Random thought but I have always been so curious as to just how involved Morgan Spurlock was with This Is Us. Obviously he’s credited as director, but I’m fascinated to know if Ben Winston and his crew actually had more on-the-ground directorial involvement than Spurlock did.

The 1D boys seemed to make such strong bonds with their crew and their team in those days, and the fact that Spurlock supposedly spent close to a year directing their documentary yet never became part of their “tour family” and was pretty much never heard from again in regards to 1D has always made me deeply suspicious :)

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Fat Head (2009)

Movie | 1 hr. 44 min.  

While most people saw the documentary Super Size Me as an expose of the fast food industry, comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton saw it as a dare: He’d show that you could lose weight on a diet of burgers and fries.

I know people on tumblr have a good 2 hours to spend, and this is something to spend it on. From hard scientific facts, to nature’s history, high fat foods may not be as bad as you think. Those 6-11 servings of carbohydrates are far worse. Don’t believe me?


Chronic-Con Episode 420: A New Dope

Morgan Spurlock, 'One Direction: This Is Us' director: Zayn Malik 'struggled the most' with touring demands

Morgan Spurlock got to know the men of One Direction pretty well while he was directing their documentary “This Is Us,” and he told HuffPost Live on Tuesday that he always knew ex-member Zayn Malik struggled with fame.

Malik, who Spurlock called “probably my favorite guy in the band” and “probably the best singer in the group,” announced last week that he was leaving One Direction to return to being “a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.”

Spurlock told HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri that he saw that sentiment in Malik from the time they met:

He always struggled with being on the road. He’s a homebody. He wanted nothing more than to sit in his house and spray paint and draw and do art, and I think this explosion that happened to him – which was something none of them ever predicted – but I think he was the one who struggled with it the most. And being away, being on the road, being away from his girlfriend I think finally just got to him, and I think he said, “I’m done.”

Unbeknownst to Spurlock, a Malik solo track called “I Won’t Mind” was uploaded online less than a week after his departure was announced, leading to speculation that Malik actually left the band to pursue his own career.


Tom Naughton seems to think that Morgan Spurlock (maker of Super Size Me) was trying to get the middle to upper class to think that the lower class is stupid. Did he not note that most of the documentary was a concern for American children?

now, do I think that people are stupid…oh yes, but stupidity has nothing to do with your income level. this is America…our culture has made us stupid. government activist groups such as CSPI do not need to apologize for trying to change this.

anonymous asked:

hey di!! can i ask what ur new url means/is in reference to?

this is late bc i literally had to cut and edit material to expand on this, but it’s all good. we’re all good. i’m ready now, bluebonnet, let me take y’all on a journey.

“Before the show we have a lot of rituals we don’t realize,” Harry said. “We all do the same thing each time. Right before we go on stage we have a little huddle, make each other laugh. We do the ‘hands in’ where we all put our hands in the middle and do one, two, three – push!”

in short, we push is ot5.

in long, we push is 5 hands in, is fingers against fingers and palms against palms and hearts laid gently on top of one another in a circle that says to the rest of the world, this is ours, this is our love just for us, this is us

we push was already set in stone in 2013, early in the TMH era, so it stands to reason, it is something that has maybe existed as long as the band/ot5/my heart has

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Why Star Wars's Daisy Ridley joined forces with a teenage Mongolian girl - BBC News
Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley has produced her first film - about a female eagle hunter in Mongolia.

Bell remembers that both he and the film’s other executive producer, Morgan Spurlock, called the resilient and independent Aisholpan “a real life Rey” - but Ridley says that was not why she got on board.

“It just reminded me of me and my own relationship with my dad, and how unflinching he was in his support of me wanting to become an actress,” she explains.

“That to me is the real heart of the film. I think people will realise the hidden gem of the film is this family and their relationships with each other.

"However, this little girl, Aisholpan, is genuinely inspirational. People are very kind about me as a role model, but all I do is play characters.

"This little girl is breaking down hundreds of years of gender disparity and she doesn’t think she is doing anything huge. I think this film is going to affect many girls.”

thepenguintattoo  asked:

What's your favorite time of the day? What's your fave food/animal/color/flower/movie? I love youu 💞💞💞

ana i love u so much :’)))

Fave food: uhh?? tbh it depends on my mood idk like rn my fave food is blueberries bc its hot af out and they are cool and refreshing ya know

Fave animal: LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lions lions lions

Color: pink :)

Flower: i absolutely love peonies :’)

Movie: idk?? Pride and Prejudice?? any Captain America??? Moana?? Hidden Figures??? Moonlight???? One Direction: This Is Us (2013) directed by Morgan Spurlock?????

about-my-larents-deactivated201  asked:

Hi! I'm the first anon asked you about wether Liam can be gay. Thank you for your nice answer first. What made me think about Ziam is that Liam acted so jealous and uncomfortable when perrie and zayn engagement happened. I've watched them recently and I was like "fuck". Please watch those. I still dunno what to think so asked you. Still looking proof videos. And one more thing; Ziam videos believe wolf is about Ziam. Now, they have a song called Wolves. Paralel ig photos, I'm confused.

Hello again! Thank you so much for that first message. Like I said, at first I was like, do I really want to open this can of worms? But I think there’s no harm in discussing it. 

Honestly, my slow downward spiral into the 1D fandom went like this: saw them on X-Factor and was like, ‘Wow. These kids are going to be huge.’ Then fast forward to @mattbellassai​ ‘s article The 21 Most WTF Moments From One Direction’s Latest Music Video about ‘Best Song Ever’ when I was like, ‘This song is amazing and holy shit I thought that was an actual woman, not Zayn Malik’. THEN his article about Larry (46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together)  had me like, ‘Oh wow I never knew they were a couple! Cute.’ THENNNNNN I found out they were not publicly a couple and was like ‘Srsly. Wtf?’ And then I saw This Is Us on a long-haul flight (basically watched it three times, thanks Virgin airlines!) and that is what started it all. Like I said, I was too interested in Larry to even entertain the notion of any other possible couples in the group. 

But, I digress.

One thing that really struck me, and still does to this day, is the scene in This Is Us on the way to the airport. Where I would expect to either see Larry snogging up until the last minute, or getting on a plane together, I saw this instead:

(Yeah he does)

And it was like, ‘Oh, maybe all the boys are just affectionate with each other and say slightly homoerotic things all the time…’ As if Morgan Spurlock was under strict orders to show just how bromantical they could all be in an attempt to dismiss previous Larry interactions. That’s where my brain went, because again, at the time the idea of two couples didn’t even cross my mind. 

I’m not saying that the above interactions can’t be platonic - but why show them? With a heavily closeted Louis and Harry at this point (I can’t remember them having any alone screen time together aside from when they were getting their hair done and even then it wasn’t them interacting like this), showing Liam and Zayn like this makes you automatically think, ‘Well obviously nothing is going on because their management would never let this happen or be shown if they actually were a couple given the way they handle the Larry situation.’

The Ziam thing for me is purely speculation at this point. There is a lot of evidence both for and against it, so at this point I’m just trying to highlight things as I’ve noticed them that I haven’t seen thoroughly discussed previously. 

There is a lot of jealous Ziam moments, and the way that Liam describes ‘Wolves’ does seem reminiscent of how he acts when women are throwing themselves at Zayn.

Thanks again for your messages! xx