Dragon Age as a Fire Emblem

So I had the best thought ever earlier today. What if Dragon Age was a strategy RPG like Fire Emblem Awakening? So I took it upon myself to type up a redesign for such a game. Bear with me as it’s my first time splicing two games like this. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Also any characters from Dragon Age Origins that I did not add here feel free to let me know if you’d like them included.

I feel like I don’t have enough pegasus knights.

The Playable Characters
Character | Class/Re-class | Background | First Appearance
1. Aeden/Elissa Cousland | Lord/Cavalier/Knight| The only survivor of the Cousland Massacre. Aeden/Elissa joined the Grey Wardens out of revenge. | Prologue: Massacre
2. Kallian Tabris | Mercenary/Archer/Pegasus Knight | A young city elf woman who has joined the Grey Wardens to forget her tragic past. | Chapter 1: Duncan the Grey
3. Theron Mahariel | Archer/Myrmidon/Thief | A Dalish Elf ranger who joined the Grey Wardens for a chance to survive the taint. | Chapter 1: Duncan the Grey
4. Daylen Amell | Priest/Mage/Mercenary | A mage who joined the Grey Wardens to explore the world and have new experiences. | Chapter 1: Duncan the Grey
5. Natia Brosca | Thief/Myrmidon/Barbarian | A dwarf woman with nothing to lose. Joined the Grey Wardens to escape certain death. | Chapter 1: Duncan the Grey
6. Duran Aeducan | Fighter/Knight/Wyvern Rider | Dwarf Prince who has been wrongfully accused of crimes and banished. Joined the Grey Wardens to prove his innocence. | Chapter 1: Duncan the Grey
7. Alistair | Cavalier/Mercenary/Priest |  A junior Grey Warden. Very close to Duncan the Grey. | Chapter 2: Ostagar
8. Morrigan | Dark Mage/Wyvern Rider/Mage | A witch of the wilds who lives with her mother Flemeth. | Chapter 3: Into the Wilds
9. Leliana | Archer/Troubadour/Thief | A young woman with a mysterious past. She claims to have had a vision to join you. | Chapter 5: Lothering
10. Sten | Fighter/Mercenary/Knight | A qunari warrior found locked up in Lothering. | Chapter 5: Lothering
11. Teagan Guerrin | Paladin/Cavalier/Knight/Myrmidon | The Bann of Rainesfere and brother to Arl Eamon. | Chapter 6: Redcliffe Defense
12. Jowan | Dark mage/Mage/Thief | A rogue blood mage and former colleague of Daylen. Once tried to assassinate Arl Eamon. | Chapter 7: Redcliffe Assault
13. Zevran | Thief/Archer/Myrmidon | An elven rogue tasked slaying the Grey Wardens. | Paralogue 1: A Failed Assassin
14. Wynne | Sage/Mage/Cleric/Troubadour | An older mage from the Tower. Wise beyond her years and full of Compassion. | Chapter 8: Broken Circle
15. Cullen | Cavalier/Knight/Priest | A young Templar stationed at the Circle Tower. Is uneasy around Mages. | Chapter 10: Uldred
16. Conner Guerrin | Mage/Cavalier/Archer | The young son of Arl Eamon. Once was possessed by a Demon. | Chapter 11: Desire
17. Flemeth | Manakete/Dark Mage/Wyvern Rider | The Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan’s mother. | Paralogue 3: Black Grimoire
18. Shale | Golem | A Golem made of stone. | Paralogue 4: Stone Prisoner
19. Genitivi | War Monk/Priest/Wyvern Rider/Cavalier | A Chantry Scholar searching for knowledge of Andraste. | Chapter 12: Haven
20. Kolgrim | Wyvern Rider/Mercenary/Dark Mage | The leader of the Cult of Andraste. | Chapter 13: Cult of Andraste
21. Eamon Guerrin | Great Knight/Cavalier/Knight/Archer | The Arl of Redcliffe. Teagan’s brother and Connor’s father. | Chapter 14: The Urn of Sacred Ashes
22. Isolde Guerrin | Pegasus Knight/Troubadour/Archer | The Arlessa of Redcliffe and Eamon’s wife. | Chapter 14: The Urn of Sacred Ashes.
23. Elora | Troubadour/Pegasus Knight/Cavalier | The caretaker of her camp’s Halla. | Chapter 15: Brecilian Forest
24. Cammen | Archer/Myrmidon/Fighter | A young Dalish hunter desperately in love with Gheyna. | Paralogue 5: Young Love
25. Gheyna | Archer/Myrmidon/Pegasus Knight | A young Dalish hunter. Cammen has a crush on her. | Paralogue 5: Young Love
26. Aneirin | Priest/Dark mage/Fighter | Wynne’s former apprentice. Now a healer in the Brecilian forest. | Paralogue 6: Wynne’s Regret
27. Swiftrunner | Taguel/Mercenary/Barbarian | The Alpha Werewolf of Witherfang’s Pack. | Chapter 16: Heart of the Wolf.
28. Witherfang | Taguel/Dark mage/Wyvern Rider | The alternate form of the Lady of the Forest. | Chapter 16: Heart of the Wolf.
29. Zathrian | Sorcerer/Dark mage/Mage/Priest | The Keeper of the Dalish in the Brecilian Forest. | Chapter 16: Heart of the Wolf
30. Lanaya | Dark Flyer/Pegasus Knight/Mage/Cleric | Zathrian’s First. Highly Knowledgeable on Dalish History. | Chapter 16: Heart of the Wolf
31. Dulin Forender | General/Knight/Fighter/Wyvern Rider | Lord Harrowmont’s right hand man. | Chapter 18: To Crown a King
32. Vartag Gavorn | Warrior/Fighter/Barbarian/Knight | Prince Bhelen’s right hand man. | Chapter 18: To Crown a King
33. Leske | Assassin/Thief/Barbarian/Fighter | Natia’s former partner in the Carta. Now Jarvia’s second-in-command. | Chapter 18: To Crown a King
34. Dagna | Fighter/Mercenary/Thief | A young dwarf who wishes to study with the Circle of Magi. | Paralogue 7: An Unlikely Scholar
35. Burkel | Priest/Fighter/Mercenary | A dwarf who follows the Chant of Light. | Paralogue 8: Chant in the Deep
36. Oghren | Berserker/Barbarian/Fighter/Wyvern Rider | A dwarf warrior and former husband to Paragon Branka. | Chapter 19: The Deep Roads
37. Ruck | Thief/Fighter/Barbarian | A slightly insane dwarf. Lived in the Deep Roads longer than is healthy. |Chapter 19: The Deep Roads.
38. Soris | Archer/Mercenary/Fighter | An elf acquainted with Kallian. | Chapter 20: Save the Queen
39. Anora | Paladin/Cavalier/Pegasus knight/Knight | The Queen of Ferelden. Teyrn Loghain’s daughter. | Chapter 20: Save the Queen
40. Shianni | Pegasus knight/Cleric/Archer | Kallian’s closest childhood friend. | Chapter 22: Alienage Unrest
41. Cyrion Tabris | Bow Knight/Mercenary/Archer/Fighter | Kallian’s father and unofficial leader of the Alienage. | Chapter 22: Alienage Unrest
42. Ser Otto | General/Knight/Cavalier/Priest | A veteran Templar with the ability to sense evil. | Paralogue 11: Something Wicked
43. Cauthrien | Hero/Mercenary/Pegasus Knight/Knight | Loghain’s most loyal subordinate. | Chapter 23: The Landsmeet
44. Loghain | General/Knight/Cavalier/Archer | The Teyrn of Gwaren. Caused the loss at Ostagar. | Chapter 23: The Landsmeet


submitted by @skellyskooo, courtesy this post

Morrigan: Shapeshifting is the best super power, because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot.
Morrigan: You can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged mother’s house at night while chanting ominously about her sins…

~30min morrigan doodle before getting back to action! i’m a pretty slow artist, and i blame that to the fact i don’t practice as much as i should. i tried to make every brush stroke count, especially on the face. but then i got to her necklace and spent wayyyy too long disguising the fact i had no idea what i was doing.OTL

good news to my March backlog, I may be able to start working a little sooner than expected. I hope to start sending out emails next week! thank you for your patience :D