Once in Barcelona, I met Shakira and her children. Salome was happy because she is big fan of her, and me too! Shakira, at one point, said to Milan: “Look, it’s daughter of James Rodriguez!”. And Milan - charming - said : “I have shirt of James with 10!”.
—  Daniela Ospina about an interesting meeting in Barcelona :)
Why I Love - [Chpt. 11]

Negan x Addison 

[Summary: Addison encounters a savior, who recognizes her from before the apocalypse. Negan has a secret plan.] 

A/N: eventual smut ( ̄ω ̄), woot I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. xoxo I’ve mapped out a few ideas for the next few chapters, but I could always inspiration! <3 Love you beautiful peeps 

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Summary [Negan can no longer handle the tension between him and Addison]: Chapter 10 

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Stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him 


Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. The medical supplies were spread all over the counter. I had offered to help out Carson as a thank you for what he did for Toby. Right now, as I’m taking inventory, all I can think about is Negan.

His insane good looks, the way he touches me with such assertiveness, how he presses our bodies together, when he kissed me… 

Tapping the back of the pencil on the counter, I bit my bottom lip, shaking the arousing thoughts that ran rampant through my mind. Why am I constantly so back and forth about this? One minute I’m throwing myself at him in a random cabin in the middle of nowhere, and the next I’m shying away.    

I’m not going to lie, hearing Naomi and Jade both talk about Negan made me feel intimidated. I’m nowhere near as experienced as they are or as he is, and realize now that I can easily make a fool of myself. 

I can’t bare the thought of doing that in front of him. 

He’s become an itch that I can’t seem to scratch, turning me into pent up ball of frustration. I need to get a grip of myself. 

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You Should Know Better Pt. 9

Summary: Look above?? I suck at these. 
POV: Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 3500ish
Author’s Note: FYLDNFF coming at cha with not one but TWO gifs. I’ll probably do two gifs from now on.
Parts: 9/- (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight)
Quote: “Like I said, I’m three steps ahead of you in thirty different directions, Naïve little Natalie.”

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