Do you see this? I just happened to check my stats (that’s a filthy lie. I obsessively check just like every other content creator out there) and I saw this.

On top of everything else (over 800 hits? WTF?) The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars has OVER 100 SUBSCRIBERS! 

That’s… that’s… there’s a hundred plus people out there who will get a notification when TDPL updates next.

Yeah… no pressure. No pressure at all…

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I love how Charlie calls Dennis “buddy” after correcting him. It just seems almost condescending like he’s gently trying to call Dennis dumb without actually doing it.

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Hey I love your art!! I'm trying to learn Polish so that I can speak it with my grandma and i just saw that you're from Poland. Do you have any tips?

Thank yOU~!!!!

Ohmygoodness, I absolutely have never thought someone would ask me this but I feel incredibly flattered, so thank you for asking :’D But tbh, I’m not sure, you know? Like, I’m not so good at languages and since it’s my native tongue, no tips come to my mind when I think about it.. I mean, probably the greatest way to learn it is through actually talking with people in this language so they could correct and help you if they saw the mistakes you made. So if you wanna try to chat with me in polish, feel free to hit me with a message again :’D

My Partner’s Best Friend, an Everlark one shot

Rated: G

Author’s note: Forever ago @peetas1girl​ requested from this post the prompt, “falling in love with their best friend’s partner au.” It got buried in my email and I just found it yesterday. I hope you like my interpretation. And fluffy Everlark.

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paint me the world— juliett


scarlett couldn’t keep her eyes off of julie. her soft skin had speckles of pale blue paint, which perfectly matched the ribbons tied around her wavy pigtails. the way her dark eyes sparkled in the soft morning light made scar’s heart skip a beat. she tucked her amber curls behind her ear, drawing in a deep breath as she made her way across the room to where julie was creating yet another masterpiece.
“hey jules, whatcha painting?” scarlett’s voice was as soft as julie’s cashmere sweater.
“just some scenery from my uncle’s house.”
no matter how many times scarlett saw julie paint, she was still in awe. the trees seemed to sway, the clouds seemed to drift, and the lake seemed to shine. it looked alive.
“i was wondering, after school, maybe, you could help me with an art assignment?” scarlett had a way with words that could make anyone drop to their knees, especially julie.
“sure. what do you need to paint?”
“a…” scarlett had to come up with something. something good. “goddess. a greek goddess.”
“oo, mythology. ill bring some refs,” julie replied warmly.
“thank you!” scarlett exclaimed. she wrapped her arms around julie’s waist as the bell rang. quickly, she slung her bag over her shoulder, and hurried off to class.

“so, you gotta start off with basic shapes.”
“shapes. got it.”
scarlett tried to copy the way julie’s hand glided across the canvas, but she could barely focus on the drawing. julie was too beautiful, too distracting.
“now, make sure the shoulders are proportionate– scarlett, are you even listening?”
“y-yeah,” scarlett fibbed.
“okay…” julie was clearly not convinced. “you’ve gotta make sure the hair looks real, not blocky.”
“well, how do i do that?”
“like– here, let me help you.”
julie guided scarlett’s hand. scarlett could’ve sworn that her heart was about to burst out of her chest. scarlett glanced at julie, who was staring right at her.
they were so close.
if only they were closer.
julie smelled like cherries. she wore peach chapstick. her lips parted slightly after speaking. all things scarlett shouldn’t be noticing, no matter how close they were.
julie seemed to get closer, and closer, until it happened.
julie’s lips tasted faintly like sugar, and very much like peaches. julie’s hands traced scarlett’s spine, and scarlett’s hands held on to julie’s shoulders. the universe seemed to freeze, as if the only sound was them and their lips.

Chilly mornings

We’re staying at my mom’s house until we get the new house put together, and something about being in the house I grew up in makes me a master chef. So this morning, I made cheesy grits, pancakes, and scrambled eggs and served them to everyone while they were still in bed. Check me out, y'all.

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BTW your spotify is on point

this is absolutely, without a doubt the BEST compliment ever. omg ily. i’m so happy you think so! THIS MADE MY MORNING. thank you!!!!!!

PEOPLE/EW Exclusive: Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande perform “Don’t Dream It’s Over” in onesies, are generally perfect

The collaboration (along with the rest of the “Backyard Sessions”) was released to bring awareness to Miley’s Happy Hippie Foundation, which supports and sheds light on issues surrounding homeless and LGBT youth.


Y’all let me tell you something adorable that happened today. We were on the bus heading downtown and this girl gets on, and she’s hella cute y’all, just adorable in her velvet top and her mini-skirt and her sneakers, and she’s a larger girl with a big tummy and killer thighs, but she also looks kinda shy and was holding her head down and her body language was very uncomfortable and I’ve been there, I’ve put on my “I want to wear this so I totally will wear this” outfit and spent the entire day pulling my skirt down or subtly trying to hide my belly by holding my bag in front of me because my self confidence wavers between “radiant as the sun” and “second level of hell just let me die”. 

So not wanting to be That Creepy Older Person Who Says Something, I just give her my biggest smile and make some gesture which I hope implies “I love your everything, it’s so purple!”

But the girl behind me? She has no such qualms, she sees this other girl coming and she says loudly so everyone can hear “Oh my gosh you’re so pretty! I love all of you!”

I dunno if you’ve ever seen what happens when girls compliment other girls in public, especially girls that don’t know each other. But Lord it is beautiful and you could power a city for a year from the brightness of her smile in that moment.