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that ENTIRE SONG is barisi!! “You should take it as a compliment that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk” literally just screams whiskey’d up Rafael and that Staten Island goon

Right!!? I listen to this one particular radio show every morning on my way to school (8 AM class life) and they were playing it since it had just premiered, and as soon as I heard that line I was like, “OH SHIT HOLD UP.”

Like, it’s Taylor Swift, but. It’s SO BARISI.

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Just noticed that other than Comic Con Panels or Paley. the TWD cast don't do much of the traditional the talk show circuit - morning (GMA/Today), midday (ellen), or late night (Fallon, et al.) - before the premieres or mid-season run of eps. Is there a reason for that? Like they did some group/single Conan appearances previously. But what gives, do you think?

I’ve seen them do segments here and there. I don’t pay much attention to that kind of promo because I find it repetitive and boring, but I know I’ve seen it for season premieres especially. Just to name a few, aside from Conan, I recall the ladies being on GMA, I wanna say Steven has been on Ellen, JDM and Danai have been on Live with Kelly a bunch of times, and Norman has been on Fallon several times as well. (And that’s just the past couple of seasons.)

If you mean the full cast being together, I don’t know what the demand is for an ensemble like this to be on a talk show, but it’s probably a logistical nightmare, lol. I’d bet it’s easiest to just put them on Talking Dead for the premiere and call it a day. But they definitely tend to do their talk show circuit ahead of a new season and even a bit in February for the MSPs.


└ WWG 2017 to celebrate 二宮先生’s 17th 34th birthday!

Canada: Guess what?! I just read a study that said that maple syrup can help you ward off super bugs!!!! 

America: Okay, bro, I hate to kill your joy with the scientific process but–

Canada: And eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter!!!

America: Where did these sources come from? Did you check–


These keep getting better

(Some backstory; the paladin and I (wizard) are both nobles, but from opposing nations, and wildly different statures of society (merchant and heir to a much larger estate) so we were at odds in a joking way and eventually this led to me jumping from a window, passing out (0 hp) and having a chamber pot poured on me while our warforged decided to turn it into a public show. This took place at a market the next day)

DM: You see a merchant selling foodstuffs.

Warforged: I go up to him.

DM: Welcome, welcome! Come try my delicious sh*t on a wizard! (Que confusion/disgust from the party) They were doughmen, but I saw a hilarious show this morning and decided to pour chocolate on them.

Warforged: How much?

DM: 2 copper each.

Me: (Is passing by and still pretty sore about the incident) I cast mold earth, making a 5x5 hole underneath him.

DM: Oooof! Oh! Look at this! Magical shit on a wizard! They make magical miracles happen! Buy your own for 3 copper each!

Me: Mold earth, I move a pile of dirt on his head.

DM: AMAZING! These things are magic of the highest degree! Come! Buy your own for just 4 copper each! *Dusts dirt off his stock*

Me: Mold earth, I write “Latrine” and an arrow pointing to his face in the dirt.

DM: LOOK AT THIS! These are amazing magical items! Come see what they can do! Have your own magical miracles in your own home! Just five coppers each! *Rubs out words*

Warforged: I’ll take 4.