I love how I started watching the conference with the impression that nothing would appeal to me due to being depressed. The spirit was having none of that garbage and basically did a surprise attack on my heart.

It’s also cool that my depression isn’t gone but that won’t stop the love of God from taking care of me.

  • Me:trying to fall asleep
  • My crazy never-sleeping brain:so wait did Elder McKinley come out in the end of the Book of Mormon? Like the lyric he has in the final song gives it away but like he was homophobic like not long before that?? Has he somehow managed to come out of that armored closet??? Did he question his sexuality when he saw elder price??? Did he accept himself? Like it sounds like he came out and I bet 50% of the fandom believes he did but like??? Did he really? Trey Parker, Matt stone, and Robert Lopez can you hear me???? I need answers!!!!!

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winterriddles  asked:

Sorry if I sound ignorant but who is Robert Hales? :)

Oh no you aren’t ignorant haha no worries :’)

He’s one of the current leaders in my religion ^^ today and tomorrow we are having our semi-annual conference, which is super cool because it’s broadcasted all over the world :)

Basically they tell us inspirational stories and experiences, as well as guidance and they teach us to remember our inner worth and to treat others not of our faith with love as well. It’s really awesome.^^

“We cannot pray away another’s agency.”

Robert D. Hales’s message that the choice to love the Lord is our own is really a powerful message (as is his entire talk).

Too often we try and try to bring others with us but…it’s their choice. We must remember that and not be discouraged as we share our faith.

Regardless of what people ultimately choose to do, if they can feel our love and the love of God through us, then it is enough.