Morrigan, asking the warden to search Kinloch Hold for Flemeth’s grimoire: 

“The grimoire is leather-bound and adorned with the symbol of a leafless tree, should you come across it. If not, however, then I shall simply put it out of my mind.”

A leafless tree, aka Mythal’s vallaslin. Morrigan obviously didn’t learn her mother’s true identity, but she could have gleaned the base of her ancient elvhen knowledge from that grimoire?

I’m sure other people have caught this already, but it made me laugh when Morrigan described the leafless tree to Rehan last night.

Opp– i forgot!! In my absence I acquired a great interest in this game.
I bought it for the sib’s birthday and we’ve been playing ever since, heh.

My first attempt at inquisition friends, practically by memory I had no refs save for the tiny image on the back of the case.

I’ll do better next time, now that I’m online again, heh.


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She first sees them picking apart the ruins of a deer in a lonely field.

She’s biking along a suggestion of a road, a mound of grass and ruts on the sides carved out by rusting trucks every other week. The skies are grey, threatening another storm that’ll turn the barely solid dirt she’s negotiating into mud. It’s cold, enough so that every breath billowing out of her mouth is steam from a bellows. She’s stopped to lean against a rotting fence post, sweatshirt cavernous and full of heat, when the cawing makes her turn her head.

A black cloud’s puddled on the ground, wings and beaks and tails breaking out of the pool every few seconds. They’re gathered and perched and jostling around a corpse, one she can barely make out save for a stretch of long antler and a flash of bare ribs. She’s not a stranger to roadkill, has steered her bike around plenty of raccoons and rabbits and squirrels, but this is new. This is larger, a slice of night where a pale shadow had been before.

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Friendly reminder that Morrigan was raised by an authoritarian mother who abused her both emotionally and physically, and taught Morrigan that love was meaningless.

Morrigan challenged those beliefs during Origins, learning to trust and rely on others, to care about them even though she has trouble expressing those feelings because it goes against everything Flemeth taught her.

And if she has a child of her own, Morrigan doesn’t swing to the other extreme and become a permissive parent. Instead she raises Kieran with the perfect balance of warmth and structure. Most importantly, Morrigan ensures that her son knows he’s loved.

Friendly reminder that “I am many things, but I will not be the mother you were to me.”