennifer ‘cute lil unexpected badass loser dummy’ Jareau

  • 2x07 “North Mammon” Baby JJ already showing how much of a badass ‘take no shit’ mofo she is.
  • 2x18 “Jones” Hello Will aka future husband. Also sassy JJ yes pls.
  • 3x17 “In Heat” JJ and Will being bad at commitment for an entire episode.
  • 4x14 “Cold Comfort” JJ’s first ep back after maternity leave and a huge case for her.
  • 5x13 “Risky Business” Huge fucking ass kicking in the feels. Aj is amaze tho.
  • 5x15 “Public Enemy” And here we see why a media liaison is so important thanks.
  • 5x16 “Mosley Lane” Probably one of the best episodes of CM ever and JJ plays a huge part.
  • 6x02 “JJ” Don’t even look at me. Also fuck you CBS. Fuck your asses in the ass.
  • 7x07 “There’s No Place Like Home” There’s no episode like JJ x Henry feels!
  • 7x14 “Closing Time” Hello ‘I will kick your ass into a different country’ JJ.

And finally JJ and Emily! Both garbage can assholes!

  • 3x04 “Children of the Dark” Dat end scene tho.
  • 3x18 “The Crossing” Ladies looking out for ladies! Also they’re partners the entire ep.
  • 5x05 “Cradle to Grave” And adding this purely for them being badasses at the end.
  • 7x02 “Proof” Not my fave at all, but JJ and Em!
  • 7x20 “The Company” JJ and Prentiss become the sassiest fucks ever and its beautiful.
  • 7x23-24 “Hit/Run” Aaaaaand Em/JJ as FUCK. These eps are great.
"Mosley Lane" 5x16

Sarah Hillridge: How long have you been doing this, Dr. Reid?
Reid: Five years, seven months, and nineteen days.

Sarah Hillridge: In your experience what normally happens?

Reid: Charlie was eight when he was taken, which means developmentally he was in middle childhood. He had a stronger sense of right and wrong and a growing understanding of his place in the world. Mentally, he had the ability to talk about his thoughts and feelings, while having less focus on himself and more concern for others.

Sarah Hillridge: So, you think he’s gonna be okay?

Reid: With a mother like you, who did all this, I do. I’m a doctor. I put my faith in facts and statistical probabilities, but today eight parents are gonna have closure. Three children are going home with their families - all, because you believed your son was alive. This is as close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen.