I’ve seen a lot of posts and stuff about Nesta and how Cassian doesn’t deserve her and how shitty she is as a person/fae and I just want to share my opinion on the matter.

Firstly, Feyre mentions in earlier books that she thinks that Nesta is mean in order to protect herself because she feels too much. And I agree. I mean, after the Cauldron, right before they went to war with Hybern, Nesta told her sister that she couldn’t get into a bathtub, because she was terrified and had to use buckets.

In AOFAS Nesta mentions that she can’t be near fire because the trees cracking sounded just like breaking bones. And don’t even let me get started on Cassian. Everytime Nesta looks at Cassian or is near him she gets stared down by Mor. Cassian doesn’t do anything to indicate that he has feelings for her other than the Winter Solstice present and following her home. And even then she probably thought it was because she’s his High Lady’s sister and not because he was actually worried about her.

Nesta screwed up with Feyre while they were still humans, sure. But in ACOTAR, Feyre mentions that even in poverty, her sister always made sure to look and act as if she were still a Lady. Why hasn’t that been brought up in ACOFAS? That should’ve been the first thing they noticed. Nesta hated their father for the bad investment he made, but later on moved in the “slum” area of Velaris when she could’ve lived at the fanciest and most expensive house there is. She also visited Feyre’ s new house in 2 days old clothes when she wouldn’t have been caught dead in such clothes before. What with alcohol spilled on her shoes and smelling of other men and stuff.

And Cassian. She remembers when he was bleeding in throne room of the king of Hybern while she and Elain were Made. She remembers how he tried to crawl towards her even though he was on the verge of life and death. She watched Cassian during her first fight against Hybern soldiers. Nesta waited in front of the tent when Cassian was being treated for the wound in his abdomen before being chased away by Mor. She literally threw herself over him, to protect him when Hybern was about to kill them. It doesn’t take a genious to figure out that she has feelings for him. But she thinks that he and Mor are an item. She doesn’t know of their past or that Mor isn’t interested in other male. No one bothered to tell her. That’s most likely why she’s been pushing him away and snapping at him every time. To protect herself from the rejection that was sure to follow.

When a human usually acts like Nesta, we take it as a cry for help. When a friend or a loved one stops caring about their appearance and starts getting wasted every day and sleeps around, we know that something’s wrong. So why is Nesta so different? Sure, she’s not the most loved character, and she’s hard to approach, but imagine how she felt when she saw that there weren’t any pictures of her in her sisters’ new home. When Feyre told her that it was time for her to leave Velaris. She herself said that it felt like a punch.

When Elain was still dealing with the aftermath of being Made, everyone stood by her side and tried to help her. When Feyre was so broken by Amarantha and Tamlin, everyone tried to help her. They brought them food and stayed with them, talked with them when they saw just how skinny they had become. With Nesta, no one is there for her. She doesn’t want to live in the same house as them , because then she’ll be forced to see them happy, getting along with eachother, seeing Cassian and Mor together. And that’ll make her feel even worse, because then she’ll be completely alone even when she’s surrounded by others.

After Under the Mountain, Feyre said that she felt numb. She didn’t feel anything. Nesta said the same thing after being handed the check with the rent money after Winter Solstice. Nesta is broken. Perhaps more than Feyre and Elain were. Because Nesta truly has no one there for her. Not even her own kin. I think they should’ve tried harder to talk with her. Not allowed her to move in the first place. Tried to include her in conversations like they did in the beginning.


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Nesta Archeron  /  lovely - Billie Eilish + Khalid

But I know someday I’ll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can’t find one near
Wanna feel alive outside I can’t fight my fear

Stormi Bree Henley as Nesta Archeron


Badass Females Poll

Thought this might be fun (and slightly impossible lol)

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1. Aelin v. Feyre

2. Jude v. Lila Bard

3. Inej v. Lysandra

4. Nina Zenik v. Blue Sargent

5. Amren v. Nesryn 

6. Yrene v. Morrigan 

7. Nesta v. Manon

8. Elain v. Elide

9. Nehemia v.  Alina Starkov 

10. Genya v. Asterin Blackbeak

DA Romances as Told by Marriage Tweets


Priest: They’ve written their vows.

HoF: *recites beautiful vows*

Alistair: *takes out notecard* I love you and cheese the same amount.


Zevran: My partner messaged me to say they’re excited to have barbecue ribs with me tonight, so I made sure to compliment their sexting skills. 


Child: *crying because it isn’t her turn with the tiara*

Morrigan: ‘Tis important to share, girl.

HoF: You’re 35. Give her the tiara.


Leliana: I’m secretly investigating how many decorative pillows I can put around the house until my wife loses her shit.  Current count: 23.


[RSVPing to party]

Hawke: *whispers into phone* Is it ok if I bring my weird roomate?

Anders: *from behind* STOP CALLING ME THAT!


Hawke: I’m glad I got married.  Everyone deserves a sidekick!

Isabela: Good point, Robin.


Hawke: We need milk, eggs, and bread. Write it down.

Merril: No need. I’ll remember!

Hawke: [one hour later] What’d you get?

Merrill: A panda!


Hawke: Until I got married, I didn’t know it was possible to chew gum arrogantly.


Fenris: We got invited to two parties this weekend.

Hawke: Wow. We finally have friends.

Fenris: We’re skipping both, right?

Hawke: Obviously.


Inquisitor: I’m still waiting for my husband to apologize for what he did in my dream last night.


Sera: *pulls back curtain while wife is in shower* Are we - stop screaming, its just me - Are we out of Cheetos?


Cullen: [Leaving for work] *gives wife quick kiss* *spends 10 minutes saying bye to the dog*


Bull: You gonna drink that entire bottle of wine?

Inquisitor: You didn’t marry no quitter

Bull: *nods* My Queen.


Inquisitor: I love you.

Dorian: You should. I’m a goddamn miracle. 


Cassandra: *watches Inquisitor sleep* I just love him so much. He’s my everyth-

Inquisitor: *snores*



Josephine: *Runs back into house which is on fire*

Inquisitor: What are you doing?!

Josephine: I just wanted to straighten up a little before the firemen get here.


Inquisitor: My husband won’t let me pick up wood at Home Depot because he doesn’t want it scratched or bent, but I can take care of his children daily. 


Happy international women’s day!


I want to remind you that Mor which favourite color is in 90% RED, had worn blue outfit for the first meeting with Feyre just beacuse she knew about her fear and she didn’t want to frighten her.

And this just melts my heart and makes me cry. Pure frienship.


‘This is the start of how it all ends’

I’ve wanted to do a new Morrigan piece for quite a while now. 'Woah. I could try and do the art study of Klimt’s Judith for this.’ So I did. 💛

At first I wanted her to hold Flemmeth’s head, instead of Holofernes, but it just looked superdisgusting. Went for darkspawn instead.


been missing da, so heres a bunch of concept art morrigans from the dai artbook… one of my many unlikely hopes for da4 is that they leave this goth mom alone to raise her goth family in peace