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I thought… that anon was getting angry at you for not disliking crackers?? and I was like honey have you tried them? they're like crunchy bread and they're great with cheese and soup and then I realized and now I feel kind of terrible for laughing at first so sorry.

omg this is so pure no don’t worry my friend and anyhow i happen to love crackers especially with brie cheese or broccoli cheddar soup like yum yum i’ll take those crackers any day let me tell you

“Today will be a good day”

“I look cute when I first wake up”

“Im an awesome person”

“I have an awesome job, and Im very lucky to have it”

“I work hard and that is pretty awesome”

“Oh look, my cats got in bed with me :D”

- me, every morning

“I made it through another day! GO ME!”

“I did good today”

“I got ___ done today, and thats awesome”

“Oh look, my cats got in bed with me :D”

-me, at night

“I can do one more thing today, and after that, i can do one more thing”

“Its okay to sit down and take a break, no one is judging you for it, you only judge yourself”

“Its okay to rest.”

“Shaking hands add an organic feel to my paintings, and i like organic stuff”

“Its okay to say no, its also okay to say yes”

“Use the power of raw emotion to my benefit, use logic mind to my benefit. Both are good for me”

“Hey look, my cats are on my lap :D”

- me, during the day

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Consider this. You wake up every morning to the smell of food, roll out of bed and make your way to the kitchen. And there's Alex in his pjs with no shirt making breakfast for you. "morning doll. I made your favourite" and a kiss when he notices you

I managed to type out a domestic notterfoy drabble on my phone set an unspecified time post war. There is no explanation it’s really just fluff for your birthday. I hope you have a great day.

By the time Harry finally returned home it was far later than he had intended and the only light in the flat was coming from the moon shining through the curtains. There was a plate of food on the bench, kept warm and fresh with charms and a note beside it telling him to eat. He wasn’t hungry, but the reminder that someone cared left him feeling happy and warm. He grinned to himself as he put the plate away for the morning and then made his way to the bedroom.

The candle had almost burned out, but there was still enough light for him to make out the two figures sleeping soundly in the bed. Draco on one side, sprawled out and taking up more than half the large mattress, his white blonde hair in a state of disarray. Theo closer to the light, propped up by the expensive pillows both purebloods had insisted on, with a book open in front of him and glasses perched on his nose.

He tried to be as quiet as possible. He managed to make it half way through removing his Auror robes when he saw Theo stir and blearily open his eyes.

“Sorry I’m late,” he murmured quietly as he crossed the room to plant a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “I tried to get away sooner.”

“I know. Draco will demand you make it up to him, though, you know what he’s like.”

He did know, they both did. Draco Malfoy had changed in many ways since their schooldays, but he was no less demanding, especially when it came to attention from his boyfriends,

“I will.”

He would, but right now he was grateful for Draco’s ability to sleep like the dead as he finished undressing and Theo gently moved him over so he could climb into bed and finally get some rest.

@curseddraco thank you so much! You write our boys just the way i imagine them and i love it. This was so domestic and lighthearted, an amazing gift to wake up to❤️

The morning attack, made by about 100 Dornier Do 17s, escorted by over 300 fighters, took some time to assemble over the French coast and so gave Fighter Command plenty of warning.
On its way to London the hostile formation was engaged by five Spitfire squadrons and the Hurricanes of 229, 253, 303 and 501 Squadrons, but it was still intact as it neared the capital. At this point Bader’s 12 Group Wing attacked it from the flank, the two Spitfire squadrons engaging the 109s, the three Hurricane squadrons the Dorniers. Simultaneously four more Hurricane squadrons charged the bombers head-on.
The Hurricane squadrons in question might have been selected to typify Fighter Command:
242 Squadron as a mainly Canadian outfit represented what were then called the British Dominions; the Poles of 302 and the Czechs of 310 Squadrons represented the ‘Free’ Air Forces from the occupied countries; 17, 73 and 257 were regular Royal Air Force squadrons; 504, the County of Nottingham Squadron, symbolized the Auxiliary Air Force.
And between them they routed the bomber formation.
—  They Flew Hurricanes, by Adrian Stewart

A professor from my design program who did not particularly like me/my school work just emailed me to tell me a freshman in her class that was assigned to research a designer (Seymour Chwast) and then find a contemporary designer who may have been influenced by them used me/my map illustration as the contemporary designer. That is like, six kinds of satisfying.


some of the ladies of Dumbing of Age

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