Good Morning from Scotland

Little Ross lighthouse, Kirkcudbrightshire by Ian Cowe
Via Flickr:
One of the first lighthouses to be designed by Alan Stevenson, it was first lit in 1843. Little Ross Lighthouse would have a fairly undistinguished history had it not been the scene of a murder in August 1960 where the local relief keeper was killed by another keeper who had only been in the lighthouse service a short time (it later turned out that he had a criminal record). Ironically, a representative from the Northern Lighthouse Board arrived on the island a short time later that same day to give the news that the lighthouse was about to be automated.

It’s not about the person you’re thinking of late at night in bed.
It’s about the person you think of first thing in the morning. Wanting to spend the rest of the day with them.
It isn’t about the person you’re thinking of on those late night drives.
It’s about the person you’re thinking of when you’re running an afternoon errand, the radio is on and you’re singing along at the top of your lungs in the middle of traffic wishing they were right there beside you.

It’s about the one you want to spend the little moments with, the moments that will flash before your eyes one day and there’s no one else you’d rather see yourself with in those moments because you know that that’s when you feel like your life is worth living the most.

—  S.A // Conversations About Love #8