All three blooper reels from the new Mork and Mindy DVD boxset!

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Please keep in mind that I put together all three blooper reels from my own DVDs so do not reupload this anywhere. It is currently on youtube but unlisted and the title is complete gibberish so that others can’t find it/search for it and have it taken down due to copyright laws. I’m uploading it for YOUR enjoyment but pls don’t reupload this because that’s not nice.


Michael Scott: “When I am backed into a corner, that is when I come alive. See, I learned improv from the greats, like, um… Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles. Yeah! Robin Williams! Oh, man, would I love to go head-to-head with him. Oh! That would be exciting.   Hi. I’m Mork from Ork.   Well, I’m…I’m Bork from Smork.  Nanu nanu!  Jibbly bloo bloo!”

At the end of July, I decided to start re-watching the U.S. version of The Office. I’ve seen all three seasons of the original UK series many times over the years, and was a fan of the U.S. version, but had never revisited any of those episodes. So, a couple of weeks ago, I watched the first two episodes of season one, but hadn’t gone back to it yet.

Earlier today, Netflix added The Fisher King to their streaming service, and I’d planned to watch that when I got home, but decided to put it off because I thought it might be too heavy tonight. I read for awhile, and then right before bed, I scrolled through my Netflix queue and went back to where I left off a couple of weeks ago with The Office. Season 1, episode 3.

My jaw dropped during this last scene. Of course Robin Williams has been a big part of pop culture for years, so there are probably references to him on many shows. But, really. What are the chances of watching this particular episode tonight–of all the things I could’ve picked instead–after deciding to put off watching him in The Fisher King?

I have plenty of things I want to watch in my Netflix queue, including other TV shows that I’m further into and more invested in wrapping up.

I’m not trying to make something out of nothing. But sometimes a thing happens, and you have to acknowledge it because the timing seems really bizarre. So, that happened, and it was really bizarre. But it made me smile.