The night before had been more than a little tiring, moving Ayleen’s boxes of belongings proved to be quite the task. Though this was good, because that meant she was sleeping soundly in their bed when morning came. He silently made his way out of the bedroom and through into the kitchen.

There, he made a great effort to make a full blown breakfast for her to eat in bed. James was pleasantly surprised when everything went to plan. He stuck the plate of breakfast on a tray, along with some orange juice. Creaking the bedroom door open, he grinned. “Good morning, sleeping beauty~!” He chirped.

        ❛ did you see that?

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For the reputation meme: A person who knows a lot about the ocean, probably as a result of having gone down with the KaZe ship.

Someone notes me for my ocean knowledge?!

I mean, I’ve only been studying the ocean with the intention of it being my career for over a decade. I’d hope I’d know some stuff by now. 

As for me going down with the KaZe ship…


Sorry I haven’t been replying to messages, yesterday I was busy with Kate and this morning Ben made me go out for breakfast and i’ve been asleep since because I felt very ill, but i’m fine now. 

I have a few announcements to make: I have a lot of prompts to do by which I mean in the 30-40s so Prompts are closed until i’ve worked through a lot of them. Any prompts sent to me from this point on will be deleted. 

Secondly, please don’t request The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Real People, or Perks of Being a Wall Flower I have said on multiple occasions that I will not do these. 

Thirdly, When asking for a preference please don’t give me something very specific like you would with a one-shot. I will not do it because I physically can’t make that work with a preference it would just be the same situation with a different character. 

I think that’s about all, have a nice day and I hope I haven’t come across too harsh. xx 

EDIT: Please when reading a one-shot look at who the writer is. Secrets is by hachievans and not me. So I won’t be writing more, but she will. Please send praise to her and messages to her and she’ll respond accordingly. Thank you. 

#InspiredMondayMantra “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I read an article today about giving up complaining for 30 days. For some reason, this resonated so much, so immediately, with me. To be honest with you? I know I have a lot going for me—a book, my practice, this community, a job, a place to live, people who love me. But so often I live in anxiety, in depression, in fear, in anticipation of what’s coming.

The common denominator? Or, I guess, the Mobius strip that leads me from anxiety to depression to anxiety? I discovered it this morning.


So, this morning, I made a vow to myself. No complaining. For thirty days. Then I decided, okay, for someone who is prone to anxiety, let’s just take this one day (minute?) at a time.

First response? Fear. Fear of accepting things as they are because, what if by accepting things, they never change? Then, second response? How’s that current situation working out for you?

So. No complaining it was.

I drove to work. Realized the easiest way (the only way) not to complain was not to think. So I looked instead. The sunrise, the ocean, the woods. I listened. The birds, the silence, the tide. If my mind wanted work? Yes, I said. Yes. That was all I allowed: yes.

It was incredible. It was Monday—usually especially rough—and it was a magnificent day. One of the best I’ve had in a long time.

What changed? I still have no extra money. I still have a scary book tour (in cities!) coming up. I still have to travel on airplanes, take taxis, have meetings. But there was no misery, no anxiety, no fear, no dread.

What changed? I didn’t complain. I didn’t leave the present. I stayed where everything is okay.

Right here in this moment.

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this video was sent to me by nonchalantmiming this morning. totally made my birthday awesome. :D 🎂

Hello Stranger

Selise paced down the slowly sloping street to stare at the large figure of a lion’s head carved into the side of the wall. Water flowed freely from its mouth and into the little basin at the street level, sending a refreshing mist of water into the air. It almost made the morning too cool for her liking, but she remained rooted to her spot and stared at the small, red-roofed building in the distance.

He lived there right? She frowned at the thought. It was just a guess, but she felt confident enough to at least have it lead her steps here. A single glance, that was all he had given it, but for him it seemed out of place. When he sulked off she expected to find him halfway to a tavern door, not standing in front of a residence. She scrunched up her nose as the moist air began to give her a chill. With somewhat of a disgusted look at the perpetually drooling lion she began her walk up to the front door.

What was the worst that would happen, she slightly inconvenienced some stranger? A stranger from Old Town…seemed like a bad idea. She huffed in annoyance. No one in her old home had these issues. Everyone knew everyone and if there was a knock on your door it would have been a welcomed thing. 

“Damn city…” she muttered under her breath. Even so she had paused and turned around briefly, rethinking her decision.

Anyone watching would have had a nice laugh at the pacing priestess, turning in her small circles in the street, working out what seemed like a very important dilemma in her mind. Waking up a stranger a little earlier than they normally would was nothing compared to the conversation she had a few days past. If the man’s words were true, if all the implications and warnings of danger weren’t exaggerations then this thing was bigger than she could handle.

But was it worth it to call in this one favor she had been gifted? Was it even right of her to possibly get him involved in something he had escaped. It was right to at least let him know, she had faith that he wouldn’t betray her confidence if she asked it. Her lips set into a thin line at the decision and she turned back to the house, walking up to the door and knocking sharply three times. 


PEOPLE/EW Exclusive: Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande perform “Don’t Dream It’s Over” in onesies, are generally perfect

The collaboration (along with the rest of the “Backyard Sessions”) was released to bring awareness to Miley’s Happy Hippie Foundation, which supports and sheds light on issues surrounding homeless and LGBT youth.

The biggest problem of being  fandom trash is that you use so many references IRL and 97.6% when no one gets it  you just look plain up stupid 

Calum knew how hard he had fallen for you even before he woke up this morning. He made his way to the kitchen and saw you already standing there, cooking breakfast for the both of you while one of his shirts hung off your body. You stole his shirts constantly, refusing to sleep in your own when his were “so much more comfortable” in your opinion. He didn’t mind though, in fact, he loved it. He didn’t know what he was getting into when he saw that you were his new roommate, but he couldn’t help but smile warmly when he noticed you nervously twisting your feet the day you moved in. You became his best friend in such a short period of time, it almost scared him. He knew he couldn’t just be friends with you forever though; everything you did made his smile grow wider, his eyes shine brighter, and his heart expand more with each day you spent with him. It started when you had one of your movie nights a couple of months ago, your bodies cuddled closely on the couch. He was so tempted to lace your fingers together and press your buttery popcorn covered lips to his, but it took every bit of restraint for him not to. He tried his hardest to stop his heart from pounding out of his chest every time you fell asleep on him, your limbs curled around him as if you never wanted him to leave your side. He was surprised the feeling never woke you up, since it sure as hell kept him up most nights. He thought about your lips pressed to his, if they would feel as soft as they looked. He only assumed they would, since you nearly applied a whole tube of strawberry scented balm to them every day. He always felt like you knew what that did to him though, the smell wafting from your chapstick drawing him closer to you like a magnet. You’d place a smile on your lips every time you finished applying it, having them shine in the light of your kitchen as if you were showcasing to him how lovely they were. Teasing him with what he couldn’t have. He never felt this emotionally attached to someone; feeling so much sympathy for you whenever you were having a rough day. He hated to see you cry, wanting nothing more than to kiss the tears away from your flushed cheeks. Instead he’d wipe them away with his thumb rather than his lips, killing him each time he did so. Whether you were sad or happy, you cuddled to his chest stirred up emotions he didn’t even know he had. He knew he was falling in love with you, only causing him to worry more about the situation. He was fighting with himself, whether or not to tell you now or later about how much you really meant to him; how much he truly loved you. “Hey, you okay?” You asked, knocking him out of his daze as you placed a piping hot cup of tea in his hand. “Yeah,” he smiled softly, not knowing what to do at this point. A tired smile graced your lips before you turned back to focus on what you were cooking. Later, he thought to himself. It had to be later.