IRL Stores to Buy Stim Toys

so that last ask I got started me thinking about what are some places where people can go to actually buy stim toys in person. So it turns out, this is really hard to find. There aren’t many actual brick and mortar stores just devoted to stim stuff. But here’s what I found. 

NOTE: I’m primarily a chew stim blog, so sorry for only scoping out those stores. if you have more you’d like to share, please add on! 

TOYS R Us - they actually have a guide/app of stuff in their store marked as great for ‘differently-abeled’ stuff. There’s no specific chew stuff here, but they have a lot of different sub categories of stimming to choose from. Toys r us’ are everywhere, but here’s the store locator to look near you. I bleive they are US only. 

MELISSA & DOUG - they sell their toys within other retail stores, but they have em at lots of different stores, so check out for their brands at their retail list.  This is what they have for sale 

NEW YORK CITY - here’s a website with links to all the stores in NYC that sell stim toys. 

KANSAS / NEBRASKA - Fat Brain Toys has stores in Omaha, Nebraska / And in Overland Park, Kansas. Here is their chew stuff, and here is their list of all the other stuff they have too. 

COLORADO / ARIZONA / ILLINOIS - Playability toys have retail locations in Denver, Tucson, and Chicago. Locations can be found here.

there really is. very little out there for specialized stores! If you have any that you know of, please add on! I hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

I’m liking Kleese in Battleborn. He was incredibly frustrating at first, with the realization that his mortar bombardment only does roughly 150 damage if every shot hits (without helix upgrades) in a game where most characters have around 1500HP, getting caught on terrain with his giant chair while trying to escape, and also just being a support character. How can I carry my team as a support character?

But there must have been something I liked, because I kept playing as this mad scientist. Pick the right skills and surround yourself with Energy Rifts, and you become one hard to kill old man!

I fondly remember playing an advanced round of The Renegade mission as him. In the final wave of enemies at the very end, I was guarding one of the doorways by myself as the other two guys on my team took the other. Constantly healed by my collection of charged energy rifts, and suped up mortars I was not only holding that door, I was pushing forward!

Then came a giant Thrall Bonecrusher.

“Guys, Got a Bonecrusher over here!”

He hit me in the face with his giant mace, and that damage to my shield was instantly restored by all the rifts surrounding me.

“…Uh, don’t send help. I got this.”

“Is that sarcasm, or…?”

“That is not sarcasm. I GOT THIS!”


The Japanese Knee Mortar — The Type 89 grenade launcher.

Used by Japanese forces from 1929 until the end of World War II, the Type 89 grenade launcher was a handy little device that could be used to launch hand grenades similar to that of a large mortar.  Light and compact, it only weighed ten pounds and could be carried by a single infantrymen.  They had an effective range of 120 yards and a maximum range of 650 yards. A well trained Japanese soldiers could fire around 25 rounds per minute with one, a devastating amount of firepower.  Feared by Allied soldiers, they provided good support considering they were smaller than most infantry arms but provided the capabilities of a rapid fire light mortar. 

To go with the launcher the Japanese military also developed the Type 91 grenade, which was special because it could be used with the launcher, used as a rifle grenade, or used as a regular hand grenade. The grenade came high explosive, incendiary, and fragmentation variants.  To operate the user simple held the mortar, braced it against the ground, dropped the grenade into the laucher, then pulled a spring loaded pin which fired the grenade. 

Many Allied soldiers who captured these curious weapons nicknamed them the “Knee Mortar”.  This was a terrible misnomer as GI’s used captured Type 89’s, bracing them on the knee, the recoil of which could break a leg or dislocate a hip.

The Monster Mortar,

In August of 1830 the lower provinces of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands rebelled, breaking away and forming the independent Kingdom of Belgium. On the 2nd of August, 1831 Dutch King William I ordered an invasion of Belgium to reconquer the territory.  While the Dutch had the upper hand from the beginning, the invasion failed when the French Army intervened, and the campaign only last ten days. While the Dutch were forced to withdraw, a garrison of Dutch troops remained in Antwerp. On the 15th of November, 1832 Belgian troops laid siege to Antwerp to forced the last Dutch soldiers out.

Once again, France intervened, donating a number of artillery pieces to help bombard the city. In addition, Belgian Minister of War Baron Empain ordered the construction of a massive siege mortar.  Nicknamed “The Monster Mortar”, it was designed by French Artillery officer Henry-Joseph Paixhans and produced by the foundries of Liege.  A truly massive mortar weighing 7,750 kg (17,090 lb) it fired a 24 inch explosive shell using a 14kg (31lb) gunpowder charge.  

The Monster Mortar was the third largest mortar in history. It only saw two days of combat, on December 21st and 22nd during the Siege of Antwerp.  The next day, Belgian and French forces forced the Dutch to surrender.  After the battle, the Monster Mortar was abandoned, being easier to just leave in place rather than cart away.  A year later, the mortar exploded when the Belgian Army test fired it.  After the destruction of the Monster Mortar, a second identical mortar was produced.

Archaeologists Unravel Mystery of Paleolithic Rock-Cut Mortars Found throughout Levant

Using Paleolithic conical mortars carved into bedrock, a team of experimental archaeologists has reconstructed how the Natufian people – hunter-gatherers who lived in the Levant region between about 12,500 and 10,200 years ago – processed wild barley to produce groat meals, as well as a delicacy that might be termed ‘proto-pita’ – small loaves of coal-baked, unleavened bread.

Most scientists agree that cereal domestication was achieved about 10,500 years ago. The new study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, demonstrates how groat meals and fine flour were produced from wild barley, 2,000 – 3,000 years before the appearance of domesticated grains.

The authors – independent researchers David Eitam and Adiel Karty, and their colleagues from Bar-Ilan University and Harvard University – conducted the study at the Late Natufian site of Huzuq Musa in Jordan Valley. Read more.

The Little David,

When it comes to World War I and World War II Germany usually gets all the fame for having big guns, such as the Krupp railway guns.  However, the United States did have its own big gun called the “Little David”.

Weighing 40 tons, this big mortar could fire a 3,650 pound projectile 6 miles.  Unlike the German big guns, the Little David was not made for combat.  Instead it was used to test aerial bombs, it being much quicker and cheaper to fire the bombs from a gun rather than lug them into the air and drop them.  However in 1945 the Little David’s mission was changed, and it was scheduled to be shipped to the Pacific Theater in order to destroy Japanese defenses during the invasion of Japan.  Fortunately the Japanese surrendered before a full scale invasion occurred, and the Little David never fired a shot in anger.

Budget Witchcraft Supplies Masterpost II


50g Raw Amethyst Crystals - $1.89

50g Natural Quartz Points - $2.40

50g Natural Lapis Lazuli - $0.99

50g Natural Obsidian - $0.99

1pc Raw Rainbow Moonstone - $1.00

1pc Tumbled Hematite - $1.00

12 Mini Glass Bottles of Assorted Crystals - $10.49

Natural Objects

(Unfortunately I am unable to verify how these objects are obtained by the seller. Though most claim to be ethically sourced I have no way to prove that fact either way)

20pcs Natural Goose Feathers - $0.79

5pcs Natural Ostrich Feathers - $0.96

20pcs Natural Rooster Feathers - $0.99

10pcs Natural Pheasant Feathers - $0.99

10pcs Natural Long Pheasant Feathers - $0.99

10pcs Natural Duck Wing Feathers - $0.99

Ritual/Spell Supplies

Porcelain Pestle and Mortar - $2.46

Leather Bound Leaf Design Journal - $3.65

Leather Bound Nautical Design Journal - $3.89

8pcs Sandalwood Incense Sticks - $0.99

10pcs Incense Cones (Multiple Scents) - $0.99 - $2.49

10pcs Wildberry Incense Sticks (Multiple Scents) - $2.49


Square Wax Sealing Candle (Multiple Colors) - $0.76

White 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Red 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Blue 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Purple 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Black 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Green 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Orange 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Pink 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Yellow 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

Brown 6in Taper Candle - $0.49

2 Multicolored Drip Taper Candles - $2.99

Round Floating Candles (Multiple Colors) - $0.49 - $3.33

Unscented Taper Candles (Multiple Colors) - $0.33 - $1.49

Glass Votive Candle Holder - $0.79