• Clary: What would you do if you saw someone beautiful?
  • Jace: I'd smile, flip my hair, then put down the mirror

Jace letting Simon hug him.
Simon squealing lightly and going in slowly like he’s afraid it’s a trick.
Jace telling him to get it done or forget it.
Simon suddenly going in super fast and forgetting his vampire strength.
Jace, of course, pretending he’s fine.
Simon whispering “character development” in his ear.
Simon falling to the ground afraid a very sharp jab to the ribs.
Simon shouting “worth it!” As Jace walks away.

If Kit Herondale was a nurse...

would he be a first aid kit?

My brother's opinion on the Shadowhunters Characters
  • Clary: She's all "me me me"
  • Jace: He's all "me me me" and approves of Clary being all "me me me"
  • Simon: Wimp but has reason to be
  • Alec: A bit like me (but I'm not gay), he's fine
  • Izzy: She's okay, the Lightwoods are the only ones I like
  • Magnus: Exactly like my sister, getting used to him. He's alright
  • Raphael: Looks like Andrew Scott
  • Luke: Puppy werewolf, don't have an opinion really
  • Jocelyn: Sleeping beauty without the beauty
  • Maryse Lightwood: Don't like, she's a Bitch
  • Robert Lightwood: Not sure, no opinion, better than Maryse
  • Lydia: Meh
  • Valentine: Bald headed baby
  • Jace: You gotta hand it to the short people..
  • Clary: Thank you Jace, for-
  • Jace: Because they can't reach it
  • Clary:
  • Jace:
  • Clary:
  • Jace:
  • Clary: *punches jace*
so I was also unable to watch shadowhunters but I saved it for last because MALEC so let's go

- okay just because he cause can walk in the sun doesn’t mean his life is perfect all the time ??

- drunk simon will be funnnnn ?? or not cause we didn’t see him drunk

- this is BAYD he is going to kill mundanes oh no oh NO

- ugh I hate that now we have to deal with crazy Sebastian and all that too real

- MALEC !! alec just reaching out first thing in the morning cause he wants to snuggle oh OH HE SOUNDS SO SLEEPY AND CUTE “magnus?”

- poor magnus he. deserved. better.

- they sleep in the same bed every night. every night. KILL ME

- also also ALSO alec knows magnus is not okay and they better have a good scene where THEY TALK. I mean I know they will cause promo photos but it best be good

- aw jace loves her so much he loves her SO MHXH clace for lyfe

- okay alec looking to jace for support is what’s gonna kill me. parabatai are the bestest in the world

- oh he looks LIKE SHIT I bet a blood hangover is worse than a normal one

- so simon should have a heartbreak episode, then be a good best friend and get over it and support him WAIT he’s talking about how much he loves her that is so saaaad I love him :((

- dad taught him not to love but he loves clary so much it sucks I just want him to be happy

- luke is such a good dad SUCH A GOOD DAD I love him but OH NO because simon killed that girl or oR OR I bet it was that dude quinn and he’s setting him up

- alec at his desk is so cute so cute

- MAGNUS DOES NOT NEED HIS SPACE. I think he could use a hug alex needs to listen to his sister

- alexander lightwood is a great head of institute fIGHT ME

- oh SHIT seb is not the real seb okay

- blah de blah de blah let’s get some action

- luke’s partner is really shit and she’s just ruining everything can she move, or die ??

- simon bro they gon kill you. they’re the bad vampires. who do illegal things why would you threaten one of them in front of everyone ?? misTAKE

- but simon is killing the fighting game noice noice

- raph RAPHIE my absolute love he is so good so good

- SHIT HE DIDNT KILL THAT GIRL BUT HE SURE KILLED THAT VAMP I think he needs to steal some blood and just go to the woods for a while

- YES MALEC THANK GOD I like how I love yous are regular things :)) now I just need magnus to say it first ya knows

- all these weeks I thought alec was sitting on a coffee table. but the fact that he’s kneeling makes it so much better ??

- that is so good that was SO GOOD SUCH A GOOD SCENE but why can’t we have more than two malec scenes per episode what up with that ????

- and why do they need to give us the whole scene. like they gave one as a clip and so many photos for the other. then someone tweeted words that were starred out so people figured out the dialogue for that scene… I just want some surprise

- oh raphAEL that was so god please cuddle me up DAMMMNNNNNN

- YES YES CLACE oh shit wait it’s cl*mon. wait good I hope this is the “let’s be friends speech”

- oh poor kid duncan his family was in trouble that’s why

- I don’t mean to judge on looks but that looks bad

so okay. still wish for more malec but I guess I’ll never be satisfied… and next week bro is going to take the image of jace’s body like he did the og seb. I hope if jace is kidnapped clary will save him and it’ll be a good moment


Okay…so I really need to force this upon people because it’s been driving me insane ever since they changed the opening.

Jace is doing blue steel.



is no different than…


don’t believe me? Watch the link. Everyone’s being a badass and Jace is practicing to be the male model he was born to be

I know this was evil, and once you see it it can never be unseen, but I really hope the entire damn fandom gets to see this because I can’t take the opener seriously anymore and I really just needed to share

You’re welcome

  • <p> <b>Jace:</b> I wasn't stealing it! I was borrowing it. There's a difference<p/><b>Alec:</b> Tell that to the clave<p/></p>