ninannarambling  asked:

What is your favourite tree crunchy? Also what is your favourite type of pasta--not the sauce, but the shape/type of pasta itself?

Nin asking the really hard questions. I know so many good trees! Perfect soft green boys all of them. The Morton Bay Fig inappropriately situated in our front garden is a magnificent tree, but it also drops tons of disgusting inedible fruit into our garden and onto our roof and my flatmate’s car several times a year, and its roots have undermined the foundations of our house, as well as busting open the pipes so we were without sewage for a week while we got them replaced a couple of years ago. So. Not my favourite.

I think my favourite is the Poinciana growing at my friend’s place. I love the way its tiny leaves shiver in the slightest breeze, and it grows beautiful red flowers and is generally a good and handsome boy. I even have a picture, although it doesn’t capture its lovely overall shape:

As to the second part, I was going to say I don’t have a favourite because as a child I regularly selected a different shape of pasta as I grew tired of the old one, but I think as an adult my favourite is penne; it’s got a nice textured outside for holding sauce, and importantly the dough is the same thickness everywhere so you don’t get the edges overcooking while you wait for the middle to cook like you do with spiral or bow tie pasta. It’s also easier to portion than spaghetti, which tends to clump. As for type of pasta; any pasta not made with durum wheat is a waste of money. (Unless you are also including noodles within the definition of pasta, in which case I really like buckwheat noodles.) Thank you for asking! It was my favourite food as a kid and I still like it a lot.